5 Things Every New Dog Owner Needs

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There’s nothing more exciting than welcoming a new dog into your home. As you await your furry friend’s arrival, however, there are some must-have items you’ll need to get hold of. To ensure you’re properly prepped for your new pup, check out these essential things that every new dog owner needs.

1. Collar and Lead

Some dogs find it strange to wear a collar at first, but it’s best to get them used to it straight away. Although your dog won’t be able to go out for a walk until they’ve had all of their jabs, you can begin lead training them in the garden well before this.

2. Food and Water Bowls

Your dog is going to need a constant supply of fresh water and a regular intake of food, so bowls are definitely must-have items! When you’re choosing bowls for your dog, remember to consider their size and breed. Small puppies may have trouble accessing food or water if bowls are too big, so start off small and switch to bigger bowls as they grow.

Remember – dogs can feel a little anxious when they arrive in their new home, which may affect their eating and drinking habits. Monitor how much your pup eats and drinks to ensure they’re well hydrated and getting enough nutrients.

3. Pet Insurance

Taking care of your canine companion means keeping them fit and healthy, so pet insurance is essential. Vet bills can quickly spiral, particularly if your dog sustains an injury or develops a chronic condition. It helps to make a pet insurance comparison online before you take out cover. With a quick online pet insurance comparison, you can compare dozens of policies at once, which makes it easy to find the perfect level of cover for your pup. Pet insurance can be obtained for a low monthly cost, but it will be invaluable if you ever need to use it.

4.  Dog Bed and Crate

It might be tempting to let your pup snuggle up next to you in bed, but giving them their own space is a more effective way to train your dog. By choosing a comfy bed and suitably sized crate, you’re giving your dog somewhere to retreat to when they’re tired, anxious or simply want some peace and quiet.

Although your dog’s crate should be big enough for them to move around comfortably, beware of choosing a crate that’s too large. The right size crate should enable your dog to stand, turn and lie down comfortably, but be snug enough that they feel secure.

5. Food

Your pup won’t thank you if you forget to feed them, so make sure you have suitable food in the house! Younger dogs will need puppy food to help them grow, so plan in advance and decide whether you’re going to use dry or wet food or a mix of both.

Preparing Your Home for a New Pup

When your pup arrives home, try to keep things as calm and quiet as possible. Give your dog the chance to explore its new domain before you introduce him or her to younger family members and other pets. Providing you’re patient with them, it won’t be long until your new pup feels right at home.

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  1. A dog bed is so important! A comfy dog is a happy dog after all. Great points!

  2. Edna Williams says

    There’s a lot to think about when you welcome a new dog into your home! Thanks for sharing these tips!

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