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I am going to make a confession to you today, it might be painful to read, for some of my nearest and dearest. If you send me a card or an invitation to an event I am not going to actually read anything the card/invitation says other than date, time, place. I don’t care what kind of cute sentiment the card holds or what funny quips you might have added in. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy reading… but it is the value of my time and my very short attention span that get me every time. I mean, I love you guys and all, but geez. I am a writer! I spend all day reading and writing. In my downtime I don’t want to work, I want to be entertained!

I honestly don’t even like to get involved in creating invitations for my own family… printing them is overrated, I mean come on, the price of ink for my printer makes me cringe! Writing an invitation by hand? Please do not make me! So what can I do? Never throw another party? Resort to creating a facebook event for the kids party? Actually calling people to ask them to come and celebrate with us?¬†Those might have been my only options before, but now that I have discovered a fantastic alternative I can’t wait to tell you about Inviter.

Inviter is fantastic for busy people like me that don’t have an interest in making paper invitations or reading them either! This platform allows the user to create video invitations and send them to friends, family, co workers and so on. Instead of just reading about your event or party, the invitee is engaged. They connect with the invitation and they feel a deeper connection to you for sending such a fantastic unique invitation.


I can think of so many times this platform would come in handy. No more mailing Christmas cards, birthday cards, invitations to parties {think  graduation or an anniversary}. Instead you will create a video that captures attention, creates a smile and in the long run saves a lot of paper and time!

This all sounds really great right? It gets even better- after creating and sending your video invitation or card, Inviter will tackle a lot of the work for your event. You don’t have to worry about keeping track of rsvps- Inviter will do that {and then some} for you!

Your imagination is really the only limit with Inviter. There are so many ways this platform can be used! Everyone from a parent to a business owner will find a fun way to use Inviter to engage, to interact, and to make memorable cards, greetings and invitations.

Inviter has several plans ranging from Free to about $40 a month , there is a plan that meets your social gathering and or greeting needs!

Do you want to learn more or see a video invitation in action? Check out Inviter here.

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