Maintaining a Healthy Weight

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Even a few pounds over your recommended weight can be unhealthy. Extra weight can cause a lack of confidence, diabetes, high cholesterol and breathing problems. Yet, millions of adult Americans are overweight.

Poor diet, stress and lack of exercise are some of the reasons it exists. The good news is you can lose weight and get healthy if you really want to do that. Listed below are a number of ways to make it happen.

Importance of a Balanced Diet

In a hectic world, it’s easy to take the easy route and opt for fast food. You pull up, place your order and you have something to eat without taking time to cook it. Unfortunately, one of these take-out meals has as many or more calories than you need for an entire day. Top it off with a super-size cola and your way over the limit. Just like when you select natural hair care products to keep your hair healthy, eating a balanced diet will allow you to maintain a healthy weight.

The food pyramid is still accurate for achieving weight loss goals. Consume foods high in nutritional value and low in salt, sugar and fats. Some examples include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, unsalted nuts, yogurt, and beans.

Keep Your Body in Motion

Today technology provides many conveniences making life easier for average Americans. However, some of these conveniences are making society as a whole heavier. Let’s face it you can order anything on line doing away with the need to get up and walk through a store. Gaming is huge for adults and youngsters alike. How much energy do you exert playing games on your computer, iPad or phone? Not a whole lot of calories.

Your body needs movement to burn calories, perform normal functions, and develop and maintain lean muscles. Put the electronics down and get outdoors. In addition to your workouts, take a brisk walk, swim or play catch with the kids or the family pet.

Avoid Stress

Stress is good in some forms. However, when stress becomes as normal as brushing your teeth, it can cause problems. Stress elevates blood pressure which can cause a stroke. It can also cause weight gain. When you stress, cortisol, a stress hormone, increases, causing you to eat when you’re not really hungry. As a result, food may become a crutch used to help deal with stress. The foods you crave are not low-cal, they’re high in fat and sugar. Figure out what’s causing your stress and find ways to reduce it.

Drink Water

Many people don’t include their beverages when counting calories. Sugary drinks like cola and juice can contain 150 calories or more per glass. Have a few on these daily and you’ll see the negative impact with an increased weight. Instead of reaching for the sugar, drink water. It has no calories and it benefits the body. Water also thwarts hunger, allowing you to make it to lunch without consuming additional calories.

Healthy Snacks

Nearly everyone snacks. However, not everyone eats poorly. Many Americans consume more calories than they should in an entire day watching television. Whether a sports event or a movie, snacks are a must. Salted popcorn with extra butter, candy, chips, and processed foods like mozzarella sticks and potato skins, are a few of the favorites.

Unfortunately, they all have a high caloric intake. If you can’t break free from snacking, make better choices. Fresh veggies and low-calorie dip, cheese, unsalted mixed nuts, and unsalted popcorn are a few examples.

End Boredom

Many people don’t have hobbies and use food to offset boredom. Find something you enjoy doing, and do it. Maybe you’re good at building things and want to start a side hustle. Or, perhaps you like to do crafts or gardening. The most important thing you can do is fill the void.

If you don’t like your reflection in the mirror, you can lose weight. You’ll have more energy, more confidence, and look and feel fantastic.

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