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Blu-Bot Intelligent Robot #FAMChristmas

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Blu-Bot Intelligent Robot #FAMChristmas
Do your kids play with robots anymore? They seem to come and go as toys become popular then fade away, but what if there was one that they could program to respond to them? Well, the Blu-Bot Intelligent Robot is made to do just that, and more!


Bluetooth Blue-Bot presents the 1st Intelligent Bluetooth Robot! Download the Blu-Bot App FREE of charge from the App Store for iOS devices, or from the Google Play Store for Android systems, and use a Smartphone or Tablet as your remote control. This interactive robot with multiple functions and features may be operated with or without an App! Use the power of your Smart Phone to control your Robot with Bluetooth Blue-Bot. Slide your finger over the screen to move him forward, backward, left and right. Speak into your smart phone and broadcast through your Blue-Bot. Record messages and playback with voice changer. Switch to dance mood for a “moon dance” with music. Add in your personalized mixing sound effects using your smart phone. Blue-Bot can also be used in stand-alone mode to program up to 50 moves without using your phone.

Okay, so this isn’t the old robot that I had as a kid, that maybe had a few sayings it would spit out in it’s standard robot voice, and maybe do something fun like shuffle it’s feet or lift a fake weapon in it’s hand. You can program this robot with your tablet or smartphone to do things like:

  • Move left, right, forward and backward
  • Change his facial expression
  • Use sound effects
  • Raise and lower simple objects in his fingers
  • Dance
  • Repeat your recorded messages with a voice changer

I may end up buying more than one, so I can have my own robot!

You can use the Blu-Bot Intelligent Robot either with or without the app just by manipulating the buttons that are on the robot itself. This is great when the child is first learning how to control it. Then they can move on to the programming aspect, and learn cause and effect, by setting up sequences in the app, up to 50 moves!

If you have a child that’s into technology, or if you’re following a STEM program (science, technology, engineering and math) then this doesn’t only make a fun toy but also an educational tool. This fits right into our curriculum as we learn basic programming and robotics this year. Plus, it’s not pink or blue, so it’s the perfect “neutral” gift for either a boy or a girl.

Batteries? Yes, but rechargeable ones that you can charge with the included USB to DC cable.

Blu-Bot Intelligent Robot #FAMChristmas

And if you have more than a single Blu-Bot Intelligent Robot, they can communicate with each other! Imagine, hosting a robot dance party! Or use the multiple robots to help the students understand programming commands and instructions, then start the program to see how the robots respond.

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