Explore Those Finishing Touches for Your Master Bedroom

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On average, we sleep away about one-third of our lives. That’s a massive chunk of time to spend in the bedroom. Apart from resting, though, it’s also an intimate, deeply personal space where we unwind, relax, and hang out with our significant others.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. As such, it should reflect your individuality and provide a safe and comfortable haven for you to retreat from the world and recharge your batteries.

If you’re waking up tired, sore, and miserable, it’s probably time for a new bed. A gorgeous room is of little use if you can’t even get a good night’s rest. The list of firm mattresses here might just give you some inspiration.

However, if you’re sleeping soundly, but you feel like your space is missing something, then check out our tips below. With these finishing touches, you can create the master bedroom of your dreams.Image Source

Lovely Linen

Your bed takes up the majority of space in the room. It provides the perfect opportunity to make a statement and create a theme.

Nowadays, you can find the most gorgeous designs for your duvet covers and linen. Geometric patterns, artistic motifs, and iconic images are all popular choices.

You can stick to a neutral palette with splashes of color, make it bold with deep hues, or try contrasting shades like black and white. Lastly, accessories like scatter cushions and bedspreads add the perfect cherry on top.

Amazing Artwork

There’s nothing like a beautiful piece of art to invite an aura of individuality into your bedroom. Your walls are a canvas with unlimited potential. You could put up a sentimental painting, framed photographs of your favorite people, or vintage works printed on canvas.

Alternatively, you could pick one wall and use it to paint a grand mural. It doesn’t have to be loud and overbearing – quite the contrary. Layered shades of calming blues, lilacs, and turquoise hues create a soft ambiance to lull you to sleep. Image Source

Unique Upcycling

Before you throw out that old chest of drawers, lampshade, or bookshelf, think about how a unique design could breathe life back into it – and into your bedroom.

While it might’ve started as a weekend hobby by enthusiastic DIYers, today, upcycling has become a popular form of interior design. You can spruce up a piece of furniture and make a bold statement at the same time.

If you don’t consider yourself an artist, then you could always commission a local neighbor or friend to reinvent that dusty old bedside table into something extraordinary.

Beautiful Bulbs

Lighting sets the tone of a room and brings ambiance into a space. It’s another versatile way to add that finishing touch.

Floor and table lamps make fantastic bedroom accessories. They come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, so you can find ones that suit your taste.

If you’re looking for some clever ways to illuminate your bedroom, try soft fairy lights, hanging bulbs, or a sculptural chandelier. If you want a more boho theme, large candles will do the trick, and they come in various colors, too. These all bring something unique to your sleeping space.

However, keep in mind that typical LED bulbs emit blue light, which could be bad for your health and sleeping habits. For the same reason, it’s best to keep the electronics in the living room.Image Source

Pretty Plants

Plants are an excellent way to liven up your bedroom, fill that demure corner space, and dress up your windowsill. There are so many varieties that’ll love living in your sleep sanctuary. Lush green ferns, fragrant flowers, and minimalist cacti are all excellent choices.

However, Mother Nature’s art is more than aesthetically pleasing. Plants come with incredible health benefits, too. They purify the air, boost your mood, and even help you sleep better.

Aloe vera, orchids, and snake plants produce oxygen at night, while jasmine and lavender fill the room with subtle calming fragrances. There are many more, so you can mix and match them to suit your decor.Image Source

A Sleeping Sanctuary

All you need is a few finishing touches to create the bedroom of your dreams. It doesn’t have to be complicated, either.

Simple things like linen, a piece of art, and a gorgeous plant add dimension and bring life into the room. You can also incorporate a lamp or two and an upcycled armchair or shelf to transform drab spaces into a magnificent sleeping sanctuary.


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