Simple Ways to Make a Home More Attractive to Buyers in a Depressed Market

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Selling a home in a depressed market isn’t easy. For every buyer, there are numerous properties for sale, so buyers can afford to be choosy. They don’t have to snap up the first property they see, so if your home is not quite as attractive as a neighboring property, you have just lost a sale. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do, which will make your home more appealing to fussy buyers. The good news is that none of them is overly expensive. 

Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is more important than ever when the property market is depressed. You only get one chance to impress a buyer, so make every second count. If you have a front garden, give it a serious makeover and plant some pretty flowers that brighten the place up. Hanging baskets and tubs filled with fragrant blooms are a quick way to add the ‘wow’ factor, but make sure you remember to water them, as dead flowers are not a good look.

Repair and Fix

Pin your repair list to the notice board and get cracking. Does the garage door need fixing? If so, call the A-1 Door Company to organize a repair technician. Are the train gutters blocked? Pull a stepladder out and clear away the debris. Try to fix as many issues as you can. The better maintained your property is, the less likely you are to put off potential buyers.

Refresh the Décor

Tired walls and lackluster floors do nothing for a home. A tin of paint and a weekend is a small price to pay if that is what it takes to give your home a refresh. Stick to neutral colors, but consider adding a feature wall in the main living areas, as this will help your home to stand out from the crowd.

Call in a professional carpet cleaner to freshen up old carpets, but if your floors are threadbare and peeling away from the edges, replace them. Again, stick to neutral colors, as these appeal to the majority of buyers.

Spring Clean

A dirty, smelly home is not attractive to buyers, but when you live with pets and small children, you may become immune to the mess. Ask a friend to take an objective look around and if they suggest you need to buy shares in industrial bleach, pull on some rubber gloves and start scrubbing. Start at the top of the house and work down, paying particular attention to bathrooms and kitchens. Once you have the house in pristine condition, make sure you keep on top of it.

Cakes and Coffee

The smell of a home speaks to us on a subconscious level. The scent of cat pee is deeply unpleasant and guaranteed to propel buyers out of the door whereas freshly brewed coffee and Victoria sponge are like a breath of heaven. Avoid the former and try the latter; your buyers will thank you.

Let us know in the comments whether these tips work for you.

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