3 Shows Everyone Should’ve Seen

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If you’re bored, you might find yourself at Netflix quite easily. There are a lot of great series on here, but finding the right one might be hard at times. In this blog we’ll introduce you to three series that everyone should watch.

La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)

Where some people try their luck at a casino to earn some money, the Spanish Professor in la Casa de Papel has a different plan: together with eight criminals, he’ll rob the Royal Mint of Spain. In La Casa de Papel, you closely follow one of the burglars, as the entire group gets into the Royal Mint. You’ll quickly fall in love with a lot of different characters in this series, as you’re likely to support the bad guys instead of the good guys. The Professor is the main ingredient that makes this series as good as it is: his intelligence shining through this series is what puts it all together, and makes it incredibly fun to watch. This series was dubbed in English, but we suggest watching it in Spanish, as all the actors did a great job.


This series isn’t on Netflix, but it’s definitely worth watching. In Euphoria, you closely follow eight different characters, who all live their remarkable, yet relatable teenager lives. This series deals with heavy topics such as drugs and depression, but also love and the partying lifestyle some teenagers like to live. The main character in this series is Rue, who’s being played by Zendaya. Rue is a recovering addict, who has trouble staying sober. However, she meets someone who makes her forget about the drugs. Their relationship isn’t the healthiest though. Euphoria doesn’t only have a great storyline, but also has beautiful cinematography and a great soundtrack.

The End of the World

If you like a good love story, Netflix’ The End of the World is a series you simply must watch. This series has two main characters: Alyssa and James. Ever since James’ mother committed suicide when James was a child, he hasn’t felt anything. This all changes when he meets Alyssa, who makes him feel things for the first time again. Together they experience the craziest things, such as finding Alyssa’s father, breaking into a house and murder. Both Alyssa and James might come off as weird at first, but once you start to get used to them, you can’t help but fall in love with the two.

Pick your favorite 

Do you have any recommendations on what series to binge next? Get inspired by the above master pieces and plan your next movie night!

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