How Christianity has Done Good for the World

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Skeptical of the power of religion as a force for good in the world? While there are many examples of them running amok these days, in reality, these unfortunate examples are vastly outweighed by the good that they do on a daily basis.jesus-christProphet TB Joshua has focused on reaching people down on their luck by convincing them there is hope for them through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

However if you are looking for something more tangible to convince you, there are many ways that Christianity has done good for the world.

In the post below, will share several examples of how this religion has helped many millions of people throughout the ages.

1) The church is the world’s largest provider of education and healthcare

While it can be hard to see in many of the secular parts of the world, Catholic and Christian churches around the world are responsible for providing the most education and health care out of any entity.

Back in the Middle Ages, the Catholic church was responsible for the creation of universities as we know them today, and they continue to run a number of schools throughout the developed and developing world.

Even in today’s world, the church runs one-quarter of all healthcare facilities on the planet, providing treatment regardless of ability to pay.

2) Its principles have served as the basis of the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights

One of the biggest guiding principles for the creation of international policy in the 21st century was the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights.

Created shortly after the Second World War, they sought to prevent the abuses of humanity that happened during that horrible conflict from ever happening again.

Many of the principles that went into drafting this communique were based on Christian principles of love and morality that are harder or impossible to find in other major world religions.

3) Many of the core ideals of Western Civilization are Christian principles

Although some folks are critical of what western civilization has become, it is hard to argue that this form of society hasn’t been anything less than spectacularly effective at raising living standards to the highest levels in the history of humanity.

At the core of this society has been the rule of law, with many of these edicts drawing their inspiration from Christian principles.

Another key facet of western civilization is its level of wealth; this also has ties to Christianity through the Protestant work ethic, which equates work ethic as being a form of divine expression.

4) Many of the world’s most prominent NGO’s were/are Christian organizations

There is an undercurrent of social justice present in the church that has driven the creation of many NGO’s that have made this world a better place.

The best example of this is the Red Cross, which has provided medical and emergency assistance to people in need around the globe for more than a hundred years.

There are more examples of Christian organizations that have helped many people over the years: from Feed the Children to the YMCA, service-minded individuals with a love of God and their fellow human beings have changed the course of countless lives.

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