7 Tips for a Quieter Garage Door

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It is quite an understandable statement that a noisy garage door can be painful, especially when the neighbors start taking notice, while you hope not to face a complaint any time soon.

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Despite the garage being the prominent part that shapes and attracts the looks of your home, the noise can potentially mishaps the entire look of any home, which makes the individual evaluate for taking necessary steps to make the garage door a little less noisy.

With this being said, here, we shall provide 7 tips for a quieter garage door.

1.  Lubricate

This is the most basic first tip that comes to mind. It is necessary to constantly apply oil on certain parts of the garage door, where the noise seems to occur the most. Especially the metal parts that get in contact with other metal parts of the garage door.

2.  Tighten the Screws

It is quite a possibility where the loose screws can be the main cause of the noise. These screws can become loose due to constant vibration it faces by garage door opening and closing. This practice can be done every day or every once in a week to check if the screws need tightening.

3.  Nylon Wheels

It is widely preferred to install nylon rollers instead of steel rollers of the garage door. That’s simply because a steel ball rolls against a steel surface, tends to make noise, whereas nylon is a robust plastic bearable to metal. You can also try rubble rollers if available.

4.  Belt-Driven

Replacing a chain-driven with a belt-driven garage opener can give a smoother function, which is quite durable. It is more expensive than the chain material but can easily get rid of the noise for good.

5.  Insulation

Since the material of garage doors is mainly steel, then the steel material is not quite feasible for keeping the noise under control, rather, steel material will mostly increase the vibration of the sound, creating more noise. Adding noise-proof insulation or foam can keep the steel vibration somewhat under control, resulting in less noise pollution.

6.  Torsion Springs

While lifting your garage, the extension springs might cause your garage door to cause a metal-like sound while lifting your garage which might be disturbing to the neighbors. It is usually preferred to call professionals to install the torsion springs for better and lesser noise.

7.  Bottom Seals

It is quite useful to add effective bottom seals in order to avoid your garage hitting the ground hard and being noisy. This not only reduces the noise but also saves your garage from certain unwanted damages.


These were the 7 tips for a quieter garage door. It is much better to seek professional help rather than causing mishaps and unnecessary damages to your garage door. For a much better understanding, A1Garage.com in Hillsboro offers 24/7 emergency service and free estimates for your garage and can identify the solutions to your requirements.

Good Luck!

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  • These are really great tips and I will be using some of these tips this weekend. Thanks.

  • I’m “lucky” that the garage door is the responibility of my condo association

  • Thanks for all of these great tips for a quieter garage door.

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