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Many young adults now-a-days take what is called a Gap Year. In essence, instead of going right into college after graduating high school, one takes a year off to travel, explore and find themselves before returning to a traditional schedule of school or work.

If you know someone who is taking a Gap year, here are a few gift ideas for them to help them along their travels, whether nationwide or abroad internationally. 

Pack them Perfectly

First and foremost, a good backpack or set of luggage is needed to travel, especially abroad. Something that will hold all of their essential from clothing and hygiene products to travel items like camera gear and batteries for their portable devices. A rucksack is great as it is weather proof and would withstand the long and arduous extensive travels.

Next, they will need supplies to take with them that would be handy and fit into their rucksack. One of the first items needed would be a universal travel charger with USB Capacity. This will allow them to plug in and charge to different outlets and compatible with most countries including US, EU, UK, AUS and several European countries. Also give them cords, as the charge is USB compatible and will let them charge multiple devices.

Another item that will come in handy is a portable first aid kit for their travels. This would items items like bandages, ointment, scissors and more. This will be helpful in the more rugged areas of their travels.

Experiences Galore

For a young adult right out of high school, traveling nationally or internationally alone for the first time can be both amazing and overwhelming. The traveler may want to see it all, but not know where to start. One great gift you can give your traveler is a Tinggly experience.

A Tinggly gift is a one-of-a-kind experience gift voucher that allows a lucky recipient to choose one activity from over 1000 of the world’s best experiences in more than 100 countries worldwide. For example, they can take a whale watching cruise in Boston, or have the ultimate wine-tasting experience in Champagne, France.

Tinggly gives you many package options for singles, couples and more. Their are priced perfectly to gift for a new graduate, newlywed couple or just a unique experience you might want to take on your next vacation.

Capture What You See

For someone truly taking in the full experience of a Gap Year, the best possible answer on what to see is “As much as you can”! They have a year, so why not take full advantage of this time and see as much as you can when you can. To memorialize this, you will want to consider a gift of a great camera that is both versatile and gives clarity to the scene.

This Panasonic Lumix DC camera set includes all of the essential needed to take that perfect shot at any moment. It comes with camera, travel case, battery, tripod and flash kit. It would be great to share their travels with you when they come home.

What’s for Dinner

Traveling will certainly require some sort of meal planning, on both the short and long end of the spectrum. While they can pack essentials for everyday consumption, like granola bars and dry goods, there will also be the opportunity for exciting, and unique tasting experiences unique to the respective areas of travel.

If they are roughing it more, portable MRE‘s are a great way to get their caloric intake in a portable way. Also consider a LifeStraw that allows you to safely drink water from several different sources.

If part of their travels include tasting experiences, Tinggly offers food packages that give unique flavors of many sorts like this Porkopolis BBQ and Brew Tour in Cincinnati, OH.

Cash is King

While you have endless options to gift a Gap Year traveler, sometimes the easiest thing to do is let them select exactly what they want for their trip. You can get gift cards from Amazon or Visa to a Tinggly gift card and let them select the experience they want to have for themselves.

While I don’t recommend traveling with tons of cash, it is always good to have a little bit of currency of the country you are traveling in for emergency services or times that you cannot access and ATM or use a debit card.

Do you know someone taking a GAP YEAR or traveling abroad? What gift ideas do you have to suggest? Leave in the comments below.

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