Have Your Cake: Saving Money on Indulgences

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Have Your Cake: Saving Money on Indulgences 


When you’re trying to save money, the first things you may try to cut out of the budget are luxury or indulgent items that may seem frivolous in the face of meeting your goals. However, if you cut out too many of the things that make you feel relaxed or happy, you are far more likely to break your budget later, when you realize that your money-saving life isn’t as sustainable as you thought it was. It’s best to keep a few of those items in your budget and maybe even use them as rewards when you meet goals, such as paying off an outstanding bill, saving up a sum of money, or coming in under budget during your month. Here are a few ways to save money on common luxury items.


Facials and Massages

Even if it isn’t wise for you to get a facial or massage every month, consider them sweet indulgences when you’re celebrating meeting a goal. Many facial spas now offer plans where you can get a discount on your facials or massages by joining the plan. Discounts may be as deep as 30-40% off the normal fee. Be sure to factor in the cost of the tip, as that will add to your monthly expenses, and it’s easy to forget that tipping is necessary. If you’re not particular about going to a specific aesthetician or masseuse, consider signing up for online deals at different spas that have monthly promotions. Sometimes you can get these items for up to 75% off the advertised fee.



Social smokers love indulging in a cigarette with a drink every once-in-a-while and others choose to smoke more often. This habit can get expensive and add up over time. Thankfully, e-cigarettes are a less expensive way to enjoy smoking without the waste. By purchasing a vaporizer pen and refills for ecigs, the long-term investment in e-cigarettes is far less than that of traditional cigarettes. If you’re looking for a great place to buy e Cigarettes online, check out 21st Century Smoke.



Though it may take a large investment on the front end, setting up an in-home bar can save you a lot of money in the long-run. Once your bar is stocked and ready to go, you can make a variety of drinks at home and escape the expense of eating at local restaurants.

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