Brylane Home Countertop Icemaker Review

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I recently had the chance to review an amazing product from Brylane Home.   They offer so many things for in and outside the home, their site is truly amazing.


I chose to review their creative and handy Countertop Ice maker.





More about the Ice Maker from Brylane Home:

Our ice maker is compact, yet powerful enough to produce 12-pieces of fresh-tasting ice within 10 minutes-and as much as 33-lbs. per day. Simply fill ice machine maker with tap or bottled water. This unique portable design does not need to connect to a water source or drainage line, so you can bring it wherever there’s a standard household power outlet.


  • a BrylaneHome® Exclusive!
  • portable
  • uses tap or bottled water
  • produces up to 33-lbs. of ice a day
  • makes 3 size cubes: small, medium or large
  • stores up to 1½ lbs of ice
  • plugs into a standard power outlet
  • perfect for entertaining or filling up a cooler
  • 120 watts
  • plastic – ETL-listed
  • dimensions: 14″H x 12″W x 16″D

My fridge does not have a line for an ice maker and my family is notorious for not refilling the pesky ice trays for the freezer.  I was elated when this arrived.  It was the perfect accent to my kitchen and provided great ice for the hot summer.  My family loves it.


It is so easy to use, anyone can start making perfect ice in just minutes.  You simply remove the ice tray, add water to the line, select your size preference of ice and then hit “start” and wait for the perfect cubes to form.009






It really has come in handy for our summer entertaining and every just love the circular shape of the ice.  We can’t wait for the tray to fill up so we can enjoy ice with nearly every drink we have, only to fill it up again and wait for more ice.  I love that it stays right on the countertop and even if the ice melts, the water goes right back down into the front of the machine and is there when I turn it on again for more ice, so no waste whatsoever.


Reasonably priced at just $199.00, this is totally worth the price.  I am now the envy of all my friends who also want one for themselves.  I would recommend this ice maker to anyone.  Be sure to check out all that Brylane has to offer and get everything you need for your home or outdoor needs.  With the holiday season approaching, Brylane Home has hundreds of options to please even the pickiest person on your shopping list.


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118 thoughts on “Brylane Home Countertop Icemaker Review

  • I would love one of these for my office. I find if I have ice to crunch on, I’m not putting bad stuff in my mouth all day!

  • First of all, that is so COOL! Perfect for the house but I’d definitely bring it with me when we take the trailer out camping, too!

  • wow i so need this, our ice maker broke in our fridge about 5 years ago and this would be so much better than the silly little ice trays that everyone but me forgets to refill, very cool, i have to get one, thanks a bunch for the great review

  • I didn’t even know a product like this existed! My kids never refill the ice tray either (and then I pull the empty tray out of the freezer, holler at them for not refiling it, and then put the empty tray back because my mind is gone after having four boys). I recently got a Keurig and some sample Brew Over Ice packs, but I haven’t been able to try them out yet because there’s never any ice. (I’ve never had one of those fancy ice-making fridges, and don’t see one showing up in the immediate future either).

  • Wow….Brylane sure has some great stuff. This would be nice for a party….very useful.

  • Wow I had no idea there was such a thing!! It does sound better than an ice tray, because my household doesn’t fill them up either. Then I could use distilled water easier as well it looks.

  • This would be perfect for us. We do have an ice maker in our fridge but it just doesn’t keep up with us. I will be checking into this this week.


  • This is so cool!! I never even knew they made something like this. This would be great for my son for his dorm room. He is always chewing on ice.

  • This machine needs to be at my house! I am so jelly right now!

  • This would be great for parties at my home!

  • I would love one these since my freezer so small and half my water dumps out of trays

  • Wow! How cool is this? I’ve shopped at Brylane before, but I’ve ever even heard of a outer top ie maker! We old really use this. We are renting a house with a fridge without an ice maker. I hate dealing with clumsy ice trays. 🙁

  • Awesome device!

  • This would be nice to sit at the table when everybody is eating.

  • I would love to have one we use alot of ice around my house with my husband being a farmer and he fixing a cooler everyday it takes alot of ice. I love this.

  • Awesome device! I would give it to my MIL because we have an ice maker.

  • We are avid ice consumer – especially me: I like ice in just about every beverage (except HOT coffee, tea, beer and Champagne… I also use ice alot in cooking and food preparation.

    Unfortunately – not only do we have a rather small and OLD refrigerator – with no ice maker ! – there are certain members in our household who have that VERY infuriating habit of putting empty ice cube trays without refilling them with water… YIKES! Nothing worse that a thoughtless, unnecessary ice shortage!

    So I would definitely LOVE one of these – and it’s not at all surprising that it comes from Bylane Home – one’s of my favorite places to shop for interesting, quality home goods – at reasonable prices – and with first rate customer service to boot. Thanks for the helpful review!

  • I love this and want one real bad. This is a great idea. Thank you for sharing.

  • This would be great on a picnic.

  • love love love !!!

  • wow i never seen something like this!!! your review was great!!! i know my family would love this!

  • Looks like a great machine to have on hand, especially for parties. Seems east enough and looks fantastic. Thanks for your review!

  • I get the Bryland Catalogs at home and I love what they sell. This counter top ice maker is cool and I would love one. My family is the same about filling ice trays. It’s my job they think. The ice machine on my fridge is broke. It ‘s really niffty

  • Wow, I had no idea this product existed. Super neat, especially for those without an icemaker in their freezer.

  • This would be great for family dinners – everyone loves iced tea!

  • This ice maker is really cool! I would love to have one, I’d put it over by my Keurig for my Brew over Ice drinks. I really think this is a neat product.

  • I have never hooked up the icemaker in our freezer, even though my boyfriend is a plumber… I thought this looked awesome until I saw the price!

  • so how about i’m 27 and i still forget to fill the ice trays! i was just so used to our refrigerator making the ice for us, and then that part broke! and i love the fact that it sits perfectly on the counter!

  • This is awesome…from Brylane Home! I had no ice for over a year. Now my fridge is hooked up. I could have used this. But I can see how wonderful it is for entertaining! So I still will consider getting one.

  • This is really nice, never seen one before. We could really use this since our ice maker broke 🙂

  • That would be awesome! I hate the ice from my fridge, this would be so much better!

  • Brylane makes some great products. I love this icemaker which is so easy to use.

  • I would love to have one of these. Another great alternative to keep the beers cold when friends come over. 🙂

  • I would love one of these. We always use ice. We keep it in an ice bucket and have about 10 icecube trays. Its a pain.

  • Great Review. I think this is a great product, especially if you do not have an ice maker on your fridge. The price is also reasonable. My question is how long (in mintues) does it take for the maker to make the ice?

  • this looks so cool I would love one <3

  • It sounds great. I might have to find some extra space on the counter.

  • this is very very cool i would kill for one of these and i love how high quality the ice looks

  • This is a cool idea.

  • I think im going to like this site

  • This would be great for our family get togethers (With 4 siblings,5 kids and 14 nieces and nephews they are BIG!! Latelt though it would save me money on Ice for our slushie machine-Ive been through 2 20 lb bags in a month…Kids are slushee crazed now that they clearance all the flavors at the store

  • This would be great for get-togethers when you need a little extra ice!

  • This product sounds awesome…the only problem I’d have is finding room on the counter to put it LOL

  • So amazing! Thanks for the review! The next time we rent a house, a fridge without ice won’t be an issue. Shock!!

  • I would love this product! It would be so much easier for me to make ice on my countertop!

  • Oh my! I’ve never seen anything like this counter-top ice maker. 33 pounds of ice is so much. Best we have a huge party real soon.

  • This would be great for stocking up for parties.

  • This would be an awesome item to own in my home. Thanks for the review on this. I buy bag ice at the store and this would definitely save me a ton of money. I hope I can get one of these in the near future. Or maybe….just maybe…..someone will have a giveaway of one. Lol.

  • This would be amazing to own. I only have ice trays and it is a pain in the butt.

  • I have lots of Baltimore Ravens parties at my house and this would be great to have!! I am always going out and buying bags and bags of ice so this would be nice. GO RAVENS!!!!

  • i think this is wonderful would like to have one of course free lol

  • This would be great when we need some extra ice!

  • Maybe I’m dorky but I like the shape of the ice! I have so many countertop gadgets already though that it would be in the way. :/

  • This would be a godsend for hot Summer days so I can add some ice to the pups water and not run out for us.

  • It’s truly amazing that this product can make ice so quickly! I could have benefited from this ice maker during the past summer, as it seems I have the same problem…. nobody refills the ice cube trays!

  • I need this I dont have an ice maker and my family always need ice for everything

  • Didn’t know they made these. Would be very handy for those who need them. I don’t like ice in my drinks.

  • My mom has this exact Ice Maker. You wont go wrong buying this if your in need of one. I love the ice right out of it fresh the best. I like ice I can eat lol. It is so good. The ice is hard enough for any drink to keep cold without watering it down but you can crunch this ice up so easily. It is great ice is all I know and I LOVE IT

  • I love drinking ice coffee and my fridge doesn’t have an ice maker. Plus I love eating ice so I could really use one of these. That’s so cool looking 🙂

  • I love Brylane progucts!

  • would like this b/c i cant use my icemaker, it leaked and the previous owner had put bottles in it and they broke.,

  • I desperately need one. We do not have an ice maker.

  • One of life’s little luxuries that make a real difference once you have one.

  • Our refrigerator does have an ice maker, but the fridge came with the old house and the icemaker didn’t work. We eventually spent the money to fix it, and it lasted about a week before one of the kids left the door open and the line froze up and broke! And the ice trays are seldom replaced either.

    I had never seen or heard of a countertop ice maker, I am impressed!

  • nice review this is great

  • Pretty cool ice making idea ,is portable ,good for travelling,picnic and especially during summers.

  • Pretty cool ice making idea ,is portable ,good for travelling,picnic and especially during summers.

  • This is pretty good for travelling,picnic and is portable and loved the style and idea of ice making.

  • I’ve been thinking about getting one of these. After seeing this now I want to go buy it!

  • So great for the RV

  • Nice device , it dose not take lot of space .

  • I’ve been thinking about getting one of these machines for quite awhile now, but always wondered how well they actually work! I love that you can select the size of ice that you want. I will definitely be buying an ice maker now! I’m tired of buying ice cubes, it really adds up! (I used to make my own, but they were always empty when I needed it!)

  • Oh my. I really need one of these. I don’t have an ice maker so we do tons of trays. I would like to get all the trays out of my freezer.

  • Great review, I can see how handy this could be

  • Awesome review, I can see how this would be handy for lots of people

  • i have not heard this before – very cool!

  • I did not know that there was a counter top ice maker. This would come in handy when you have a gathering and need a lot ice cues. Like the idea that it makes 3 different sizes of cubes and does not need a direct line for the water supply. I will need to check these out. Thanks for the informative review.

  • I don’t have an ice maker on fridge so this would help free up the room making ice takes. Looks great on the counter too. thanks for this review and covering so mush with photos too.

  • 1st time I have seen something like this. I could use this, I use a ton of ice.

  • We bought one last year from Target and it’s been working like a charm. I would surely recommend an ice maker to whoever likes having company over. There’s nothing like running out of ice for drinks. This looks like a really nice one as well. I’ll have to take a look at Brylane Home and see what else is available for me.

  • This is so neat! I wish I had counter space for it. It’s nice that it recycles melted ice and even cooler that it makes ice in 10 minutes! No more awkward trays or jammed refrigerator ice makers with ice that tastes like freezer lol

  • sounds like a great product. I like how it doesnt waste water when the ice melts

  • I want this ice maker. My refrigerator does not have an ice maker, so I make ice cubes the old fashioned way with trays in the freezer. I prefer this over the trays.

  • I never heard about a machine like this, it looks great !

  • I’ve seen these before but never used one. This would be perfect for me for summer drinks!

  • What a great review and I want one of these ice makers. We could use this out on our deck, in the garage and traveling with a cigarette lighter converter plug.

  • omg how cool is that!! pun intended! 😉 i need one of those to go with my magic bullet! very nice and great review i love the shape of the ice too!

  • I really like this ice making machine. It makes ice really well and would save me a lot of time having to lug around ice cube trays! I really like that the ice comes out in circular shapes!

  • WHO KNEW they even made such a thing??? Awesome.

  • I don’t have an ice maker in my refrigerator/freezer. This would be a great option.

  • This is funny. I drink ice water all day and literally go through six ice cube trays each day. My husband suggested that we should get one of these. Now I know to get it. Thanks!

  • amazing thank you for share it with us
    Our ice maker is compact, yet powerful enough to produce 12-pieces of fresh-tasting ice within 10 minutes

  • great review so nice thank you


  • This is great for parties and get togethers, we never have enough ice in our ice maker for all of our guests by mid-party! 🙂 Thanks for the review!

  • I don’t have an ice maker in my fridge and until now I never knew that products like this existed! I will def. be buying one for my house 🙂 THank you for sharing

  • I hate to be nerdy about ice, but I just LOVE the shape. I hate when awkward ice cubes get in the way of me enjoying my beverage. Super cool product.

  • I wish I had known about this last summer. We go through tons of ice and this would have been a big help.

  • really neat!

  • This is my first time hearing about something like this. I will have to check it out.

  • I absolutely adore this thing. I hate big chunks of ice that ice trays make but don’t have a fancy refrigerator so this would be a perfect solution!

  • Our ice maker is constantly on the brink and I don’t feel like buying a new refrigerator. This unit sounds like a good alternative to make ice if you don’t have an ice maker.

  • Countertop icebox, wow never heard of this concept. Brylane is a trusted company too.

  • Wow what a neat idea! I don’t have an Ice Maker in my Fridge either, and it is so very full in there that it is a pain to get the Ice Trays out. This would really REALLY come in handy! And to think that you can use Bottled Water, or Purified is a bonus!

    Thanks for the post!

  • Great product! Not sure if I would use it at my home tho…since it takes up counter space and we already have tons of stuff on the counter…but any other use would be fantastic!

  • My sis has one of these and loves it! I always thought it was kind of a silly thing, but I could totally see where it could come in handy!

  • This would be awesome for parties on those hot summer days! : )

  • Boy this could be a life saver at a dinner or get together. I tend to forget to turn my ice maker on and then have to get my hubby to run out for ice.. With this it would solve that problem as it would be right in front of my eyes.. lol Thanks for the review. 🙂

  • I’ve never even heard of a countertop icemaker before. How convenient!

  • I’ve never heard of a countertop ice maker before. I have to say, ice in ten minutes?? That’s incredible!! Plus it sounds so much easier and cleaner than the freezer!

  • I’ve never even heard of a countertop icemaker before. How convenient!

  • wow neat…looks worth it

  • We recently had to downgrade our fridge and no longer have a ice machine. This sounds and looks so convenient and awesome to use! Im going to look into getting one cause with a family of 7 in the desert we’re constantly running out of ice!

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