Why is it A Great Idea for Women to Cycle to Work?

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Why is it A Great Idea for Women to Cycle to Work?

Cycling to work is not a new idea, however for many people it is just picking up steam. Most adults normally commute to work by driving or utilizing public transportation. While these are good methods for getting to work, cycling can be a more effective mode of movement, especially for women. There are a number of reasons, why women would reap benefits from biking to work.

Better Health

Women who are more physically active are typically in better health. With heart disease being one of the biggest killers of women, it is important that more ladies take into account their health.

For some women, working out is not in their regular routine because they do not have the time to dedicate to the gym.

Cycling to work solves the problem of not having enough time to work out and still getting to work. A few weeks of cycling to work can build up stamina and most women will find themselves being able to cycle more easily.

Easy Weight Loss

Along with health, biking to work will help with any weight loss or weight maintenance. You will be able to lose weight during your commute, making weight loss easier than ever.

When you do not have your car, you may also be less prone to stop for fast food or make other unhealthy food choices that can contribute to weight gain.

Money Saving Measures

There are often studies that say the gap between women’s pay and men’s pay has not been bridged. For this reason, women sometimes have to pay more attention to their budgets.

If you are on a budget or are looking for a cost saving measure, one of the best ways to go about saving is your commute. The money that is spent on gas costs along with car maintenance and parking can be saved. Cycling to work is free, aside from the cost of your bike.

You can also save money on medications by getting in better health. If you are in a position to improve your health by working out, your insurance premiums, medication costs, and doctor’s bills can also be reduced.

Stress Relief

If you are dealing with a lot of stress in your life, especially job stress, working out will make it easier for you to relieve this stress.

Many experts have stated that one of the best methods for stress relief is exercise. When you cycle to work, you are practicing one of the best methods of stress relief possible.

Most stress in people’s lives happen at work. By cycling home, being able to feel the breeze, and being outdoors instead of in a stressful commute, you will be able to get home in a much better mood.

Connecting with Nature

While some women are more outdoorsy than other women, every woman would benefit from being out in nature. Cycling, even after work, in a garden or a trail can be a tranquil and happy experience.

Most commutes are full of stress. During high traffic times, you may find yourself in the car for an hour or more in traffic. Cyclers have the option of being out in nature and receiving the benefits of sunshine, greenery, and flowers.

No Fighting for Parking Spaces

If you work in a large complex, you may find the morning fight for good parking spaces is the hardest part of getting in to your office.

Some offices have paid parking, while others have large parking lots where everyone is attempting to get a “good spot”. In either situation, parking can be a headache. When you make the decision to cycle to work, you don’t have to deal with fighting for parking or paying for parking.

Parking your bike is easy! Most companies situate their bike racks right front a center, or you can select a pole to chain your bike to that is directly in the front of the building and walk into the office quicker than any coworkers.

Biking to work has a number of advantages for women, and each of us should consider making the transition from a hellish drive to a leisurely bike ride.

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  • Riding to work was doable in Colorado when I lived 5 miles from work, but not here in Los Angeles!

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