6 Athletes That Endorse CBD Oil

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CBD in athletics is something of a new concept. With all of the stigma and criminalization that Cannabis-based products have faced over the last five decades, many people and official sports organizations are wary of CBD products in athletic spaces. 

However, there are professional athletes that openly advocate for the use of CBD oil and other products both inside and outside of athletic spaces. CBD is an amazingly versatile compound that occurs naturally in Cannabis plants, but its close association with marijuana and THC has given it a bad reputation in the minds of some. 

We’ll take a closer look at what CBD is, why athletes would use it, and six professional or retired athletes that openly endorse its use. 

What Is CBD?

Ok, so what is CBD, anyway? You’ve probably heard about it from one source or another, or maybe you’re a current user but you’re still unsure of what it is, where it comes from, and how it works. Don’t worry! We’re going to explain it in simple terms to set the record straight. 

Cannabis is the “parent” plant of both marijuana and hemp. Each are a separate “strain” of Cannabis, and what sets them apart is differing concentrations of specific Cannabinoids. These naturally-occurring compounds are produced in Cannabis and in the human body. That’s right; there’s an entire system dedicated to interacting with Cannabinoids (called the endocannabinoid system), and our bodies even produce endocannabinoids (these are simply cannabinoids found inside the body, hence the “endo” prefix). 

CBD doesn’t produce a “high” like THC. The two interact with the ECS in very different ways, with THC binding directly to Cannabinoid receptors and creating the impairment and feelings of euphoria that marijuana causes. The ECS is responsible for all kinds of bodily functions, from mood and appetite to pain and immune response. 

Why Do Athletes Use CBD Oil?

The best quality CBD oil is used by athletes for concentration, faster workout recovery, and more. CBD oil is completely safe, non-addictive, and provides several health benefits without the burden of prescriptions or trips to the pharmacy. Some athletes simply don’t want to take OTC or prescription painkillers for post-workout pains, or synthetic substances for better focus. 

CBD has the advantage of being a naturally-occurring compound that our bodies are already set up to accept. 

Now that we know what CBD is and why athletes would use CBD oil, let’s see who’s advocating for it. 

  1. Derrick Morgan

The Titans’ linebacker Derrick Morgan is a proud supporter of CBD. In fact, he’s been known to advocate for creams and topicals that help treat his pain and inflammation, following closely behind many other NFL players who’ve advocated for CBD use in athletics. 

Morgan has been involved in CBD research efforts and is making a serious attempt at educating the public and the NFL on the benefits of CBD oil. It’s exciting to see such a well-known athlete in one of the largest sports organizations in the world advocating for this amazing compound and helping to fight stigma. 

  1. Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson is a self-taught professional golfer with plenty of style and a swagger all his own in the sport of golf. Aside from knocking golf balls onto the green, Bubba is an open advocate of CBD oil and other CBD products. 

Bubba uses CBD for better focus on the green, for soreness, and more. Being a professional golfer comes with its own set of challenges, but Bubba meets them with style and grace and a little help from his favorite CBD products. 

  1. Jake Plummer

Retired Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer is another NFL player that proudly endorses CBD oil in athletics. It’s well-known that football can be a dangerous sport, with plenty of head injuries among others. The effects of head trauma can compound over time, causing neurological problems later in life. 

It’s believed that CBD can actually help repair neurological damage and improve neurological function. Jake Plummer stands behind its use and continues to invest in research and advocate for it. 

  1. Eugene Monroe

The Ravens mourned the loss of one of their star players, Eugene Monroe, in mid-2016. Eugene made the decision to retire from the NFL in 2016, and, that same year, became one of the first NFL players to openly advocate for further cannabinoid research and its health benefits for athletes. While Monroe has an interest in medical marijuana, he still supports and advocated for the use of CBD in athletics as well. 

  1. Nate Diaz

Mixed martial artist Nate Diaz has gone so far as to launch his own CBD company. This long-time athlete fully supports and endorses the use of CBD oils, tinctures, and other products both inside and outside of athletic spaces. Mixed martial arts is no easy game, and injuries are all but guaranteed at some point; along with inflammation and pain from intense training sessions. 

Nate himself uses CBD to treat his own pain and inflammation and wants to spread the good news to other athletes. CBD does help, it’s perfectly legal, and it’s safe to use. 

  1. Rick Upchurch

Retired Broncos wide receiver, Rick Upchurch, is yet another NFL player that advocates for the use of the best CBD oil in athletes. Upchurch has been using CBD products for decades for everything from pain management to anxiety relief. As more and more NFL players and other professional athletes began to speak up about CBD, Upchurch has joined the ranks as a vocal advocate for CBD use. 

The Bottom Line 

CBD is a naturally-occurring compound that’s non-addictive, safe, and now legal in all 50 states. Unfortunately, it’s still on the list of banned substances for many professional sports organizations, limiting athletes’ ability to benefit from its use. 

With scientific evidence to support CBD use, we can only hope that a combination of promising research and advocacy from professional athletes can help lift these bans and spread positive awareness about CBD oil. These athletes stand by their CBD use and will continue to fund research and lend their voices to the struggle. 

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