6 Reasons Why Custom Snack Packaging Needs to be Flexible

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A lot of consumers today turn to snacks because they’re the most accessible sources of nourishment on-the-go. These snacks need packaging that will meet the fast-paced lifestyles of the consumers. Because of this, it isn’t surprising anymore that snack packaging is on the trend in terms of the demand nowadays. So, whether or not you’re a new-to-market snack foods brand, you need to partner with a trusted packaging company to provide you custom snack packaging.

Types of Custom Snack Packaging Materials

There are different types of snack packaging materials that provide an identical level of protection as standard rollstocks and pouches. However, they’re designed with the environment in mind. You can choose from post-consumer recyclable or compostable or recyclable films to protect your food snack packaging while helping the environment.

Below are the different types of materials that you can use when it comes to custom snack packaging:

  • Polyethylene
  • Low-density polyethylene
  • Linear low-density polyethylene
  • Medium-density polyethylene
  • High-density polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Cast polypropylene
  • Oriented polypropylene
  • Metalized polyester
  • Metalized oriented polypropylene
  • Nylon
  • Paper poly foil poly
  • Polyester

Why Custom Snack Packaging Needs to be Flexible

Did you know that companies can customize packaging films that are used in flexible food packaging designs? From food to chemical-grade – you name it! They offer brands tremendous scope and so many benefits. So, if you aren’t using flexible custom snack packaging, here are six reasons why you should switch to them:

  1. Most consumers love flexible snack packaging designs. Custom snack packaging designs that are flexible are extraordinarily consumer-friendly. If before, you had to re-close packages with a clip, now, you can easily reseal them with a strong, easy-to-use zipper closure! This makes the packages so much easier to take along, especially during road trips or commutes. They can keep snacks and other products free from outside contaminants. Flexible snack packages/pouches that can stand upright are welcome when measuring out ingredients for a recipe or serving snacks.
  2. Shipping and transportation expenses can be lower. Lighter and smaller packages for food products help lower the costs of transportation. Loads are lighter in terms of weight, for the same volume of product, which saves a lot of money on fuel costs. The greenhouse gases that are used to produce flexible packaging are cheaper compared to traditional packaging. A brand’s environmental footprint can still be made smaller because of the need to transport less mass than the same product inside rigid packaging.
  3. Production costs drop. You may not know this but a lot of brands love flexible snack packaging. That’s because the cost to produce them is cheaper. Flexible packaging uses fewer and lighter materials, such as high-density Polyethylene, so that it can be possible to deliver the same products in less packaging than before. Also, flexible snack packaging confers longer shelf life and takes up less space on the stores’ shelves. But that’s not all! Waste-to-energy technologies are being developed to allow safe incineration of flexible packaging to keep them out of landfills and produce energy.
  4. Barrier properties can now be customized. There are snack products that tend to absorb water, and there are those that are sensitive to oxygen. The barrier properties of flexible snack packaging can be customized so you can cope with these issues and other product needs. For instance, laminated pouches tend to have a low oxygen transfer rate and improve retail shelf stability. We can now add custom barrier materials to custom snack packaging films to keep out moisture, air, odors, and other microscopic substances.
  5. Flexible snack packaging is the best option for branding graphics. Snack packaging designs offer a lot of opportunities for effective branding. This means that flexible packages aren’t exempted. The materials used in flexible packaging are the best, especially if you want to show off clear and bright texts and graphics. These allow other customizations, like a section of clear window film that allows consumers to see what’s inside. There may be an upfront cost for the original print plates, but this only shows that a branding investment can pay off in the long term.
  6. Consumers today are okay with paying more to get flexible packaging. Consumers like the properties that flexible packaging offers. Because of this, they are willing to pay a premium to get it. 71% of Americans prefer flexible over non-flexible snack packaging when they have a choice, and almost half (46%) are okay with paying more to be able to enjoy the perks of flexible custom snack packaging. Such benefits include excellent food protection and the ease of keeping the products fresh.

With the development of flexible packaging, the limits on the possibilities for snack packaging designs are getting fewer than there were before. Food brands are confident that their products are presented beautifully, without having to pay so much! Most importantly, their products will look terrific on the store shelves!

Food brands can also be confident that their customers will be pleased with flexible snack packaging. Consumers love the perks, especially the convenience of pouches that can stand upright on their own and the ability to reseal packages. Since customizable barriers are easy to incorporate today, and some materials are capable of showing off branding graphics and texts beautifully, food brands have no reason to explore the possibilities of flexible food packaging design.

PouchWorth offers custom snack packaging pouches in different shapes and sizes. It’s basically one-in-all the best-selling packaging. They produce flexible bags that are easy to use and easy to store and transport. They also provide food brands with a variety of snacks bag packaging, which includes pillow shape bags and straight bags. If you want to see an overview, you should check them out now.

Create your desired bag and choose your preferred feature, from zippers, tear notches, handholes, and a variety of sizes and materials. If you have more questions and want to more about custom snack packaging and designs, y

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