Making Memories on Road Trips with Mom #MyCareGivingStory

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I love taking road trips and always have. To this day, I get excited just thinking and planning them. I suppose I came by it naturally, as my Mom loves it as much as I do. All I need to do is say the word and she is ready to hit the road. We love finding new adventures, experiencing new things and seeing new sights. My road trips with Mom have become even more special, as she is getting older. The memories we are creating are truly priceless! It is even more special since a few years ago my Mom starting experiencing bladder leakage. Road trips and bladder troubles doesn’t seem to go together. However, with a little help from Depend® Fit-Flex® Underwear, my Mom has not let it slow her down in the least! Mention a road trip and you can always count her in!

Making Memories on Road Trips with Mom

I love experiencing things with my Mom and know that these will be memories I will cherish forever. With Depend® Fit-Flex® Underwear and Poise® Pads and liners, bladder leakage doesn’t have to slow you down or interrupt your life.

Planning for Road Trips with Mom

Before setting out on road trips with mom, there are always a few needed items to shop for. I like to know I have an ample supply of everything needed to keep my Mom comfortable and having a good time. So, I make out a list of what is needed and head to my favorite shopping place – Sam’s Club!

Depend collage

The very first item on my list is Depend Fit-Flex Underwear for Women. As I turn down the aisle, I spot their bright green box right off! I quickly grab a couple of boxes in my Mom’s size and then continue gathering a few other items.

Depend Fit-Flex Underwear for Women

My Mom enjoys the Depend FIT-FLEX Underwear for Women because they are flexible and move with her. They also have all-around elastics and a smooth close-to-body fit, which makes them discreet. My Mom has no problems wearing them under different types of clothing and loves them. They are quiet, breathable and comfortable for her.

Depend Fit-Flex Underwear for Women

We pack most of the Depend FIT-FLEX Underwear in her suitcase, however when taking a road trip with an elderly person you need to always have an essentials tote bag up front and reachable for them.

Things to Include in an Essentials Tote Bag

Depend Fit-Flex Underwear for Women with bag

Being a caregiver, you already know what items they NEED to have handy and others they would simply enjoy having close at hand. Keep it simple and go with what you know they need and want close to them.

For my Mom’s essentials tote bag, I like to use a bright fun colored bag that she can keep beside her, or at her feet.

Depend Fit-Flex Underwear for Women - 3 pairs

I pack in 3-4 individual Depend FIT-FLEX Underwear, so that she has those handy without having to get in the trunk and go digging through a suitcase.

Depend Fit-Flex Underwear for Women - loaded tote bag

I also include other items such as pocket tissue, her wallet, lotion, cough drops, glasses, notebook, and a couple of oranges. Oranges are my Mom’s favorite snack.

Depend Fit-Flex Underwear for Women - inside packed bag

When traveling with a senior, there are other items you may want to consider in their tote bag such as hand sanitizer, wipes, medication (if they require it) and a collapsible drinking cup, or water bottle. Be sure and pack a snack or two, seniors often eat smaller meals and need to snack in between.

Each person is different in their wants and needs, but you get the idea. As my Mom’s caregiver, I pack what I know will make her comfortable, along with little things I know she likes having close. Then, she can relax and enjoy the trip! After all, on road trips with Mom, we are making memories that will last a lifetime!

Sam’s Club Family Caregiving Program

If you are a caregiver, or a senior, sign up for the Sam’s Club Family Caregiving program. It offers a one-stop destination to help with all your care giving needs. Everything from prescription refills, personal care products, and they even offer free health screenings.

Road Trip - Mom

Once our suitcases are packed and in the trunk, we are ready to hit the road! Everyone is fastened in and ready to see what adventures we can find. Everyone aboard is happy, smiling and have excited faces!

Medieval Times Dinner Show - Mom

On one of my recent road trips with Mom, we had a chance to travel and see a Medieval Times dinner show! My Mom had the time of her life and I enjoyed it also. However, seeing my Mom happy, smiling and enjoying herself was the topping on the cake for me!

We have already planned another road trip over the holidays and we can hardly wait. There is no reason to let a little thing like bladder leakage keep us grounded! With the variety of Depend Fit-Flex Underwear and Poise Liners and Pads, there is absolutely no reason holding us back from making a lifetime of memories!

Planning a Road Trip?

Don’t let bladder leakage slow you down! Be sure and visit your local Sam’s Club to find both Depend Underwear (for women and men) and Poise incontinence products in the personal care aisle. Be sure and look for the new packaging, which shows how much you can save by shopping at Sam’s Club. Go ahead and download the Digimarc Discovery app. By using the app, you can scan anywhere on the Depend packaging, and it will drive you to the Sam’s Club Caregiver website. Then, live life to the fullest, while making your own special memories!

Can you offer more tips for taking a road trip with a senior relative or friend?


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98 thoughts on “Making Memories on Road Trips with Mom #MyCareGivingStory

  • Snacks, family, friends and necessities all go hand in hand. The planning everything is what’s hard on me. Glad u have great memories to share

  • I’d give anything for my to come back just to chat! A road trip would be real nice too!

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  • This is awesome, I got a chance to road trip with my mom a few years ago and we visited some other relatives along the way. It was a blast, definitely created some awesome memories. I so wish she didn’t live so far away, would love to do it again soon.

  • I love that you are sharing a bit of your life with your grandmother with us, I love that smile she has, so confident and even knowing she is wearing depends, I find absolutely nothing wrong with having to wear depends, I love what they do for us who have bladder problems..

  • I hope you have many more trips with your Mom. I am glad she can do it comfortably with depends if she needs them. It would not let me comment with my regular email address. I added a 2 in front of it.

  • Sam’s Club is a wonderful place to shop. Any necessary supplies are easy to get there.

  • I always carry hand sanitizer & lotion with me everywhere I go.

  • What a sweet story–I’m glad she’s still able to travel and you two will always have these memories.

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  • My grandmother was always so vibrant and energetic. Even as she started to slow down, she was always up for a road trip. Thanks for sharing your memories.

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  • I always enjoyed my road trips with my late grandmother. Thank you for sharing.

  • It is nice to even go shopping and not have to worry about accidents. Depends are just a comfort zone if you have occasional accidents and worry about doing something a simple as sneeze in public. Women know what I am talking about.

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  • This is a very heartwarming post. Thank you for sharing. I treasure the trips I took with my late grandmother.

  • This is a very heartwarming post. Thank you so much for sharing. I treasure the trips I took with my late grandmother.

  • I am so glad you have time with your Mother. Enjoy all the time you have with her. Thank you for the review on Depends.

  • I do think a Mom’s essentials tote bag is a thoughtful and wonderful idea. It is terrific to have supplies that are necessary for trips.

  • I’ve never heard of this program- very cool! I love that you are out and about spending time with your mom. My mom lives so far away and I miss her all of the time.

  • Thanks for sharing your special memories. My mom isn’t here any more but she loved to go to Gatlinburg. I took her as often as I could especially after my dad passed away.

  • I hadn’t heard of the Sam’s Club Family Caregiver Program. That’s a good idea!

  • I would give anything to have my mom back!
    I would love to just talk with her about Depends or just anything!!

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  • I think it’s such a good idea to keep some Depends in her tote as well as her suitcase. Her tote really is like a magic bag – has everything she might need.

  • Wish my mom was still here I’d do this with her all the time

    • I have not had to experience this yet. Soon tho.

  • I haven’t had a road trip with my mom or another woman senior since I became an adult. My mom had MS and had to eventually be put in a nursing home! She died in 2005. I am a Senior Citizen with an LBL problem and I carry Poise wherever I go. I used to be ashamed, but at this point in my life, & all I am going through, I am lucky to be alive!

  • It looks like you guys are having fun! My Mom had a fall a few years ago & is just getting to the point where she can get around fairly well (with a walker)—so she is definitely getting stir-crazy!

  • I miss the road trips with my grandmother. Thankful for the memories I have because of them.

  • I do think it is so wonderful to find new adventures or fun thing to do with your mom. My daughter and I do a lot of fun things together.

  • Love those trips with the family. Enjoy your Mother while she is here on earth. Enjoy those children before they leave to share their life with someone else. You are a lucky woman.

  • My Mom occasionally has a need for these due to a medication she has to take. She says they’re actually pretty comfortable & she doesn’t mind them.

  • At the moment, my mom uses the Depends liners. Your article gave me an idea.I think I might create a bag for her to keep in her car, similar to your road trip bag. Perhaps just some non-perishable food, like granola bars or candy.

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  • Always include my mom on road trips- she needs to get away and enjoy herself also.

  • What wonderful memories you will have!

  • I take road trips to visit my daughter and her kids in Maryland with my husband and dog driven by my son-in-law.

  • I love that people still do this ,less and less we find ppl spending time with their parents.

  • I would really enjoy a road trip with my mom! We haven’t really traveled farther than a 2 hour drive in years.We pretty much go everywhere together so she’s my best friend, but a true road true would be both memorable and fun!

  • Ifor only my mom was still alive I would love to do these things with her

  • Your travel bag seems to contain all the items your mom might need on a trip, yet, it’s still compact enough to not be cumbersome. Clearly, you’ve been able to refine it from your experiences!

  • I would love to do something like this with my folks! Road trips are so much fun!

  • I loved my road trips as a kid that involved my grandparents. Thank you so much for sharing, and these are great items to have on hand in any situation.

  • I loved taking my grandmother with me on road trips, she was funny and was the life of the party. 🙂

  • So glad you guys had a great time! Roadtrips can be so fun.

  • I really do like the bright fun colored bag that you got for your mothers supplies!

  • Thank you for making a post on this subject. Thanks to you and Depends and now a good trip.

  • Being prepared is so important and it looks like you thought of every detail.

  • I cherish the memories of the times I spent with my late grandparents and times I spend with my parents which I know are limited as they grow older. Thank you so much for sharing this heartwarming post.

  • I can see how your road trips with your mom can create fond memories to add to your lifetime collection.

  • My dad had to buy a van so my mom could lay down in the back through the duration of their final road trips. She used to sight see and view nature so much it always made me sad she couldn’t do that towards the end.

  • Thank you for bringing this forward. It happens to people and they should not embarrassed about it. Thank you for the review.

  • These are all super tips and ideas for Including in an Essentials Tote Bag!

  • Road trips are so much fun! I’ve always enjoyed them! 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing this very heartfelt post. It really touched my heart.

  • When I was a kid we took my grandmother everywhere with us,she got to see things shed probably never have seen alone.

  • Such a sweet trip! Great road trip supply list. I always pack snacks – more than I think we’ll need. It can really help when kids are cranky!

  • Great post! I love spending time with my parents. Life is too short to not savor every moment.

  • Road trips are so much fun and these make it possible for those who need them.

  • I know a few people who use depends and love it, I also had to use these when I got out of my surgery and they was a huge help..

  • this happens to most all older women. I am glad there is this product for the help to those that need it.

  • Snacks are essential for road trips and Sam’s has a great selection.

  • This sounds good

  • Such a great thing to have for road trips to make mom more comfortable

  • Sam’s Club has so many terrific products. The prices are wonderful and such a good assortment to choose from.

  • You are a very thoughtful and considerate daughter. I think it’s awesome that you regularly plan trips with your mom. I think road trips with seniors should include fairly regular stops so they can stretch their legs and use the restroom, depending on how long the trip is.

  • It sounds like your family has adventures all the time. What fun!!

  • I’m glad I don’t have a problem with bladder leakage very often. I wish my mom and I could have gone on road trips together. My dad and I used to do things together, but my mom wasn’t real big on doing things without my dad. i think she liked experiencing new things with him. Us kids would go sometimes, but not always. It was a blast!

  • Having three kids and botched c-sections I have to plan on being near a bathroom every 30 minutes. I like the flexibility of these yet, absorption seems to be high. Very needed. For the road trip question? Bring real games: Checkers, Chess, Cards. Keep it simple and stick to the basics. If you have kids I bet the “senior” relative would love to teach them!

  • this would be so wonderful to do if my mom were still with us. wish we had done road trips more when she was here. i miss her so much and this article would be so helpful for any road trip.

  • I guess when I get about 20 years older I am going to be needing these. Now I know the best place to get good ones at a good price. Thanks!

  • My best tip for traveling with a senior is to take your time and enjoy every moment.

  • This is so wondeful! and I am glad you was able to enjoy time with your mom, I do believe in these depends, I have someone who uses them and loves it..

  • It is wonderful to take trips with your mom and spend time with her. You will never regret it!

  • Road trips are a lot of fun. You’re making lots of memories.

  • These are great items to have on hand, even for myself to have! I use hand sanitizer like crazy!

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