5 Pieces of Technology Every Surgical Tech Student Needs

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For you to get the most out of your surgical tech course, you will need to be using the right equipment. Here are five pieces of technology that you should be using to help with your learning and achieve the best grades possible.


There are a variety of duties that you will need to perform as a surgical technician. These include preparing operating rooms for surgery, sterilizing equipment and ensuring they are safe to use for surgery, getting patients ready for surgery, as well as helping surgeons during surgery by passing sterile supplies and other instruments. You will also need to count supplies such as instruments and sponges. Throughout the surgery procedure, it is vital that you keep the environment sterile.

Work Environment

Surgical technicians predominately work in hospitals whether they are local or private. However, some surgical techs work in offices of physicians, dentists, as well as outpatient care centers. You will be required to wear scrubs whilst in an operating room, which is special sterile clothing. Long hours are common in this profession with you spending many hours on your feet. You may also need to help lift heavy trays of medical supplies, as well as moving patients.

Becoming a Surgical Tech

If you are interested in becoming a surgical tech, you will need to research into the surgical tech schools in Kansas which can help you locate the best schools in the area, so you can receive the best education possible. There is a wide range of courses to choose from which include biology, pharmacology, and anatomy. You will be trained in how to care for and maintain the safety of patients, as well as how to set up robotic or technical equipment.

Job Outlook

Once you have completed your course and are ready to find a role in surgical tech, you will need to research into the positions available in your area. The job outlook for a surgical tech is steadily increasing. This is due to people living longer, which will require surgical techs to help out with more operations. There are many employment opportunities available for surgical technicians, so it is important to do as much research as you can to get your foot in the door and be ahead of other candidates.

Skills and Requirements

To succeed as a surgical tech, you will need to have a wide range of skills and attributes that can carry you forward in your career. One of the most important skills is having an eye for detail. You will need to pay close attention to your work and provide the correct sterile equipment for surgeons whilst in an operating room. You must also be comfortable with your hands, as you will need to provide equipment quickly, so it is vital that you stay focused and aware of what is going on around you. Physical stamina is also a key skill to have, as you will be stood up for lengthy periods.

If you are still unsure on whether becoming a surgical tech is right for you, make sure that you do as much research as possible into the course, so you can get a better understanding on the requirements needed and whether the profession is right for you.

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