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Helpful Ways to Plan a Fun Game Day Out with Friends

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Here we are, approaching another weekend and that means non-stop running for my family.  A typical Saturday for me this time of year includes fun things like laundry, errands, and more. One of my favorite parts of the weekend, I do admit, is baseball games of all sorts, both recreational and professional.  Now that baseball season is here, we are always on the go with games.  Between our kids practices and games, trying to catch some downtime can be difficult, but my fellow team parents and I have come up with a perfect routine.


Enjoying each others company has become somewhat of a tradition with my fellow team parents, as some of us have been together as team mates for years.  My fellow team parents and I have created a fun way for all of us to have a break and enjoy some time and delicious food at our favorite restaurant, Buffalo Wings and Rings!

Buffalo Wings and Rings Classic Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings and Rings



We all like to spend time with the family and watching the kids play, but having a break is okay too.  Getting a regular schedule and getting great team parents on board is the key to success.  This way, you can all share in the experience of a day away while the kids play.  Here are some helpful ways and tips that you and your fellow team parents can plan a fun Game Day Out.

Get Multiple Families Involved

The more families that can get on board, the better.  Plan on a rotation schedule so that each family has a chance to go out a few times with the other parents to grab some tasty wings and catch up on things.  Trying the Ballpark menu at Buffalo Wings and Rings is the perfect place to start.  My personal favorite is the delicious Ball Park Pretzel Bites.  They are so good, I order a second batch to take home!

Ballpark Pretzel Bites AKA The Dipster

Create a Schedule

Most of our team parents and I have our baseball practice and game schedule in advance.  This gives us a chance to sit down and determine which days we will stay with the kids during practice so that the others can head to out and catch a game on the big screen at Buffalo Wings and Rings and enjoy some awesome food.

Buffalo Wings and Rings


Carpool to save on gas

Having a couple families stay with the kids during practice is great, and we can later join everyone in the fun at Buffalo Wings and Rings.  Their establishments are family-friendly and have TONS of TV’s to watch and games to play for kids. This way, when you are all done, everyone can head out and carry on with the rest of their day as a family.

Buffalo Wings and Rings Games

Share some Menu Items to Try Everything

One way we really enjoy all of the menu items at Buffalo Wings and Rings, including there new Ballpark Menu, is to order a ton of different items, that way everyone gets to try a little bit of everything.  We then just split the food bill equally – this is a win-win for everyone!

Buffalo Wings and Rings Menu Variety

Buffalo Wings and Rings Starters Variety





Make it a Routine

Come rain or shine, whatever practice day might be for you, plan on heading to Buffalo Wings and Rings for great food and fun times with friends and delicious food. Enjoy some laughter, catch a professional game on TV and enjoy in the comfort a friendly facility.

Buffalo Wings and Rings Starters

Keep it Simple

Buffalo Wings and Rings has such a diverse selection of food, it is the obvious choice for all of us to go and talk, cool off with some beverages and enjoy tantalizing, pallet-pleasing foods.  We really don’t stress about when to order and if we will have enough places to sit together.  They have climate-controlled comfort inside seating, as well as fresh air and sunny dining outside.

Buffalo Wings and Rings Dining Experience


Save Room for Dessert

While filling up on great tasting food, always remember to save room for dessert.  With delicious desserts like Coke Float, AKA “Scoops”, Creme Brulee Cheesecake or Smoldering Chocolate Lava Cake, how can one not want to enjoy some delicious dessert.  For me it is the ultimate cherry atop of a fun-filled day with friends.

Buffalo Wings and Rings Tantalizing Desserts


Buffalo Wings and Rings is such a great establishment that all of the team parents enjoy. We are almost known my name, similar to a classic 80’s TV show some might know!  They have great operating hours, great atmosphere and beyond amazing food.  Buffalo Wings and Rings is the key to enjoying some time together with friends and catch up on sports, kids and more. As you can see, we are all smiles when it comes to our weekly trip to Buffalo Wings and Rings!

All Smiles All The Time


Do you have a favorite menu item at Buffalo Wings and Rings?  Comment below and tell me your thoughts on their new Ballpark Menu (hint-the Pretzel Bites literally hit it out of the park for me!)

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22 thoughts on “Helpful Ways to Plan a Fun Game Day Out with Friends

  • I love the ideas going out with friends and getting to taste different foods and it all looks so yummy and sounds yummy i will have to try this thank you so much for this post it is a wonderful post

  • The food looks and sounds yummy. Some great tips also. I’m going to have to check if there’s one in my area.

  • Those pictures of the food are making me hungry! 🙂 I love that restaurant.

  • I like this idea. With spring comes endless games for the kids, while parents sit. This is a great time to socialize, and eat. The kids will have someone there to watch them, so you don’t have tovworry. We don’t have a wings and things, but we have siliar places to go.

  • Looks like lots of fun. We don’t really do game days. But sharing time with friends is right up our alley.

  • this sound like fun. we all way try to make up games for the kids to play

  • I love these ideas. when more than just my husband and I go out we like to all order something different and share. it’s a lot of fun to taste all the food.

  • What a fabulous restaurant, especially for all the families involved in sports. Such a great idea that insures everyone gets a chance to relax and eat. I wish there was something even similar to this where I live. Oh, they have the delis and pizzarias along with the fast food places. But nothing like this. Thank you for sharing through the review and pictures .
    Carol L

  • Thanks for the tips!

  • gotta love a family friendly restaurant with great food!

  • I’m disabled, so it’s hard for me to do much,mouth a dinner with the few friends I have would be nice.

  • We love days out like this! The menu looks great and tasty:)

  • We have one in our area but I never gave it much thought, now I would go just for the desert!

  • I love bar food, that place looks amazing!

  • Great idea and looks like a great place to eat. .

  • I love this for an impromtu getogether!

  • We have a similar restaurant. I LOVE chicken wings and fries. The kids eat free along with ice cream with sprinkles. Love these types of restaurants because they’re kid friendly yet the middle aged come as well.

    • this blog very intersting

  • I don’t do a lot of game days, but if I ever do this is a post I’ll refer to!

  • These menu items look yummy. I agree with the idea of ordering your food and sharing it with friends, therefore you can taste it all and see what you really like. I also like the idea of riding together to save on gas. Both of these ideas I have used with my friends when we go out. Thanks for the ideas.

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