Fairytale Brownies Father’s Day Giveaway #FathersDay

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Fairytale Brownies Father’s Day Giveaway


Sponsored By: Fairytale Brownies

Hosted By: Finding Sanity In Our Crazy Life


1 Lucky Winner Will Receive:

Fairytale Brownies Father’s Day Bar & Sprite Combo (ARV $59.60)

Fairytale Brownies is the perfect place to get gourmet brownies, cookies and bars served in wonderful gift assortments for giving to your dad this Father’s Day. With a variety of flavor options and gift sizes, there is the perfect gift for every father or special someone in your life.

Click here to read to read why Fairytale Brownies are the perfect Father’s Day Gift!

The Giveaway

June 3, 2017 at 12 PM – June 14, 2017 11:59 PM ET, 18+, US

The Prize

Fairytale Brownies Father’s Day Bar & Sprite Gift Box (ARV $59.60)

For more information make sure to visit Fairytale Brownies online.

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  1. Stacey A Smith says

    I think that the would be my favorite Double Chocolate Cookie if I had a chances to try it.

  2. Elizabeth says

    The Cookie & Brownie Combo really looks good to me!!

  3. Holly Thomas says

    Coconut sounds yummy!

  4. The caramel brownies look really good

  5. Dan Denman says

    There are so many good choices. The coconut, pecan, chocolate chip, and white chocolate all look really tasty!

  6. I have been saying the caramel brownies but also the raspberry and chocolate would be another flavor to my liking .

  7. I would be happy to receive the Get Well Deluxe Cookie & Morsel Combo

  8. Elizabeth says

    They all look scrumptious…especially the Fairytale Half-Dozen!

  9. Candie L says

    I would love the cream cheese brownies. Thank you

  10. Photo Tin Sprite 24 looks wonderful for a gift!

  11. Congratulations Dozen would be nice for this time of year.

  12. Betty Jones says

    The Pecan Blondies look scrumptious..

  13. I like the summer morsels gift.


  14. The Pecan Brownies look great!

  15. I like the Magic Morsel Gift.

  16. I like the summer morsels gift yum!

  17. Kim Pinch says

    I like the Fairytale Medley

  18. Melina Ramirez says

    My favorite product is the brownie fairytale dozen. Get to try several varieties of brownies.

  19. .Christine L says

    I want just about everything they offer. It all looks so good. Raspberry Swirl & Espresso Nib brownies look good & so do all the cookies

  20. I would like the Treasure Cookie & Morsel Combo

  21. The White Chocolate Brownies look good

  22. I can’t say I have a favorite because they all look so very delicious! I do think that the Birthday Surprise would be very fun to give and receive!

  23. I would like the Thank You Keepsake Tin Sprite 24

  24. Elizabeth says

    The Morsel Extravaganza really appeals to me! I like the bite-sized morsels to satisfy any sweet craving!

  25. denise low says

    I would love to have the Brownie Extravaganza.

  26. The Morsel Extravaganza looks great!

  27. I love love caramel so caramel is a good choice.

  28. Holly Thomas says

    Caramel sounds yummy!

  29. I like the Home Sweet Home Sprite Gifts

  30. The Caramel Brownies look really good.

  31. Caramel has me

  32. I’d like their birthday brownie gifts.

  33. Kim Avery says

    I’m drooling over the cream cheese brownie!

  34. Kayla Klontz says

    I’ve never tried any of these products before, however, the Fairytale treasure medley sounds amazing!

  35. Toffee crunch sounds marvelous

  36. I really do like the Fairytale Bars®
    3″ x 2″ | 6 flavors

  37. I like the Father’s Day Bar & Sprite Combo

  38. Dawn Monzu says

    I would definitely go straight for the Majestic Tower of brownies! haha That has everything I could ever want. I could be so happy in my own little “Brownie” world! haha God bless and good luck everyone!

  39. The 8.6 pounds of Fairytale Delights!

  40. Michele Cupp says

    I know I would love the cookie and brownie combo.

  41. I would like the Deluxe Bar, Sprite & Cookie Combo

  42. Last year I tried the sample dozen brownies, but I can no longer find it.
    I do like the looks of the Thank You Keepsake Tin Dozen.

  43. The toffee crunch brownies sound amazing! I hope I get to try one!

  44. I love caramel so the caramel brownies look wonderful.

  45. Holly Thomas says

    Raspberry Swirl sounds awesome.

  46. The Cheesecake Brownies look good too.

  47. Chrissy Schultz sparks says

    Coconut brownie and mint chocolate cookie sounds relish!

  48. Summer Bar & Brownie Combo!

  49. Kelly Nicholson says

    This looks good thanks
    Congratulations Cookie & Brownie Combo
    CG313 2.2 lbs. 12 Pieces

  50. I like the Morsel Extravaganza. The bite sizes are perfect and all needed for a little snack. I Love the variety it offers too!

  51. Michele Behlen says

    I like the Raspberry Swirl Brownies.

  52. Vicki Wurgler says

    the Cookie & Brownie Combo looks good

  53. I must say that the cream cheese brownies look divine

  54. Audrey Stewart says

    I would like the Magic Morsel Gifts.

  55. Toffee Crunch sound good.

  56. Rachael Sutton says

    I want to try the white chocolate or the toffee crunch! Looks amazing!

  57. Elissa A Rogers says

    The espresso nib brownie sounds divine!

  58. I was just given one of these to try by one of our customers a chocolate brownie is was the best ever

  59. I like the Thank You Morsel 18.

  60. Jeanna Massman says

    I love the Fairytale Delights Gift Package

  61. Patty wright says

    Raspberry white chocolate brownies for my husband,sugar free brownies for my son and brownies with pecans or walnuts for me

  62. My favorite flavor is the Toffee Crunch!

  63. wendie Lowe says

    the brownies with white chocolate on them. I had a hard time deciding. because I love chocolate.

  64. Elaine Powell says

    the Raspberry white chocolate Fairytale bars look delicious!

  65. Michelle Castagne says

    The Brownie Extravaganza look great! I love chocolate brownies.

  66. The Toffee Crunch Brownies sound the best.

  67. jeremy mclaughlin says

    The summer bar and brownie combo

  68. My favorite is the cream cheese brownie.

  69. Charlene S. says

    My favorite is the Thank You 8-Morsel Favor box.

  70. Elizabeth says

    The Magic Morsel collection of scrumptious goodies looks very tasty!!

  71. Maryann D. says

    I would like the Summer Brownie Gifts, Summer Dozen.
    Mint Chocolate Looks delicious!

  72. Darlene Owen says

    My favorite is the Cookie & Sprite Extravaganza

  73. Dan Denman says

    The cream cheese and caramel brownies look the best to me!

  74. Mya Murphy says

    The Deluxe Medley rocks my world!!

  75. Robin Abrams says

    The Father’s Day Cookie & Morsel Gifts would be my favorite

  76. Kim Avery says

    It’s difficult to chose just one favorite flavor but I will go with the caramel!

  77. I would really like to try the Coconut brownies.

  78. Linda w. says

    You had me at brownies but besides Everything, I guess I would choose the one of the samplers.

  79. I like the Father’s Day Cookie & Morsel Gifts.
    Thank you!

  80. Charlotte Winters says

    My husband would love the Raspberry Swirl brownies. My personal favorite would be pecan or walnut brownies.

  81. Ellie Wright says

    I like the Pecan Blondie bars!

  82. Mary Prevost says

    Espresso Nib – YUM !!!

  83. Well this was an easy choice! the cookie and brownie combo would be wonderful. I love cookies… sometimes more than brownies! The summer morsel gift pac looks good too. you know, food gifts are a good idea. Myself, I HATE “things” and object or collectibles! LOL hate them. give me food, wine, take me out

  84. The nut free dozen look like a good one. Actually they all look grand

  85. Lorena Keech says

    The Thank You morsels would be a great gift.

  86. I’m not sure what I’d try. I haven’t tasted any of them. They look good.

  87. The Birthday Surprise Box looks nice!

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