College Bound? Save tons with Campus Book Rentals

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Whether you are in college or have a child heading to college in the near future, you know that it can be very expensive.  The over all cost of tuition, room, board, books and more can really add up fast.


My first year of college, I thought I had my budget all mapped out, down to how much I would have available for food daily.  Then I headed to the campus bookstore and was in for a culture shock.  Even purchasing used books at the campus bookstore that first semester was a real hit on my already tight budget.


Here I am years later, getting ready to prepare my daughter for college and her future as a successful student and responsible adult.  In today’s world, the best part is having a great site like Campus Book Rentals to help her out. With a substantial savings of 40-90% of the campus bookstore, Campus Book Rental allows you to:

  • Highlight in the textbooks
  • Offers flexible renting periods 
  • Free shipping both ways (to/from your residence)
  • They donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rental


They also have a great new program call Rent Bank!!! Rent Bank is a new concept that allows a student to rent their own textbooks to other students.  It will make you 2-4x’s more money compared to what you can make on the buyback option.


See for yourself how it works:

Get started on the road to saving and possibly making money today.  Visit Campus Book Rentals and find out for yourself how to get started.


Disclosure: I received monetary compensation for this sponsored post.  Regardless, all opinions are my own.

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18 thoughts on “College Bound? Save tons with Campus Book Rentals

  • This can really help students to save money on very expensive cost of texts.

  • Great information. My daughter just finished her college degree

  • Wow–I wish we’d known about this when my son was an undergrad! Many textbooks are good to keep for reference, but SO many are just used for the semester…some not even the whole semester! This sounds like a great resource for students.

  • Good info.. I am a college student.

  • I will def be passing this on to my son. There are never used books at his campus that he can use! Thanks so much!

  • College would be so much better of a stepping stone to success if it didn’t put you in debt! Great tips!

  • I think it is a great way to save money, college is so expensive and any way you can cut costs is definitely helpful.

  • I love the book rental websites. Their books are so much more affordable than the ones at campus bookstores.

  • This is great information. I have one child still in college and I will definitely check this out. He’s about to enter the phase where he’s taking medical courses and I know those books are pricey! I like the free shipping!

  • Renting college textbooks? Genius! I wish it was available back in the day, when I was in college.

  • This is awesome and I love that they donate to operation smile program!

  • this is a great idea those college books are not cheap at all…i have a daughter in college right now and one of her books alone was over $100.. so its expensive thanks for sharing…this will come in handy

  • My son has a way to go before college but it sounds like such a smart service, I am sure it will still be available.

  • such a great idea. College books can be so expensive this is a great way for college students to save money

  • I love campus book rentals!

  • This is such a great find. I am a college student so this is definitely something that peaks my interest. Textbooks are so expensive these days especially the Criminal Justice ones.

  • It’s a great program. I like that you can highlight in the books. We all need or needed to do that and if you did too much of it, you could not return your books, necessarily.

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