Elf on the Shelf Christmas Giveaway

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Elf on the Shelf – A Christmas Tradition Giveaway!

Have you ever wondered how Santa knows who is naughty and who is nice? The Elf on the Shelf – A Christmas Tradition is the very special tool that helps Santa know who to put on the Naughty and Nice list. This interactive holiday hide-and-seek tradition is perfect for children and families of all ages!
At the start of each Christmas season, the elf appears to serve as Santa’s eyes and ears, traveling back to the North Pole each and every night to make a detailed report of the day’s activities.

This keepsake gift set includes a North Pole pixie scout elf and a hardbound picture book.
The book explains that Santa has sent an elf to watch over the children and the elf reports back to Santa each night. The kids get to decide the name for the elf together. Children can register their elf online to receive an official adoption certificate and a special letter from Santa. You read through the book with your child, it explains all the rules, then each night you move the elf to a new spot. One of the rules is that the children cannot touch him .
* The children cannot touch the elf or he will lose his magic
* The elf can listen to what the children tell him, but cannot talk back, that’s Santa’s law.
* The elf flies back to the North Pole each night and tells Santa what he has seen – when he comes back he goes to a new spot in the house.
My kids start searching for the elf immediately when they wake up! It’s a very special tradition in our house. Here are just a few spots “Elfie” has been found!

Simply, Follow the instruction below on the rafflecopter for your chance to win! Good Luck!

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69 thoughts on “Elf on the Shelf Christmas Giveaway

  • I’m a single disabled grandmother and would love to win a free elf on a shelf for my little do I enter?

  • leaving milk and cookies for santa

  • Friends, family, watching grands enjoying gifts, great food, great memories.

  • Looking at christmas lights

  • Christmas eve with my moms side of the family

  • I never really had any Christmas traditions til I joined my fiance’s family. Christmas presents have to be the best when his whole family is gathered. All the gifts are passed out before we are ready to open even one. Listening to all the oohs and aahs, thank you’s and just what I wanted is so much fun. His parents wait to open their gifts til the children, grandchildren and now great-grands open theirs, that way they can take the time to thank each person for the gifts that they receive. After an early Christmas supper, we are all locked into the family room and Santa makes his visit and fills all of our stockings. Makes for a long but wonderful day full of togetherness, happiness and family fun.

  • Every Christmas Eve we give the kids one present which consists of new pajamas and slippers to wear.

  • getting together with family!

  • My favorite tradition is gathering will all my family for dinner on Christmas eve.

  • Spending time with family

  • Going to midnight Mass on Christmas Eve

  • Everything, wrapping, decorating, Christmas songs, Christmas lights

  • We use manure from my mom’s horses and leave it in the front yard! Our boys wakeup to raindeer poop in their own yard!!! So cool and funny!

  • My favorite tradition is cookie baking! We have always (since I was a small child) made what seems like tons of cookies to give to family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, postal carriers, etc.

  • On Christmas Eve night we make hot chocolate and fudge and get in the car to go look at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music. My children love to do this and it relaxes them so they can go to bed for Santa to come.

  • It starts on Christmas Eve. Our family goes to my Aunts to eat the best italian dinner ever and open gifts. We then go to Midnight service. On Christmas morning the kids open presents from Santa. Then my Mom makes a breakfast fit for a King!!! We then get the kids ready and attend Christmas service. By the time all of that is over the kids are ready for a nap. My parents, my husband and I make a dinner that is usually unreal. That evening the whole family comes to my parents home to eat. Since my husband and kids live out of state from my parents and family, meeting with the whole family twice in 2 days is so great. The best thing about the Hollidays is family. I love that time with everyone and wouldn’t replace it for the world.

  • When I was little my grandma would come down and open presents with my sister and I and she would always bring a piece of fruit for us. I would get a grapefruit and my sister a banana. We would have to eat our fruit before we could open presents because kids are to busy for breakfast after Santa comes. My grandma passed away when I was 9 but my mom continued the tradition. We got our fruit in our stockings. And I do the same with my boys. They each get their favorite fruit in their stocking and we have our fruit before we open presents. That is my favorite tradition, and I hope that my boys will continue it with their families.

  • Spending Christmas Eve with all my brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews. It’s never a dull moment.

  • Driving around looking at Christmas lights.

  • Going to Christmas Eve services and then getting together with the whole family. Thank you for this giveaway. This could become a new tradition.

  • Putting up the tree as a family and listening to Christmas music.

  • My favorite tradition is watching all the Christmas shows and the 25 days till Christmas =)

  • We have a couple, but my new favorite is the naughty elf.

  • Driving around looking at Christmas lights.

  • Baking cookies with my mom. Its not an old tradition but we use all of the old recipes from the family.

  • watching kids open the presents and enjoying the day together

  • Every Christmas the family chooses a new Holiday movie to buy. We open ONE present on Christmas Eve. which is ALWAYS a new pair of pajamas to wear that night and most of the day Christmas Day!

  • My favorite tradition is watching It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve & then going to midnight mass with my family & my mother in law. Christmas isn’t complete though until we’ve watched Elf about 20 times though lol…my kids now it line for line!!

  • Bacon and egg pie. It’s an old family recipe that my grandmother grew up with and they only had it on Christmas morning. Mom made sure that we followed that tradition and I’ve raised my kids on the same tradition

  • My Favorite tradition is… Before dinner we set trivia cards at everyones place setting and after dinner we start with the trivia card questions, It keeps together longer and just enjoying our time together. sometimes it just a silly game.

  • Baking my Pecan Pies….Mmmmmmm

  • Watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation together as a family!

  • My kids are grown up now, some of my grandkids are grown too. Since I’m one of eight, when all our kids were small & didn’t want to go house to house on Christmas, we decided to have a family Christmas the Saturday before the holiday. It’s a potluck, gift exchange & a wonderful party with my Mom (Dad is gone now), my sisters & brothers, their spouses, kids & grandkids. It’s an afternoon to slow down, have fun, eat & enjoy the family.

  • watching the kids christmas morning just waiting to open their gifts but they have to wait till after breakfast

  • Our favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree and staying up until the wee hours of the mornign getting santa gifts ready.

  • My favorite Christmas tradition is celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve with family. No one sees the Christmas tree until it is time to open gifts. We have the tree in the middle of the room so we can sing Christmas carols as we go around the tree. After we sing several Christmas carols, we sing a Danish Christmas song and then pick someone to be Santa to had out gifts. Then everyone opens gifts. 🙂

  • every morning waking up and opening my Advent Calendar from Germany with a small piece of chocolate in it.

  • Baking cookies and sharing with family and friends.

  • decorating the tree

  • Going shopping on Black Friday w/ my mom….@ 3:00 am

  • Listening to Christmas music while we decorate the Christmas tree.

  • Decorating the tree and getting together on christmas day or presents and dinner 🙂

  • My favorite Christmas tradition has always been midnight mass.

  • My favorite Christmas tradition is getting together on December 13 of each year and baking all of my Nana’s old holiday goodies with her recipes! December 13 is special to our family as it is an anniversary of the death of my little cousin, he is an angel now and never forgotten. When we all gather together on December 13th of each year we can tell he is there with us!

  • Baking and decorating cookies with my kids and leaving them out for Santa and putting carrots up on the rooftop for the Reindeer!

  • Decorating the tree together, while we watch the Macy’s parade.

  • every year at my grandma’s,we put our wooden shoes out and “Santa” comes and leaves gifts.

  • Opening presents with my family!

  • My favorite tradition would have to be Christmas Eve night i read the boys Twas the night before Christmas after we put out carrots for the reindeer and cookies and candy canes for Santa.

  • Being able to be with family and grandchildren

  • watching the kids open thier gifts.

  • Decorating the house inside and out, putting up the tree & baking a ton of cookies!

  • Making cookies and watching our favorite Christmas movies

  • Driving around looking at Christmas lights with the kids, even as old as they are now…we still do this.

  • Making my home made sugar cookies and chex mix is what I do every year.

  • Christmas doesn’t start until my stepdad has everyone at Thanksgiving watch Lampoons Christmas Vacation together. I think 1/2 the family can say all the words spoke in the movie by now.

  • My favorite Christmas tradition is lobster, shrimp & french fries for my husband & me after the tree is put up & decorated on Christmas Eve!! 🙂

  • Going out on Christmas Eve to look at the Christmas lights

  • My favorite Christmas Tradition is making Christmas Cookies for everyone as part of their gift. It always brings everyone closer together and I’ve often been told that if I just wanted to give cookies for gifts that would be just fine.

  • I think my favorite Christmas tradition is opening pajamas on Christmas Eve and then just sit and BE together

  • My favorite tradition has been leaving cookies & milk for Santa with the kids. I really want to start the Elf on the Shelf tradition though!!

  • My favorite Christmas tradition is making homemade cookies and goodies for Santa, friends, relatives and neighbors. with my kiddos. We make such a mess, but have so much fun doing it!

  • One Christmas tradition we have is to have hot cocoa and everyone gets to open one Christmas present on Christmas Eve! We usually have to tree lights on, and roaring fire going. It is so much fun!

  • making santa a special cookie and doing a family christmas photo.

  • My kids make stockings and gingerbread houses the day after Thanksgiving!

  • Hiding the pickle ornament in the tree and seeing who finds it. 🙂

  • leaving the cookies for Santa and the carrots for Reindeer!

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