3 Ways to Learn a Language Faster

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Learning a language can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding things you take up in your life. A second language (no matter what language that is) is a gift and can give you many benefits in life.

These benefits range from big to small, whether that’s helping in your career or just allowing you to enjoy a new TV show in that language. There are countless reasons to learn a language, but many get disheartened by how long it can take.

While there is no rushing something like this, there may be ways that you can pick up the language faster than you would have without them.

  1. Keep it regular

Language learning, even when you learn your own language, is all about repetition and regularity.

You will find it difficult picking up Spanish very quickly if you only go to an hour class once a week. Having the language learning experience hit you on a regular basis, preferably daily, can really speed things along.

A good way to do this is to download an app that lets you learn and use when you’ve got half an hour here or there. The right device can be very helpful with this, there are so many Tablets for Online School that are made with learning in mind.

  1. Immersion is ideal

Immersing yourself in the language where possible can be a major boost to your goal towards fluency.

For some, this may mean booking a trip to somewhere that has a high number of speakers. Learning Italian? Why not visit Rome and practice as much as possible. Picking up French? There are so many French speaking countries you can visit.

For those that can’t get away, immersion is still a possibility for you. Immersing yourself in your target language is about more than jetting off to a new country. Watching TV or movies in the language, listening to music or podcasts and chatting with people online are all easy and affordable ways of jumping into the linguistic deep end.

  1. A more realistic goal

Sometimes, reaching your language learning goal is less about crossing the finish line and more about bringing the finish line a little closer to you.

Too many people jump into language learning with the goal to become fluent. Not only is the term fluent unregulated and quite vague, it’s also not helpful – nor is it how languages really work.

Languages are used in all areas of life, so you may be fluent in a café but completely clueless in a business environment. Similarly, you may be practically bilingual when speaking with a friend but lost as soon as you hear someone with a different accent.

Instead of aiming for fluency, setting realistic targets like being able to go to visit the country without using English or watch a movie without the subtitles is much better. This way, you can really see your progress and, before you know it, will be what you consider fluent in no time.

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  • Would love to take a three month vacation to do immersion!

  • Thanks for the great post! I find that once you learn one new language, it’s easier to learn more.

  • Thanks so much for the post. I am trying to learn Italian right now

  • learned french by total immersion in the culture.

  • Sounds good to me

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