Common Teeth Problems & How To Fix Them

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There are a number of different problems that you can fall victim to with your teeth, but thankfully there are just as many solutions that you can explore to heal properly and prevent further issues. 

This guide contains some of the most common tooth problems that you could experience in your lifetime, as well as what steps to take if you want to get better. So, what are you waiting for? 

Read on to learn more now!

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Staining is such a common problem, and this is because there are just so many things that can lead to staining. Foods like blueberries, ketchup and soy sauce can cause staining, as can drinks like coffee and red wine. To add to this, smoking can cause you to experience tooth staining, and other less preventable triggers like medication and highly fluoridated water. Avoiding the aforementioned items can certainly help you to prevent staining, but how can you treat staining once it’s already started to set it?

Well, you can begin by investing in a whitening toothpaste. A good whitening toothpaste can actually lighten your teeth by several shades with continued use, which may be enough to give you your confidence back. If you need more support, then you can book yourself in with a cosmetic dentist. They will offer professional whitening procedures, which can dramatically lighten the color of your teeth. 

If you’re finding it difficult to avoid certain food and drinks or quit smoking, then invest in some sugar free gum that you can chew afterwards. This should help to limit the impact that food, drinks or cigarettes can have on your teeth. 


An overbite is where your upper teeth are situated further forward in comparison to your lower set of teeth, leaving a gap between them. This can be caused by a number of different factors, from those which can be minimized or prevented such as thumb sucking, and other issues like tooth loss or small jaw sizing. 

Thankfully many things can be done to fix an overbite, so you will have a variety of options to utilize if you want to resolve such an issue. The most efficient yet most invasive choice is to get surgery, but this is something that many people would like to avoid. Alternatively, you can choose to get braces to fix your overbite, but this will take a little longer. Another excellent option that has become more popular in recent years is to get a clear aligner. They are near invisible and can help to fix your overbite without the need for anyone to see a thing! 

You can further prevent worsening your overbite by not chewing on things, such as the end of your pen or your nails. Do not try to fix your overbite by simply pushing down on your teeth – this will only cause unnecessary pain and inflammation. 

With any luck, this guide will be of use to you in your quest to take great care of your teeth and smile!

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