Brother HL-2240 Mono Laser Printer #Review

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Having teenagers in high school requires me to make sure I have the right equipment at home.  From a fast computer, to a smooth running printer, they need it all to accomplish what they need for homework.  When given the chance to review a product from Staples 2013 Product Line, I jumped on the chance.


Having previously used an ink-jet printer, I was tired of running out of ink and spending a FORTUNE on refills, only to be told a week later that the printer was out of blank ink, AGAIN!!! If printer companies offered points like an airline offers skymiles, I would easily be in the thousands with as much money as I have spent on printer ink.

I had been looking to replace our printer with something more reliable, cost effective and provide longevity so that I wasn’t running to the store weekly for more ink.

After much research, I opted to try  the Brother HL-2240 Mono Laser Printer.



About the Brother HL-2240 Mono Laser Printer:

The HL-2240 laser printer is designed for homes or home offices. It offers a fast print speed and high-quality output for quickly producing professional-looking letters, reports, spreadsheets and other documents. In addition, its stylish, space-saving design fits virtually anywhere and complements any environment. Affordable to own and operate, the HL-2240 uses a high-yield replacement toner cartridge to help reduce your operating costs.

  • Prints up to 24 ppm (mfr specs)
  • Up to 2400 x 600-dpi resolution
  • 250-sheet max paper capacity
  • Single-sheet by-pass slot
  • Prints up to 8.5″ x 14″
  • Monthly duty cycle of up to 10,000 pages
  • Approx. 8.5 seconds to print first page
  • Straight through paper path via single-sheet by-pass slot for thicker media
  • Toner Save mode for less critical business documents
  • 8MB RAM
  • 7.2″H x 14.5″W x 14.2″D, 14.8 lbs.
  • 1-Year mfr. limited warranty
  • USB cable sold separately


Everything I needed to set up the Brother Mono Laser Printer was included righ in the box. My package included the printer, a starter toner (with a monthly cycle of 10,000 prints), a DR420 drum unit, an AC power cord, a CD-ROM with printer drivers and user’s manual.


This printer was easy to unpack and set up.  My daughter was printing off her latest English homework assignment within minutes of set-up.  She commented on the excellent quality of her print and how pleased her professor will be with the ease of reading her latest essay.


With our prior printer, you really got no notification that the ink was running out, as the online gauge was never really accurate.  Many times, she has started to print a homework assignment, only to find that by page 5, it was faded or obsolete of content as we ran out of ink once again.

We have had our Brother HL-2240 Mono Laser Printer set up now for 3 weeks and it has continued to produce quality prints of homework, coupons, directions and so much more.  We are no where near the point of running low on ink for this great printer.

The best part is, the ink to refill the Brother HL-2240 Mono Laser Printer is going to cost me much less overall than our prior printer.  It produces higher quality prints, saves me money on toner and prints 10x faster than our prior print.  I also love that we can put 250 sheets of paper in the tray and not worry about having to constantly feed or unjam it like our prior printer required.

I would highly recommend the Brother HL-2240 Mono Laser Printer to anyone and everyone.  Whether you are the parent of teenagers, an avid couponer, or just a novice printer user, the Brother HL-2240 Mono Laser Printer is a must have for any home or office.  It is effect, offers high-quality prints and is economical for any budget.

Full disclosure: Staples provided me with this Brother HL-2240 Mono Laser Printer. The words and opinions expressed in this review are strictly my own. To see the full line of printers visit

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129 thoughts on “Brother HL-2240 Mono Laser Printer #Review

  • I love this printer it looks great and have some amazing functionalities.

  • I am so glad you did this review. I have been shopping printers and I don’t often find reviews on Brother Brand products. This printer will be a definite consideration in my purchasing decision. Thank you.

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  • I have the same printer and I absolutely love it!

  • Wonderful review! That sounds like a great printer.

  • this sounds like a printer we would like…our HP printer is getting old and we are ready for a new one. thanks!

  • this sounds like a printer we would like…our HP printer is getting old and we are ready for a new one.

  • Thanks for your honest review! Very helpful

  • I love that it costs less to refill the ink!

  • this is very nice i could save mahor money if i had one

  • GREAT REVIEW -Saving money on ink sounds wonderful. I need a new printer – have been looking, thanks for giving me a a great idea where to start

  • just got a new printer last month.. its just a cheap one though. this one looks so much better

  • i just got a new printer last month.. its just a cheap one though. this one looks so much better

  • Its nice to know there is a printer out there that produces more per cartridge without sacrificing quality

  • It sounds like this laser printer is the way to go. I’ve always had the ink jet kind and I get so tired of it jamming up and being such a pain. Thanks for the great review!

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  • i have a brother printer and i swear by it, like yours it uses way less ink, when my goes i will have to check this one out, great review thanks a bunch, i love it

  • i have a brother printer and i swear by it, like yours it uses way less ink, when my goes i will have to check this one out, great review thanks a bunch

  • Love your site! Thanks for all the helpful tips!

  • Love your site! Thanks for all the helpful tips!

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  • I need a new one that hopefully the ink is cheaper than the one I have!!!!!

  • I had a Brother Printer. I liked it but it didn’t last very long. The ink is so expensive,so that was about the only thing I didn’t like. Your printer looks really nice. I hope you get lots of use out of it. 🙂

  • I like that this laser printer has a Save mode. I’ll be interested to hear if the toner for this printer turns out to be less expensive than using an inkjet!

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  • My printer has been down for about 6 months and I have been trying to decide what to get. Great review, maybe I can get a laser printer without having to splurge too much.

  • My printer has been down for about 6 months and I have been trying to decide what to get. Great review, maybe I can get a laser printer without having to splurge too much.

  • Interesting. I have always gone with HP because my Dad works for them, but this seems like a really nice machine!

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  • We just bought a new printer a couple of weeks ago and it has been nothing but trouble! Wish I saw this before our purchase!



  • This looks like a great printer. Ink is waaaay too expensive these days!

  • I love it are you going to give this away I could use a new one 🙂

  • Thanks for the review! I may need to look into purchasing one of these. As a teacher, I need a good printer…I go through a lot of ink. 🙁

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  • I read Amanda’s comment and a lightbulb turned on. A laser printer might save me time and money while printing coupons. I also would like to see how the printer printed photographs.

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  • Thanks for the review. I would love to have this printer. I have never used a laser printer but would love to try one. I have had Brother printers and even a serger. I do not believe there is a company that gives better or faster customer service than Brother. I would recommend Brother products on that issue alone. When my Brother printer stopped working, they sent me a new printer and it arrived in two days – how quick is that? I love this company,


  • It would be cool to print coupons on this printer and its a great bargain.

  • Love this printer review. Sounds and looks like a a quality printer with speed that will provide lots of print outs for our family! Thank you!!

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  • Hey if it won’t run out of ink every 3rd week and require $70.00 refills I’d so try it! I’ve gone to refilling my own ink canisters to save on ink!

  • I will have to keep this printer in mind when I look for a new printer.

  • Your review was very helpful!

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  • I would appreciate a printer like this one. I would use it often for coupon-printing, documenting and organizing information in a clear, contained manner.

  • I can relate on spending way too much on printer ink, I would love to use something more cost effective. This looks like a great product and the size is nice too.

  • This printer sounds exactly what I can use to suit my needs. Mainly, coupons and a small amount of documents and other items I wish to see more clearly and better organized.

  • I need to check into this printer. Sounds good.

  • Looks like a great printer! I will be keeping Brother in mind next time I am shopping for a new printer! I like that the ink lasts longer than ink-jet printers but I’ve heard that laser cartridges are expensive!


  • I like this printer. I need a laser printer like this with low operating costs, I had to stop using my old laser printer because the toner was so expensive, so this would work nicely for me.

  • Sounds like a really good printer. I think we had one several years ago before we switched over.

  • Next printer we get I would like this one. So much nicer than the one we have!

  • Looks like a wonderful printer. I like that it can save me $$$ on printing cost by saving so much on ink.

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  • I did not have all this information on the difference between a regular printer and the laser printer. PIt does sound like a better buy.

  • I will definitely be looking at a laser printer the next time I buy a new printer. After my tirade of profanity this morning, I actually finally got my printer connected to my new cable network. I absolutely hate my HP printer. There were all kinds of glitches in the software, which they offer only half-fixes for, and I’ve probably spent over $300 on ink, and I don’t even print that much!!! Thanks for the review, I’ll put brother higher on my list next time I go shopping.

  • I’ve always avoided laser printers for my home because of the cost of the toner cartridges. I bought a new inkjet printer a few months ago but I’ll keep this in mind for my next printer.

  • This printer is exactly what my family needs. With my kids and school and me printing coupons, we go through so much ink. Thanks for the review.

  • i need a new printer , our power cord came up missing and now it doesnt work ugh !

  • i need a new printer , our power cord came up missing and now it doesnt work ugh !

  • i need a new printer , our power cord came up missing and now it doesnt work ugh !

  • Looks like a great printer.

  • This sounds like a very good printer. Some printers last for a long time and others just seem to never quite hold up. I’ve been using HP for years and am usually well pleased. Nevertheless, I would give this one a fair look based on the review and comments.

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  • I am in the market for a printer. Thanks for the review and it looks good to me!

  • Looking for a printer really soon. Hopefully the ink in this printer is cheaper than the ink in my printer!! UGH!!

  • Looking for a printer really soon. Hopefully the ink in this printer is cheaper than the ink in my printer!! UGH!!

  • This seems like a great product. My printer is always getting the hiccups and I am in the market for a new one!

  • Saving me money on ink is a good factor in deciding to get a laser printer when this ink-jet printer in my office bites the dust, which is really soon! Thanks for the review!

  • Sounds like a good printer.

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  • I have used Brother printers in both my home & business, great products.

  • Looks like a great printer for a decent price! That is hard to find! Thanks!

  • This one sounds good! It’s so hard to find a good printer, ours we paid uite enough for and it worked great in the beginning, but now just doesnt print as nicely 🙁

  • Saving money on ink sounds wonderful. I need a new printer and have been putting off looking, thanks for giving me a starting point.

  • This looks like a great printer 24 ppm! like lightening! What a great cost savings with the toner and the size is just right!

  • I need a new printer badly!

  • I am going to look into this one. I am in the market for a new printer because I TOO am tired of running out of that one stupid black ink cartridge every single week!

  • Brother seems to have really cool printers, wouldn’t mind getting one of these

  • I have heard great things about laser printers. I go through so much ink with my printer. This one sounds great

  • Great Review! I don’t need a printer right now but will keep the Brother HL-2240 Mono Laser Printer in mind when I need a new one.

  • Nice review, like the printer. Will have to buy sometime.

  • Great review. I know what you mean about going through ink I have two kids that print so much homework that it seems I never have any ink. Maybe I need to replace my printer with a laser printer. I will have to start looking into it. Thanks for the review!

  • I would love something like this it sounds great.

  • I’m looking for a new printer will have to see them it the store

  • I need a more cost-effective printer but didn’t try laser because I was uncomfortable thinking I had to get several toners and then mixing without spilling, etc. I guess these laser printers have come along way since I frst looked into buying one years ago. I have gone through about 8 inkjets since then and I am running out of patience & money with this one. It works very well when I put a new cartridge in but I miss out on a lot of good coupons because I’m always running out of ink. I will have to look into this. Thanks.

  • Look so comfy

  • We have a lexmark prof all in one. They get a bad rep but it’s actually a very decent all in one for a very reasonabl price! And the ink refills dont break the banks!

  • Ink is always higher than the printer itself! Thank you so much for the review! Keep up the great work!

  • I would love to have a printer to be able to print coupons.

  • I would love a laser printer. I could easily add images to blocks of wood if I had a laser. I must convince the hubby 🙂

  • I love learning about new products.. Thanks

  • My family needs a new printer! Ours throws hissy fits and refuses to work half the time. I’m going to book mark this review and show it to my hubby when he gets home tonight 🙂 and cross my fingers he lets us get one lol

  • You are not going to believe it but I have this printer model! It works very well and I have had it for 2 years. I paid $50 dollars for it! I get the high yield toner and lasts for months. This is a great overall printer!

    • Karen,

      Thanks for sharing. I am so far very pleased with this printer and your comment gives me even better hope of savings on printing with this nice product.


  • I desperately need a new printer..this one looks really nice!!

  • I need a new printer. Mine is clunky and loud and runs out of ink so fast! I never heard of this brand, but it sounds great!

  • This review was helpful, especially as I am currently trying to decide on a new printer. I don’t use mine on a daily basis, but when I do use it, it is normally a great deal. I design and print business cards and shower/party favors, so I need something with great quality, but that won’t break the bank in ink costs. Thanks!

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