Meeting Phyllis Smith (Sadness) and Richard Kind (Bing Bong) from Disney-Pixar Inside Out #InsideOutBloggers

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During my recent trip to San Francisco, CA, I have to say my personal favorite part of the trip was meeting the amazing voices behind Sadness (Phyllis Smith) and Bing Bong (Richard Kind), These are the two characters that really bring it home for me in Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out.Phyllis Smith and Richard KindFrom the moment these two walked into the room, there were applause, smiles and even a lovely surprise, Phyllis Smith taking a picture of us, the mom and dad bloggers who had been waiting for her to arrive!Duo InterviewThe banter between Phyllis and Richard was so fun, so natural and it was as if they were life-long friends. From the first exchange of words, based upon the first question, you could tell they blended together so well.

Q : Were you surprised at the popularity of your characters?

Phyllis : The popularity of it, well, I’ve seen it a couple of times. I don’t really know how popular it is, to be honest.

Richard : How popular your character is?

Phyllis : Yeah, because–

Richard : All right, I’ll tell you. It’s popular.

Phyllis : Well, I saw it in St. Louis. And, like one or two people came up to me in St. Louis, I mean I’m just kinda in, a little vacuum. I don’t really know how (popular) it is. I’m glad that people are enjoying it. And every time I make somebody cry I go yes, Cry, yes!

Richard : Oh, that’s funny. First of all, I am not at all surprised at how popular Phyllis’s character is. It’s a perfect voice performance and a perfectly written part by these guys because it’s such a touchy character because no one wants to be sad and yet we identify with you. So I am so taken by your performance because although it’s down in the dumps it’s not– it’s not depressive. It’s simply sad. And I think that that’s an amazing thing that they and you did.

Phyllis : And I, in turn, loved your character. You have so much the heart of that character is just everywhere. 

Richard : Well, I, to be honest, I agree with you. – I loved Bing Bong. I really did.

Inside out InterviewThese two both agreed that their favorite scene was when Bing Bong says “I have a good feeling about this!Interview

They shared antics about improvising, some deleted scenes and how long each had been working on the project. For Phyllis alone, it has been 3 years in the making to see Sadness come to life on the big screen.  I felt so in awe of these two actors and how relatable they are to their characters in the movie.  I also left feeling as though Richard Kind was one of the smartest men I had ever had the fortunate pleasuring of talking to and even just listening to. He spoke so much from the heart, but with grace and eloquence.Richard KindAnother one of my personal responses from the interview was when each actor was asked “How did you get your start?” to which Phyllis Smith promptly replied “By God’s Grace. I say that honestly!” Sadness and Bing BongI had the change to share a personal moment with Phyllis Smith on the red carpet premiere of Inside Out and she was just as lovely to meet in person on a more intimate setting like this personal interview. I love how these two are in the movie, I love how these two are in person, especially with each other, and I love the style and grace they resonate both on and off screen.Me and Phyllis Smith

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