How to Create a Mold Free Bedroom

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Among the many places that mold can occur, the bedroom is part of them due to several reasons. Also, many people love spending a lot of their time indoors. Therefore, with so much time spent indoors, the environment that you are in must be healthy for you to stay. Although most people assume the bedroom is the least vulnerable room to mold. Did you know that mold in the bedroom is worrisome as it affects your sleep in many ways? Also, you should not assume that mold cannot be in your bedroom as it grows where the environment is fit. So, you could be creating a suitable environment for mold and therefore getting exposed to mold without knowing it. The following article will help you create a mold resistance bedroom with the measures below.

Have proper ventilation 

Having the habit of opening all windows when you get up each morning in your bedroom and leaving them that way for a few minutes is important. In this way, you ensure that your bedroom gets the necessary ventilation that is key for proper mold prevention. Ventilation will ensure you have fresh air in your bedroom that will help replace the stale air from the previous night. Plus, it will also decrease the level of humidity. However, if you live in areas that the humidity levels are too high. Opening your windows should not be your only solution to achieve ventilation. Try using air conditioners or dehumidifiers to keep the humidity level at an optimum. Check your humidity level regularly to ensure that your room is well ventilated. 

Check your indoor plants 

Sometimes the source of the mold in your bedroom is from your beautiful indoor plants. Plants can easily harbor mold on their leaves and the soil as well. So as they keep your air clean, they also help with lifting your mood, among other benefits. As a potential source of mold, you should check them regularly if you need to create a mold-free bedroom. Mold thriving in plants is possible as it provides the exact environment that mold needs to thrive. Which is organic matter and moisture? Hence, once you spot any grey cover on your soil or leaves as you water, mold may be present. Besides, as mold spores can move faster around the home, you can consult a mold testing New York service to come and see if there is any spread of the mold in other parts of the house. On the other hand, do not get rid of the house plants as you can repot with the right type of soil, add a natural antifungal, and keep the plant clean. 

Keep bedroom furniture off the wall 

As seen earlier, airflow is vital for mold prevention. Therefore, if you have bedroom furniture, you should remove it from the wall. In this way, you are going to prevent any moisture build-up between the wall and the furniture. As the space created will circulate air and dry up any moisture and thus you prevent mold from growing. Importantly, remember to clean your bedroom furniture as often to remove the grime and dust. Which mold loves to live in as they are conducive environments. As you clean your furniture use a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner to help remove mold spores from the air. 

Dry clothes properly before storage 

Mold in the closet in many cases is common. Especially, when you fold and store damp clothes. Either they did not dry well from the hanging lines, they are sweaty shoes from the gym you forgot to clean, a wet raincoat, among many other things. All these create a perfect place for mold to thrive. Not only will the mold affect the clothes in your closet but your health as well. Especially, when you are not aware that there is mold present and you wear your clothes every day, it will give you skin allergies and other direct health issues. Contrarily, the mold can also hide on your out of season clothes storage. this is possible if you store the clothes with little moisture present. The probability of them having turned into a kingdom of mold while you open to using them next, is high. Hence ensure you have no damp clothes in your closet or storage.

Keep your carpet clean 

The thing about carpets is that no matter how well you clean them, they are highly retentive. This is for the carpet in your bedroom and any other you have in other rooms. The carpets are sponges for particles, and these particles will not exist if the carpet was not there. Nonetheless, if you have to have a carpet in your bedroom and you need to create a mold-free bedroom space. Regularly assess the condition of your carpet to ensure it is clean. Plus, you can have a mold testing company get a particle count for you and in this way you can get further advice on how your carpet can be a harbor for mold. As dust and dirt are organic food for mold, ensure you do regular cleaning, vacuuming and that your carpets dry well every time to prevent mold from invading. 

Clean your humidifier 

In case you have a humidifier that helps you sleep better at night. Remember that if it is not clean it can breed mold and bacteria that in return will affect your sleep at night. As a result, you must be cautious as you use the humidifiers, as much as they are useful to you. So clean them often and also maintain them so as they serve you efficiently. Additionally, humidifiers can easily increase the humidity level in your room to high levels. They can cause mold to grow in another area in your bedroom causing mold to grow more as you use it. Therefore, you need to check your humidity levels to ensure that they are not too high. This also applies to other appliances like air conditioners, blow dry’s and heaters.

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