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Auto wrecking is the process of tearing down unwanted cars and other vehicles and taking out the parts that can be used and install them in vehicles that are functioning. There are different types of auto wrecking businesses based on the vehicles they deal with. There are bicycle strip-yards, car wreck yard and wreck yards for boats as well. They allow you to make the most out of resources and automobile parts. These come into play when you have a car or any other vehicle that is damaged very badly and cannot be revived into a working condition again. There are possibilities that you still have some parts in the car that are functional and can be utilised in other vehicles. Wreck yards usually strip the damaged vehicle entirely and send the metal to scrap yards for recycling and separate the re-usable parts.


Auto wreckers work with cars that are mostly totalled in accidents. The owners of these cars will probably get nothing out of these cars if it was not for these auto wreckers.  Usually, the auto wreckers have the types of equipment that can be used for towing your vehicle that cannot be driven. People sometimes tend to have an emotional attachment to the cars they have owned for a long time. So when they want to sell it, or if the vehicles get to a state where it cannot be used anymore, they would expect their cars to be treated with respect. Auto wreckers in wellington take care of that and make the whole experience very nice and smooth.

They provide services for two types of people. They are

  • People who have a damaged car or a very old vehicle and need to get some value for what’s left with them
  • People who look for automobile parts and constituents for lower prices to replace the damaged parts of their cars

Auto wreckers tend to both the categories and provide both the groups what they want.


If you are looking for getting spare parts for low cost, then auto wreckers are your best go-to options. You can sometimes find almost new spare parts and components for incredibly low prices. This can be very advantageous for the parties who sell these parts out of totalled cars as well as the buyers. The significant benefits of wreck-yards include

  • You can get the best value for your vehicles that cannot be repaired or restored
  • You can sell unwanted automobile parts for a reasonable price.
  • You can buy automobile parts and components for lower prices. This is advantageous for the buyers because they do not have to invest in a brand new item. Instead, they can buy the same thing for almost half the price
  • Auto-wreckers are very easy to work with. You can contact them to make the agreements and paperwork hassle-free and easy.
  • The ownership change and the paperwork involved is done quickly with auto wrecking companies.
  • The quality of the spare parts that are sold by these auto-wreckers are usually great for the price you pay.

Old cars and trucks might be hard to maintain after you use them for a long time. In times like that, repairing them often will get unavoidable yet exhaustive. Auto wreckers wellington can help you deal with this problem and make the selling process easy. You can get a great deal for these old vehicles since they strip these vehicles and isolate all the parts that can be sold. You can quickly sell the cars that cannot be generally sold on the market to these auto-wreckers.


You can buy components such as seats, suspensions, radiators, the shaft of steering, wheels, engine block, various types of hoses, brake pads, plates for clutches, oil filters and many more forms these auto wreckers at very affordable prices. You can get the parts specific to certain vehicles for a great deal, which is not possible if you go for a brand new component.

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