How to Pass a Drug Test

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There are many circumstances that may require you to pass a drug test. Whether it’s due to a company screening their employees at random, after a workplace accident, or required by law due to a person being on probation, most of the time, you’ll have very little notice before having to take the test. This can be an extremely stressful situation, especially if you’re a regular drug user. 

It’s important to understand that different drugs will remain in your system for different lengths of time. While drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines will not show up in your urine a few days after use, other drugs like marijuana, can sometimes still show up in your urine weeks or months after you stop using it.

Regardless, if you use drugs, it’s important to have an attack plan in the event that you need to pass a test. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites, such as, where you can purchase detoxifying products to help you pass a drug test on short notice.

Below, we’ll go over a few important details to explain how drug testing works, as well as a few helpful pointers to help you easily pass your next drug test.

How Common Drug Tests Work

First off, it’s important to understand that there are many different ways that you can be tested for drugs. The most common, however, is a urine test, known as urinalysis. For a urine drug test, you’ll be asked to urinate into a cup, which will then be tested for any traces of drugs.

In some cases, you may be given some notice beforehand, which will allow you to stop using and begin detoxifying your system to pass the test. A general rule is that the more time you have, the easier it will be to pass. However, other times, you may only be given a few hours’ notice before having to take the
test. Therefore, if you know that your employer tests at random, it’s a good idea to have a plan in case your name gets called when you least expect it.

Since recreational drug use, especially the use of marijuana, has become much more popular in recent years, companies usually understand that their  employees may use drugs, but are still required by the law to test them for safety purposes.

Because of this, some employers may give more flexibility to their employees, such as giving advanced notice or letting them take the urine test without being supervised. However, if you’re required to take a drug test due to being on probation, you’ll likely be pat down beforehand and supervised while taking
the test. Read more about passing drug tests here.

How Detoxifying Products Work?

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can go about passing a drug test. The best, however, is to try and remove as many toxins from your body as possible.

For this, you can try going the natural route and cleansing your system by eating a healthy diet, exercising, drinking plenty of fluids, as well as sweating out the toxins. However, these methods are not guaranteed to work and are especially not very useful if you’re only given short notice before having to
take the test.

On the other hand, the most reliable method is to use a manufactured drink or solution to mask the traces of drugs that are in your system. These work by providing your body with the right amount of chemicals, fluids and natural herbs that act to dilute your urine, allowing you to pass a drug test on short

Keep in mind that both natural methods, as well as manufactured detoxification products, work in the same way to flush your system and dilute any drug concentrations that can be found in your urine.

Below, we’ll go over some of the other most commonly used strategies that people use to pass urine drug tests.

Drink Plenty of Fluids
As mentioned, you’re going to want to flush your system as much as possible and then dilute any remaining traces of drugs that are leftover. For this, it’s best to drink clear and natural drinks such as water, fruit juice or green tea.

Eat a Healthy Diet

If you have the time before taking a drug test, eating a healthy diet can work wonders for ridding your system of toxins. Try to eat foods that contain a lot of fiber and antioxidants, which work to clear your system even faster. You can also try supplementing your diet with minerals as well.

Exercise and Sweat

Drugs, such as THC, attach themselves to your fat cells and can remain there for several weeks or months after you’ve used the drug. Therefore, one of the best ways to remove these toxins is to get plenty of exercise, making sure to increase your heart rate and break a sweat. Another good option is to use a sauna to sweat out as many toxins as possible.

Use Aspirin and Diuretics

Taking Aspirin before a drug test has been known to interfere with the drug screening process. And, diuretics work by causing your body to urinate, essentially flushing any toxins from your system.

One final tip is that when it comes to taking a urine test, try to start urinating first, and then switch to the cup mid-stream. This often helps because the initial urine often contains higher amounts of toxins than the rest.


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