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 Meet the team of “It’s Free At Last”

Kristin Hale

Kristin Hale

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My name is Kristin and I love to blog.  I live in the Cincinnati, OH area & I am the mother to a wonderful teenager who is a true blessing in my life.  I have been a single parent since the day she was born. I pride myself on raising her the best way I know how.  We have two great dogs and are always on the go.  We live in a suburban town and love our quiet, yet active life.

I love that my life is free at last to do with as I wish.  I love to travel, cook, explore, walk, blog, go to sporting events, spend time with my family, love on my pets and so much more.

“Its Free At Last” symbolizes my liberation and freedom to explore this world and share everything I can with you.  From my daughter’s first date to my Sunday recipe plan, from my review of a new food item to my journey to an annual blogging conference, anything is possible and the sky is the limit.I also love to review great, interesting and useful products and share my experiences with you.  Have something you want to share with my readers?  Email me at [email protected] for more info on how you can showcase your product or service.


Meet the Young’ins 

This is Hannah (my daughter) and Adam (her boyfriend).  They are both full-time students, and work part-time until the each respectively finish their degrees. Adam wants to be a social worker, and Hannah a special needs teacher. They are young 20-somethings and bring a new, fresh face and perspective to Its Free At Last for the next generation.

Jeffery, age 12 – Loves Nascar, WWe, Football, Pokemon and all things gaming!

Jaxon, age 10 loves Batman, Pokemon, Baseball, Motorcross and annoying his little sister, Willow. Willow, age 5, loves MLP, Paw Patrol, Arts and crafts and being goofy all of the time!

My Fur-Babies

Max, a feisty, yet loving Chihuahua who has been with us since he was 2 months old. He is a rare, brindle style Chihuahua and loves long naps, chewy treats and scratches behind is cute, alert ears.

Bella, a spirited Schnauzer who is a rescue dog. She is spunky, full of energy and likes to play fetch. She also likes to chase the occasional neighborhood squirrel. She consumes all food, no matter what the taste.

Thanks for being a wonderful fan to our page.  I hope to offer you great tips, laughs, reviews, recipes, experiences and AWESOME fun.

4 thoughts on “About Me and my family

  • Thank you for sharing

  • Beautiful family

  • You have a very nice family. Thank you for sharing.

  • OMG – I miss my dearly departed schnauzers (and one I deemed a schnoodle)


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