Amazing, eye-popping and delicious Japanese Cuisines you will want to devour #TsunaguJapan

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For as long as I can remember, I have always been a lover of Japanese food.  The culture, the taste and the ambiance is out of this world to me.  I hope to one day visit Japan and experience some amazing, authentic Japanese cuisine.  In the interim, I can be an admirer and chef from afar.


I have found some amazing dishes and recipes to help me bring the taste of Japan into my own home. First things first though, prior to my research, I was unaware that each dish has a meaning or serves a specific purpose in the Japanese culture.

Japanese Dishes


Here are 10 different types of dishes and their uses in Japanese dining:

  • Chawan:  The Chawan is the perfect hand-held sized bowl for hold rice, a staple in the Japanese culture.
  • Chopsticks :  While here in America, we are accustomed to silverware, Japan’s form of utensil if primarily a set of chopsticks.
  • Haski-oko:  A placeholder for you chopsticks to rest in between each course.  They come in a wide array of designs. Pictured below is just an example of a Japanese Haski-oko


  •  Shiru-wan:  An ornate, illustriously decorated bowl and lid set that is used for serving soup.  
  • Yakimom-Zara:  A flat plate, usually used to serve grilled foods.  It can vary in size, but is usually a traditional rectangular shape
  • Chuzara & Kozara:  A rounded plate with a deeper base that is used to serve colder foods like sushi or sashimi.  The bowls shape allows you to put a bit of ice in the bottom to keep the cold food cold and still have great eye appeal.
  • Kobachi:  A smaller, dipping or sauce dish, the Kobachi usually hold dishes that contain a vinegar sauce or small delicacy.


  • Donburi-bachi: This bowl is a larger bowl and usually serves as the main course which would include a rice or noodle of sort as the meal
  • Nimono-wan: This is a wider opened bowl with a lid that is used for stewed or boiled foods. The lid serves as a steamer to help keep the integrity of the dish
  • Yumoni-jawan:  This traditional tea cup is used to serve Japanese green tea.  The size actually varies depending upon the occasion in which you are attending.


Now that I have learned more about the types of dishes used in Japanese cultural dining, I will be able to purchase some here and make it as true of a dining experience in my home, as if I was in a Japanese restaurant or home in Japan.

While researching Japanese cuisine, I found what I believe is some truly amazing culinary works of art, and in of all forms, DONUTS!  Mister Donut is actually a Boston, MA based donut shop that has made its way across the ocean and into the shops and tummy’s of Japan.  The difference is that the Japanese Mister Donut has found an adorable and creative way to brighten up an American classic, the yeast donut!

Mister Donut

Being the HUGE Peanuts fan that I am, I would want to purchase these donuts just to have.  I would have a hard time biting into the face of Snoopy or Woodstock, simply because of the artistic view of them, but I am sure my cravings would eventually give way and win over as I enjoyed this delicacy.

Snoopy Donuts


One unique Japanese donut is Kumagoron.  The story behind the creation of Kumagoron started in 2012 when a baby panda born at Ueno zoo died of pneumonia and left a hole inn the locals heart. The Siretoco factory began to put a cute baby panda face in the holes of each doughnuts to pay homage to Kumagoron. Each is individually handmade so each one has a slightly different expression.

Kumagoron Donut



Now I knew that Japan had a McDonald’s or two, but one thing I didn’t know was that the McDonald’s in Japan serves 50 menu items not available here in the United States.

Just a few interesting ones I found were:

Manhattan Burger



Cheese Fondue Chicken

Cheese Fondue Chicken

Mega Teriyaki Burger

Mega Teriyaki Burger


Bacon and Potato Pie

Bacon and Potato Pie


Another amazing American food item I found being served in Japan is the exclusive hijoshiki or “Black Burger” from Burger King. Available in two types: Kuro Diamond or Kuro Pearl

hijoshiki burger


There are some pretty interesting and indescribable flavors of ice cream available in Japan.  Now I would expect the Wasabi and Soy Ice Creams to be available, which they are, but some others that I found seem to require a unique type of taste in order to enjoy in an ice cream form.

Corn Soup Ice Cream

Ice Cream Bar Corn


Spaghetti Napolitan Ice Cream

Spaghetti Napolitan Ice Cream

As much of a connoisseur of ice cream as I am, I am not quite sure I could stomach spaghetti flavored ice cream.  As previously stated though, it would take a special taste to appreciate these ice cream flavors.

Coming back to some traditionally known Japanese food, I love that I have found a diverse list of Japanese sushi that I can create here and enjoy.

Sake Nigiri (raw salmon)

Sake Salmon


Kappa maki (cucumber sushi)

Kappa maki (cucumber sushi)

Tekkamaki (tuna thin roll)

Tekkamaki (tuna thin roll)


Inarizushi (rice wrapped in sweetened, fried tofu pocket)

Inarizushi (rice wrapped in sweetened, fried tofu pocket)


I even found some amazing recipes, including how to make Makizushi.

With all of the research I have done on Japanese cuisine, on concept I would like to try with my family or friends at a next get-together would be the “Nabe” party bowl?  What is Nabe you ask? Well, Nabe dishes are a Japanese type of meal where, without switching plates, you eat it directly from the pot it’s cooked in. Nabe is generally eaten with multiple people surrounding the pot as it cooks on a hot plate or a portable burner, with each person having their own soup bowl or plate in which ponzu or dipping sauce is placed.

Traditional Japanese Nabe Pot

Nabe Pot

Finally, no Japanese cuisine would be complete with out the colorful, artful character dishes that we and our kids have all come to know and love over the years and are available in edible form.

Pokemon – Pikachu

Pokeman & Pikachu

Mickey and Minnie

Mickey and Minnie


Makizushi Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty



Be sure to check out Tsunagu Japan and learn many things about Japanese culture.  From style, to art, travel and food, they give you all the latest information from Japanese culture.


Tell me below, what type of Japanese Cuisine would you most love to try?  Something totally out of the box, or how about that Spaghetti Ice Cream?


Disclosure:  The reviewer may have received product and/or compensation to help facilitate this review.  Regardless, all opinions are my own.  Photos are credited to Tsunagu Japan!

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