Four Affordable Ways to Get Summer Ready

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Getting ready for summer will mean different things to different people. For some it means planning for a vacation, for others, it means getting out your summer clothes. What we often miss in our summer preparations is what we can do for our home. Spring cleaning, deep cleaning, touching up our property and gardening are all excellent ways to make your home a clean, welcoming place to be.

De-Clutter and Sell

When it comes to de-cluttering, you might realize you are throwing away or donating things that have real value. Furniture, nice clothes, and even art pieces all have a price, and you can even capitalize on this price by selling them through online marketplaces. Do this, and you will be amazed at how much de-cluttering you can do when you have the financial incentive to get through it. For what you cannot sell, try to donate or upcycle before you throw out. That way you can ensure you are editing your home so that you have things you truly love, rather than get drowned with things you bought, used once, and never touched again.

Deep Clean and Stay Clean

Winter is a time when we snuggle up into our homes with the windows sealed tight. During this time a lot of dust and grime can build up as your home can’t air out, and you similarly spend a lot more time indoors during this period. It’s for this very reason why to prepare for summer; every household should commit to a deep clean. You can choose to do it yourself, or you can hire a professional to get the job done right the first time, like getting that pesky carpet stain out with Do what fits in with your budget, but your home should be sparkling and smell like new when you finish.

Remember: Deep cleaning also applies to your exterior. Power wash grime away, clean up your garden, and so on, so that your home looks picture perfect come summer.

Affordable Touchups

Winter can do a lot of damage to your property, especially where your curb appeal and backyard are concerned. That is why you should have a small stash of paint so that every spring you can do the touchups to your home that make it look like new.

Prepare Your Garden

Spring is the time when new life begins, which is why missing the opportunity to update and further your gardening efforts is a huge mistake. You want your landscaping to get better every year, and to do that; you need to play around with different types of flowers and shrubbery to achieve the perfect look. Pick up some pots and plant your oasis. If you truly want to benefit from all that summer has to offer, try planting some fruits and vegetables as well!

Getting your home ready for the summer is how you can ensure that you can enjoy the season as much as possible, whether you can afford to go abroad or not. Have a clean, airy home and bring in as much nature to your life as possible, and you will make the most of every summer to come.

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  • I cant wait until it is warm enough to be outside for any length of time. We are reroofing and painting everything this year. Lots of work and yes we do it ourselves.

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