Are Computer Glasses Really Essential?

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Our way of life and working environment has changed substantially in this new generation –we typically spend more hours in the office in front of a computer and more time, as well, in using electronic devices like tablets or smartphones. Latest findings have also found that individuals appear to devote ten (10) hours a day in front of a computer on average. This is the main reason why the use of computer glasses is highly recommended. However, many people still doubt that computer glasses really help to prevent or minimize eye strain and also CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome).

Problems in our eyesight are among the people around the globe’s most serious concerns. As an outcome, hence why so many people are trying to find a tool that helps alleviate the problem. And one way to help with eyesight concerns would be to use prescription or computer glasses.It is quite good to acknowledge that not every eyeglass is made the same and that they differ depending on its purpose. The key distinction between computer glasses and standard reading glasses would be its uses. We find it necessary to use computer glasses to help us relieve or significantly reduce the eye strain suffered by gazing or facing digital screens such as computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets for a long period of time without having a break or rest.

Here are some examples of the benefits that we can get when using computer glasses:

  1. Using computer glasses can greatly help in reducing eye strain.

 If you are experiencing a swollen eye or a sore eye that would not heal even by applying cold water on it, you might have a serious symptom of an eye strain that might progress to some serious eye complications. The use of computer glasses can certainly help relieve the symptoms since it has a unique feature in which it has is an anti-reflective coating, the primary function of this would be to reduce or minimize the glare that reflects off from the digital device screen. Computer glasses also have this yellowish tint which helps make it less damaging to the eyes because of too much glaring since it is the one responsible in increasing the screen’s contrast. Such features of computer glasses will significantly help in reducing or mitigating the strain in our eyes.

  1. The use of computer glasses can significantly increase one’s productivity.

There is a really high probability that a person’s productivity will improve if their vision problems are properly addressed. Using computer glasses to preserve accurate visual acuity can make you do things more efficiently. Generally speaking, there is a certain negative effect and typically our productivity is highly impaired when we have suffering from a headache and blurry vision. Due to the uneasy feeling in our eyesight, there will also be a marked increase in the period of time we need to devote to get something accomplished. The use of the right pair of computer glasses can help to maintain good vision while, at the same time, preventing harm to the eyes. It will also be of great help to relieve and ease the strain of our eyes, particularly true if we are spending too much time working on a screen.

  1. Using computer glasses can help us maintain good posture.

Having a good posture is one of the benefits that we can get when using computer glasses. Usually, when we are working in front our computer, we try to lean forward to get a closer look of the screen and hoist our necks for us to see the top of the screen. Doing these can certainly lead to more problems on your back and even on your shoulder. The use of computer glasses can help us correct this bad posture as there would be no need for you to lean forward because you can still see clearly from a normal distance. This type of glasses has already a minimum required magnification which helps us to see more clearly even on a distance.

  1. Using computer glasses can also aid in improving eye focus.

The use of computer glasses will also help to improve eye focus. As a matter of fact, it is shown to have significantly help in people with astigmatism (a kind of refractive eye problem that causes blurring of our vision). Optometrists or ophthalmologists will therefore make absolutely sure that the measurement of the lenses are accurate. This is to ensure that each of the lens’ optical center is directly in front of the pupils. Such lenses have the ability to relax the amount of accommodation needed to keep objects in view and provide the maximum field of vision.

  1. Computer glasses filters radiation and blue-light

In many other instances, exposure to the damaging Blue Violet radiation which is typically emitted by digital screens will also lead to problems such as eye strain, sleeping pattern disruption, and even macular degeneration. You can also opt for computer protection glasses with a lens which have a yellow tint that increase contrast considerably and therefore can truly help shield your eyes from the harsh lights on the screen.

  1. The use of computer glasses can alleviate the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Computer Vision Syndrome is generally a descriptive term that covers a variety of manifestations which have been developed by spending longer than two hours a day in front of a monitor or computer screen.

Our eyes and brain react differently to having to read characters if they are on a computer or digital screen, as compared with how we read it off screen – for example, books. It becomes much tougher for anyone to focus on digital characters because our eyes unavoidably try to attune to a reduced level of focus. Invariably, the strain or pressure we feel in our eyes is precipitated by the attempt to keep focused even after long hours of looking at a digital screen.

A study found that people, with or without prior visual complaints, who work all day in front of a computer almost always suffer declining productivity and efficiency. To help lessen the effects of CVS, it is strongly advised that you invest in a protective computer glasses that will offer you comfort and improve overall eye health. Symptoms like red eyes, sleeplessness and dry eyes correlated with CVS are actually alleviated through the use of computer glasses.

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