5 Easy Ways to Find Free Giveaways Online

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To get items and gifts online without spending money is a great reward and everyone would love for such an opportunity. In a survey conducted recently, it is made clear that it isn’t always necessary to pay for them!

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In the network, there are many websites where you can get all kinds of items (from free samples, food or clothing to furniture) without having to pay a single dime. Isn’t that an amazing thing to hear?

Also, there are some circumstances-such as the fact that it is your birth day date-that you can take advantage of to receive products without spending too much money or having a hard time.

Here is what you can do:

1.Answer surveys on the Internet

The current consumer is increasingly reluctant to offer their data or opinion to companies. Therefore, they have to invent new strategies:

Here’s the thing – they often propose filling out a survey in exchange for compensation, which can be a discount on your establishment, a gift card or some free item. You can surely reap many benefits in this way.

2.Get Gifts and Samples for free

We would all like to be able to try a product before buying it to know if we will like it. To get free samples, there are several options:

  • Sign up for mailing lists

There are many websites online where you can find free samples, gifts and discount coupons that they can also send to your home. If you want to be aware of all the samples that you can get for free, it is best that you register with them.

  • Ask for free samples after making your purchase.

After acquiring a product, usually, the store clerk will be more receptive to making out a gift to the consumer. Take advantage of your purchase to ask if they could offer you a free sample. Especially when buying beauty products, it usually works. A great example for a site would be surveyh as they offer many different prizes for their users in the form of giveaways/coups and are completely trustworthy as well.

3.Participate in contests and draws

Sometimes you need to have a little time to get gifts or even money.

If you hit, you win! In many sites online , you can earn money by completing surveys. But they also have lotteries and daily prizes, where you can win big prizes

4.Subscribe to trial periods

In general, many online services offer a free trial period in which you can take advantage of all its benefits without paying a penny.

A really good example iis the case of Amazon Prime, which offers a FREE trial period of 30 days, through which you can buy for a month without paying shipping costs or service fee. However, this isn’t the only website that offers such a deal and you can search about others online. You would be surprised by how common it is!

5.Get free food or drinks

Here is the thing:

New technologies and plans available in the market these days make it easier to get free food. Every body loves free things, especially when it comes to things to eat. There are chains like Ikea or Starbucks that, for example, offer free coffee if you sign up for their rewards program.

In the case of Ikea, it is enough to be an Ikea Family member to get free coffee any day of the week.

There are also websites that tell you where you can eat for free. You can search online and you’ll find out easily.

In the case of some sites, it is enough to choose your autonomous community to find out about all the food and drink that you can taste without spending money or, at least, very cheaply.


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