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My daughter is very crafty, and she likes to make things.  If I give her some glitter, and spare pieces of anything, she wants to create something pretty.  Therefore I knew she would love the varied kits Fashion Angels has to offer.  There are all types of kits from nail art kits, to notebook kits, stickers, bath bombs, and much much more.  Since there was so many great items, I was able to get stuff for my daughter, my nieces, and some little girls at church.

Fashion Angels

Fashion Angels has products that can help your kids to be the next designer or decorator.  They can craft one-of-a-kind projects and really find their style.  Each product comes with the tools needed to mix, match, and do things the way you want to.  These kits help kids to find their style and their “wings.”

Unicorn Magic Nail Dryer

This set is perfect for all the unicorn lovers out there, and that is all the girls these days.  My daughter is 12 and still loves unicorns, and all things with glitter.  This set was so fun for us to use!  First you can shape your nails with the rainbow nail file.  Next you paint your nails with the nail polish, then the unicorn dryer helps them dry quick.  Add a second coat of polish and then add plenty of glitter.  It was fun to have a unicorn dry our nails!

Unicorn and You Styling Kit

Another one for the unicorn lovers is this Unicorn and You Styling Kit.  Here you get to paint the unicorn’s nails and color her hair with hair chalk.  Next you can style her hair.  After you finish making her beautiful you can do your own nails, color your hair, and put on a unicorn horn!  Such fun, and it can be done over and over.  Just peel off the paint on her hooves and start fresh.  The chalk washes right out of your hair.  Beyond the fun you get from styling her, the unicorn also lights up and charges with a micro USB cord that comes with.  My daughter has her unicorn in her room at night as a night light, and she has been out several times with pink and purple stripes in her hair.  She really love the hair chalk!

Magical Sequin Shaker Sticker Design Kit

This kit was a blast for my daughter and I to do together.  We took the plastic fronts and put sequins in them.  Then we unstuck the rim and added the adorable sticker backings.  These were cute kitties, narwhals, unicorns, and some other sweet options.  Then once they are made you can add the sequin shaker stickers to cards, notebooks, lockers, and so much more.  They were fast and easy to make, and end up looking fantastic!

Magical Daydream Smash Journal

This journal is awesome, and will make all the girls go wild.  It has a journal with pages that have spots for pictures and cute designs.  You can adorn the pages with glittery Tapeffiti tape, 200 stickers, 7 ink stamps, 2 ink pads, a glitter pen and stencils.  My daughter wants to scrap book and this is a perfect into to that.  She can tape in pictures and write down her feelings.  Then she can add stickers to add more color and fun.  The cover is super cute with the mer-cat on it.

1000+ Ridiculously Cute Stickers

If you need more stickers for the journal, or want to add stickers to another book, this sticker book is perfect.  There are great stickers for all the holidays, and to mark on calendars.  My daughter loves the cute narwhal stickers and llamas that are through out the book.  This sticker book encompasses all the latest trends that my daughter and other girls love.

Fashion Angels has other wonderful kits like the Zen Garden, Trust Your Magic Crystal Bath Burst Kit, and String Art.  They also have cute things like a sequin flip purse with a rainbow fur backing.  The children on your Christmas list will be ecstatic when they receive a Fashion Angels kit under the tree.  Then they can have creative crafting fun while they are off of school.

Which kit is your favorite?

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  1. What I like about this is that there are so many different types of crafts; the theme is basically the same with each as well. looks like they are all quite engaging crafts; really think the unicorn dryer is cute!

  2. Debra Branigan says

    Thanks for sharing these kits. What a great idea for gifts any time of the year.

  3. Antoinette M says

    These are great craft sets and would provide hours of fun & creativity.

  4. I think the unicorn nail dryer is my favorite. But I love all their cute girly kits.

  5. They color with crayons and markers and play with playdough. Time to step up our crafting game and this would be an awesome prize.

  6. Karley Moore says

    These craft kits are fabulous and would be a fantastic gift. They look like hours of creative fun!

  7. I can’t wait to see my granddaughter’s hair styled like a unicorn

  8. I would love to see my granddaughter’s hair styled like a unicorn’s

  9. So cute!! I love the Unicorn Magic Nail Dryer
    My daughters would love these craft kits!

  10. athena graeme says

    My daughter is super obsessed with those sequin pillows right now! I’ve never seen a 5 year old take room décor so seriously!

  11. I don’t know if I give these 1000+ Ridiculously Cute Stickers to my grandkids, if my kids will kill me. They love sticking them wherever there is a blank spot! EEEKKK!

  12. Dianna Thomas says

    I homeschool one granddaughter right now. And her favorite time of the day is a craft. With that said THIS could could had come at a better time. She , as so many little girls loves the Unicorn. This gives me a few ideas, I can share with her,for something really fun– Thanks so much for the great idea

  13. My nieces would be delighted with any of these. They really enjoy their crafts.

  14. vickie allbright says

    these are great and a fun way to get creative

  15. I really think that my daughter would love these. Lots of things that will use creativity

  16. This is such a great haul. Love the items and so fun and colorful too

  17. Marilyn Legault says

    My grand daughter would love the MERMAZING GIFT SET.

  18. My grandkids love a lot of crafts. Especially if they contain glitter and/or sequins.

  19. This will definitely be fun for my Grandaughter and myself!

  20. Emily Adams says

    All of these look so cute! It would keep my daughter busy for hours.

  21. Samantha Wagner says

    My daughter would love to do all of them. I love the bath bomb kit.

  22. Denise Low says

    My granddaughers would love them all. They would love the bath balms

  23. Nancy Burgess says

    My granddaughter loves crafts .These are so nice.

  24. These are some of the cutest nail kits for our girls that I have ever seen and I’ve see a lot over these last 40 years!! Girls love to dress up and pretend to be whatever they want to be! It gives our fashion angels ideas and the confidence to do this! I followed Fashion Angels on Pinterest. I want to check their products out more. Thank you for sharing!

  25. Tina Alexander says

    The Unicorn and You Styling Kit is ideal for my daughter..her bedroom look like Unicorns R’ Us.

  26. melly adams says

    opps I don’t see my original comment. my daughter would love the trust your magic kit. thank you

  27. melly adams says

    my daughter would love all of them. I think she would really like the trust your magic kit. thanks

  28. Debra Branigan says

    There are so many great art kits here. My granddaughter would be ecstatic to receive any one of them. She would in particular love any activity with unicorns. Thanks for this article.

  29. Patricia Romero says

    These are so cute my daughters would love them all!


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