7 Unusual Reasons Why You Need a Driving Licence

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Learning to drive is something most of us do as soon as we are old enough to apply for a provisional driver’s licence, but, surprisingly, some people don’t bother. Not everyone can see the point of learning to drive. Others decide they can’t afford the cost of lessons and move on to other things. However, learning to drive is a valuable skill and whilst it might not seem like it right now, you could live to regret not taking lessons. Just in case you need persuading, here are seven unusual reasons why it really does pay to get a driver’s licence. Driver's License

1. Driving at Night is Safer

Late night trips on public transport can be a bit scary at times. The last bus or train is usually packed full of inebriated people who are only too happy to get the party going. You are also more likely to be accosted on a late night train, particularly if you are a lone female. Driving home is far safer.

2. Pet Transport

When you own pets, sooner or later they will need to see a vet. This isn’t so bad if you have a dog. Anyone can take a dog on the bus or train and nobody bats an eye. But what happens if you keep exotic pets? How happy will your fellow passengers be if your pet tarantula or boa constrictor occupies a seat on the bus? The answer is: very unhappy!

3. Trip to the Tip

It’s really easy to take a load of unwanted items to the tip if you can drive. All you have to do is load up your own car or trailer, or borrow one for the day. A couple of journeys later and the job is done. If you can’t drive, your only option will be to hire a skip or persuade friends or family to help out. In both cases, it will cost you.

4. Clean and Fresh

You can keep your own car clean and sanitary, but you have little control over public transport. It is usually better to look before you sit down on some buses.

5. Travelling Alone

Are you an antisocial type of person? If so, car driving was made for you. You can travel alone whenever you like without having to say a word. Public transport doesn’t offer this luxury, so you better get used to sitting next to all kinds of weirdos.

6. Your Very Own Seat

Nobody likes standing for hours, but if you can’t drive, this is exactly what might happen if you need to catch the train or bus during peak travel times.

7. Peace and Quiet

Public transport is rarely very quiet. Noisy teenagers, crazy people, musicians busking, and anyone with a soapbox and a burning issue all frequent public transport. It’s a lot more relaxing spending a car journey listening to Talk Radio or the sound of silence.

In order to pass a practical driving test, you need to pass the theory test first. Practice theory tests are available at this website.

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  • I never thought of these reasons for a Drivers license, but you make a valid defense for one.

  • Great post! These are unusual reasons yet valid reasons. Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best.-Chris Thompson

  • Those are a lot of great reasons to get a driver’s licence. I guess you kind of take it for granted when you have one what you can actually do with one.

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