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Summer time means lots of outdoor activities with my family. While the kids are out of school, we do lots of exciting things from taking a trip to our local aquarium to taking in a few baseball games. We spend the day at the pool or just lounge in the backyard for a family barbecue. All of this fun also means we need to stay hydrated and refreshed, as the heat can take a toll on us. BODYARMOR SuperDrink is a premium, sports drink that provides superior hydration. This year they have added two new products: BODYARMOR LYTE and BODYARMOR Water.

BODYARMOR is available in 9 amazing flavors including Fruit Punch (our personal favorite), Orange Mango, Strawberry Banana, Tropical Punch, Blackout Berry, Mixed Berry, Grape, Watermelon Strawberry and Lemonade.
BODYARMOR is a premium alternative to other, traditional sports drinks. It contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners and has potassium packed electrolytes, vitamins and coconut water. Visit the BodyArmor website to learn more!When traveling to our local baseball games, I always make sure our cooler is packed with our favorite BODYARMOR flavors for the entire family. The kids request them all the time and I love that I am giving them something that they love and is great for them, keeping them hydrating during this active times in our lives.
It’s a big world out there, and I want to enjoy every moment of it with my family. That is why BodyArmor goes with us, wherever life takes us.

Be sure and pick up a supply today, so you are prepared for your next sports event or family outing! You can find BODYARMOR products at several retailers nationwide. In Ohio, where I live, it can be found at Kroger stores. Right now, you can get these delicious drinks at Kroger on sale 10/$10! That makes it the PERFECT TIME to stock up! For extra savings, sign up to receive a $0.50/1 BODYARMOR product coupon. You can print the coupon up to 2 times to maximize your savings.

Also, be sure to head over here for your chance to win 1 of 2 $25 Kroger Gift Cards to stock up on Body Armor for your family.

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48 thoughts on “BodyArmor Super Drinks Offers Delicious Hydration #Switch2BODYARMOR #BringIt

  • My husband loves these!

  • I haven’t tried the orange mango yet but I bet it would be a good choice for these hot summer days.

  • These sound awesome and all the different flavors too! My hubby and my oldest son work outside and these will be perfect for them. Definitely going to check these out, thanks for sharing!

  • Wow…this water sounds like it is packed with great things. Lots of awesome flavors and wonderful ingredients like potassium packed electrolytes, vitamins and coconut water.

  • I love all the flavors to choose from! This is the perfect drink for a hot summer.

  • It’s important to stay hydrated. Especially in the summer.

  • I think Strawberry Banana will be my favorite flavor.

  • When it’s hot outside, I stay inside.

  • These sound really good to keep the family hydrated this summer. The Orange Mango flavor sounds really good!

  • So very hot in my area today so always looking for ways to stay hydrated.

  • this is awesome

  • This sounds good for kids. They often are so busy playing that they don’t want to stop. Even for a drink of water.

  • I haven’t seen this in stores yet but I am definitely going to look for it. Sounds so good!

  • I would love to try this drink especially the strawberry banana. I think my niece would like it too. Thanks for sharing!

  • These look good – love to try the Strawberry Banana!

  • I haven’t tried this brand. In general, I find sports drinks to be too salty tasting.

  • I would love to try these drinks

  • Love the Strawberry Banana. Hydration is the key for summer.

  • I haven’t tried it

  • With a Kroger daily giveaway, I won a bottle of Body Armor! My teen will be psyched to hear this as she loves this drink!

  • It sounds like they have some good flavors. I may try one.

  • Thank you for the review! We live in the South and both my kids play travel sports (baseball & softball) We are always looking for ways to keep them hydrated when they play. We haven’t tried BODYARMOUR but I will look for it.

  • These drinks are very refreshing! I’ve tried at least 4 flavors. They are really good.

  • I did not know Body Armor had this type of beverage. I’ll be sure to look for it

  • I would love to try the fruit punch flavor! It would be a perfect after run drink!

  • I prefer this to other sports drinks because it doesn’t have all the artificial ingredients.

  • I’ve never heard of this. I really don’t drink these type of drinks.

  • We love these after a long hike. They help refresh us.

  • All the flavors for BodyArmor drinks sound delicious. Can’t wait to try the Fruit Punch & Strawberry Banana. Adding to my grocery list to look for during the next Kroger visit. 🙂

  • I’ve tried this before and love it. Strawberry Banana was my favorite. Very pricey though, so the $10 for 10 sale would be a great time to stock up!

  • These sounds delicious!! Can’t wait to try their Strawberry & Banana

  • I know these are probably good for me, but I think they have a funny aftertaste.

  • They call them Super Drinks? And they already have a trademark on that? I didn’t see her comments on that. .hmmmm….

  • Spelled it wrong… So it’s Body Armor

  • I’ve seen these at Kroger. The design is nice and the flavors sound delicious. I’m surprised and pleased to heart these body armour sport drink are filled with electrolytes and have no artificial sweeteners. I havent looked at the ingredient list. These sound great for our family. Better than Gatorade.

  • I am training for a marathon and I would LOVE to try this drink!

  • I buy my boyfriend Powerade throughout the summer months since he is a carpenter and needs something other than pop. I saw these in the store the other day and was quite curious. I’m going to get some and hope they aren’t too sweet.

  • I haven’t tried these yet. I will have to pick some up when we go to Kroger!

  • I haven’t tried these yet, my husband and kids would probably like them a lot.

  • My daughter loves Body Armour and I love that these are on sale for $1 Kroger right now! The other day she tried the lyte ones and really liked the cherry flavored one!

  • body armor sports drink is very refreshing and really great after sports and work outs

  • BodyArmor superior hydration drinks sound like just the ticket when working in the yard or a day spent at the park. We’re trying to get away from sodas and drink more water. BodyArmor may just be the ticket. Plus I like it’s made with coconut water & there’s lots of different flavors to try.

  • The mixed berry is my favorite and my grandkids like the watermelon strawberry.

  • I tried these for the first time recently, and I really like how they taste compared to other, similar products. One of my daughters has a medical condition where she doesn’t sweat, but she still needs to hydrate. Possibly even more than other people, because if she doesn’t stay hydrated or over heats, she can pass out. I’ll have to get some of these for her.

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