Motorcycle Lifestyle Risks and Rewards

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Some people say that there are two groups of individuals in the world: those who like motorcycles and those who don’t. While there are many other ways that a human can define themselves, it’s true that motorcycle riders seem to be a special breed, and they’re always eager to talk about it with another enthusiast.

The motorcycle lifestyle has some rewards that go along with it. There are a few risks that are worth mentioning, though.

Let’s talk about both of those right now as we weigh the pros and cons of motorcycle ownership.

Motorcycle Riding is Potentially Dangerous

Motorcycle riders must follow some kind of helmet law in 47 out of the 50 US states. Some riders chafe at this and feel that it is overreach. Still, studies have shown that you’re more likely to survive a motorcycle wreck if you’re wearing a helmet.

Even if you are wearing a helmet, though, and other protective gear, motorcycle riding is inherently more dangerous than driving a car, truck, or other vehicle.

This is because of your exposure when you’re on a motorcycle. There is virtually nothing between your body and the road, unlike when a steel vehicle frame encloses you.

They’re Not Ideal for Transporting Passengers

You can ride two-to-a-motorcycle, with one person clinging to the other’s back. It’s not the safest thing for the passenger, though.

Aside from that, the second person is not exactly comfortable in that position. Your arms can tire on long trips. You also don’t have things like satellite radio or climate control.

There’s also the issue of getting bugs in your face as you’re rolling down the highway, especially at particular times of the year.

There is Virtually No Cargo Space

Another issue is that there is basically no cargo space, which is problematic if a motorcycle is the only vehicle you own. Heading to the grocery store on a motorcycle is pointless unless you’re only picking up a couple of items.

There are some motorcycle models where you have more cargo space, but you’re never going to have the trunk space of the average car or truck.

The Open Road is Thrilling

On the flip side of all that, there is the thrill that comes from hitting the open road on a motorcycle. It feels different than being in a car, and it may be impractical, but it’s also amazing. Screaming down the highway with the wind whipping past is as close to flying as you can get while still being on the ground.

You Can Meet Like-Minded People

Every year, thousands of bikers gather together for a massive rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. There are also bike weeks that happen at many other locations around the country.

Owning a motorcycle has a strong romantic tradition. It attracts a certain kind of person, someone who has a devil-may-care attitude and likes to live life to the fullest.

The danger is part of what makes the lifestyle attractive to some people. Certain individuals like to congregate and revel in something impractical and fun.

Motorcycles are loud and meant for people to notice them. You can say the same thing about some of the individuals that like to ride them, and they would not have it any other way.

The Accessories that Come with the Lifestyle

If someone buys a motorcycle because the lifestyle attracts them, then they might take things further and immerse themselves in it. That might mean getting a wallet on a chain, a leather jacket, or some Harley Davidson gear.

Motorcycle riders want to project an aura of classic cool. You can conduct yourself with a swagger when you ride. Pulling up at a rest stop gets you a different kind of attention when you’re on a Harley or a classic Indian than what you get if you’re driving a beat-up minivan.

The bottom line is that the lifestyle appeals to some and not to others. Motorcycle riders often enjoy saying some variation of the following: if you don’t know why we ride, then it’s useless trying to explain it to you.

If you’re thinking about getting a motorcycle of your own, you should weigh the risks and rewards carefully. There’s no doubt that they’re dangerous because if you’re a safe and responsible motorcycle owner, there’s still no telling what the cars and drivers around you might do. If you want to be an American original and embrace the danger, though, the adrenaline rush might make it all worth it.

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  • This is interesting about motorcycles.

  • I have always disliked motorcycles for a few reasons. They are noisy. And how is it fair that it is mandated by law that I have to wear a seat belt when driving a car while others can drive a motorcycle that offers zero protection.

  • My dad used to ride a motorcycle. I should follow in his footsteps…uh,tracks.

  • For a woman that has rode all her life this is interesting. Nothing better than feeling the wind in your hair seriously,

  • I have always wanted to learn to ride and own a bike!

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