Is it your Lucky Day??? Enter this Friday the 13th Giveaway to find out :)

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How lucky are you feeling today on one of the most notorious, un-luckest days of the year??? Now is your chance to prove them all wrong and win $25 Paypal in our “Friday the 13th, Is This Your Lucky Day Giveaway??”

Follow the simple Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win.  Contest will run today only (4/13/12), from 7pm-11pm Est (you like that 7-11, LOL) and winner will be chosen, confirmed and emailed no later than 48 hours from the end of the contest.

You must be 18 years of age or older to enter.


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75 thoughts on “Is it your Lucky Day??? Enter this Friday the 13th Giveaway to find out :)

  • I’m not incredibly superstitious but there are a few like the wishbone that I do.

  • I try not to believe in superstitions, but I still get paranoid about breaking them.

  • Not at all! I love Friday the 13th! It was my dad’s ship number while in the Navy and is my lucky number

  • maybe

  • I believe in superstitions when I am nervous or over anxious about something. Then once I am level headed again..I doubt they were real.

  • I am superstitious!

  • I’d love to win one of these!

  • I’m not sure superstitions are real, but I’m smart enough not to test my luck

  • I guess I am a lil bit.

  • Nope don’t believe in superstitions

  • Well, I was born on Friday the 13th so I always thought of it as a lucky day!

  • Yes in some

  • Sometimes, if it helps me.

  • Yes and no.

  • Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t! 13 is one of my lucky numbers so I like Friday the 13th.

  • I really never have given much thought of superstions.

  • No, but I believe in Karma

  • No I don’t

  • Not really…but I was born on a friday the 13th and I am quite unlucky

  • yes

  • yes I do! 🙂

  • No!

  • no i do not…

  • Eh, I guess it depends on the situation.

  • Kinda half and half on the matter !

  • I definitely believe that if the mind believes it then it’s true. I personally don’t believe in too many superstitions.

  • I definitely believe in them,, just don’t like to tempt fate,,,

  • I believe in not tempting fate so superstitions that fall in line with that I believe in, the others, not so much.

  • Not really

  • Somewhat

  • Yes and no… LOL

  • Id like to say I dont but theres certain things I feel I have to do to prevent certain things form happening (lol)

  • Sometimes I do…

  • Yes

  • i don’t believe in superstitions. i do believe in winning some cash lol!! happy friday the 13th 🙂

  • It depends.. Some of them I do and some of them I don’t.

  • Yes and no 🙂 Thanks

  • Yup, I believe in them. Not quite as literally as they are meant to be, but just about all of the old stories have some truth in them somewhere.

  • I don’t believe in superstitions,well, not really… 🙂 But,I won’t walk under a ladder… 🙂 Thank you for this giveaway… 🙂 Hope you have a nice night… 🙂

  • Yes I do but I believe Friday the 13th to be a lucky day as it is my naby bday today!

  • I don’t believe anything bad will happen but I do follow some of them out of habit.

  • when i was little, i would freak on broken mirrors, cracks on the sidewalk and ladders and black cats…but when i thought about it, it all came from others saying it was bad…i believe the universe has what it has for you…

  • Not really.

  • Yeppers!

  • I’ve always been superstitious. I’m Scottish/Irish….I was raised on them. Any random superstitious saying you may have heard was like the gospel in my family! My favorite? If your back hurts, you’re going to get a beating that day, from someone…haha!

  • Yes and no,but Friday the 13th is a lucky day!

  • No.

  • Yes & no lol

  • Nope, I’m no superstitious.

  • I do and I am very superstitious. I do not walk under the ladders even if it’s not Friday the 13th. hahahha

  • I would like to think I don’t but then again a part me does

  • I don’t believe in superstitions. I believe that people let their overactive imaginations get the best of them. I’ve walked under ladders, broken a mirror, opened umbrellas inside, and I own a black cat. Yet nothing horrible has happened to me yet! 🙂 By the way, thank you for this giveaway opportunity!!

  • To a point, yes!

  • My first day of Basic Training many years ago was on Friday the Thirteenth, I have always had good luck on full moons, fav color is black, have a black cat at home(cat son) and I have never had bad luck due to breaking mirrors, however have legitimately had bbbbbaaaaadddddd luck with all black cats crosssing our path in vehicles and bad things happen so I have Irish and Cherokee Indian in me so I need say no more.LOL.

  • i do not

  • no

  • I believe that some things can not always be explained but overall I would say I am not supersitious.

  • I do believe in some of them.

  • No, I don’t have any problems with Friday the 13th. It is the same as any other day.

  • No not at all!!

  • I say no….but then I still won’t walk under a ladder!!

  • Only if they have positive outcomes.

  • Yes, I believe in superstitions

  • yes and no

  • Yes I do.

  • Nope, don’t believe in superstitions……

  • Yes I believe in superstitions

  • I believe in some like breaking mirrors..but not others like black cats 🙂

  • I believe that some things are possible but I also believe that many things are out of our hands completly when it comes to superstitions.

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