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I grew up with dogs in my household my entire life. Some big, some small, but one thing is certain, we always had a loving, furry friend in our home.

I will say that all of my furry family members are just that, family! Over the years, I have had about 6 dogs, but latest is my baby girl Bella. She is a rescue dog that we adopted 6 years ago and has brought a light and joy into our house unlike any other. BellaShe is a Miniature Schnauzer, but trust me when I say there is nothing mini about her. She is full of spunk, energy and true love for her family. She does tend to playfully annoy her big (littler) brother, Max, the Chihuahua. MaximusI love to give both of my babies the best care possible, including a wonderful bathing experience beyond a traditional groom. I take my babies to Petco for all of my grooming and pet care needs. petco groomingPetco Grooming allows me the joy of pampering my pets with a Petco Certified Specialist. With over 1,200 locations nationwide, I can even get them groomed when we visit family out of town. Petco Grooming SalonI love that Petco allows walk-in appointments for basic items like nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing, among many other services. For full groom services, you can call and schedule an appointment and take in your furry family members.

Each grooming service starts with the Petco 7-Point Pet Care Check that includes a visual and physical screening that checks for any abnormalities on your pet’s eyes, ears, teeth, nose, under-side, skin, coat, nails, and pads. Petco Grooming SpecialsBella has a particularly irritating skin allergy, especially in the summer months and I love how our Petco Certified Specialist notes it and uses a specially medicated oatmeal shampoo to provide below with relief during her grooming visit.

I take great comfort in knowing that each Petco Certified Stylists has completed several areas of training, whether they are experienced stylists or a new partner. They treat each pet as a special friend and give each of them the care and pampering they deserve during their grooming experience.

I adore the cute scarf she gets with each visit!Groomed Bella

I wanted to note how much special time and care that my Petco Certified Specialist took with grooming Bella. When I initially took her in, we opted for a certain cut length noting that is was particularly hot and humid in my area. The groomer went as far as to start with a certain trim guard, text me a photo of it and asked if it was enough or did I want more taken off. This kind of attention to detail is not something you find often in a grooming service. Below is a photo from the text!Mid grooming Petco

Bella came home feeling plush, frisky and happy. She loves getting groomed and really enjoys all of the pampering and special attention she gets at the Petco Grooming Salon. This and the trusted groomer are what keep us going back time and again for Bella. Petco Grooming Bella

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69 thoughts on “@Petco Grooming Makes My Furry Friend a Happy Gal #PetcoGrooming #MM AD

  • It sounds crazy, but once a year I take my long haired cat there too. They Fulminate him!

  • Your pups are so precious! What cuties!

  • Our dog is black & white. When he gets muddy, you can’t tell him from the mud!

  • We don’t live anywhere near one of these, but they look nice.

  • I love to take my dog to the groomers. I’m afraid to cut his nails on my own.

  • I do like that they have such convenient walk in services.

  • our grand furbaby got car sick coming up the Mtn. to visit us.. he was kinda of a weak puppy most of the afternoon.:(

  • Petco sounds like a really great place to take your pets!

  • Your dog is so cute!

  • This is awesome for summer ,trim them down so they stay cool and comfortable .

  • First try said internal server error, so I’ll try again.
    We love the beautiful pet grooming area that was recently remodeled. The employees at our Petco are great and very friendly.

  • This could come in handy when our dogs decide to take mud baths

  • Sometimes I think my parents’ dog could really use a good grooming!

  • I’ll have to get to know the groomers at my local Petco 🙂 They did a wonderful job on your pup!

  • Bella looks beautiful and happy. Rescue dogs are the best.

  • I’ve never been to Petco, but it looks like they have some great stuff!

  • Thank you for this great info. I need to take my fur baby to Petco!

  • I like that they offer a physical screening prior to grooming.

  • We don’t have any pets since I recently developed a severe allergy to dogs.

  • Bella is so cute! I love rescue pets. We have two rescued cats ourselves, including one that we had to nurse back to good health. We’ll always get our pets from a shelter.

  • The scarf the dog got from the groomer is priceless! What a “treat”!!

  • Petco is a good place to shop. They make it convenient to get your dog all washed up and pretty!

  • I used to have a dog to groom but now I have a cat. She keeps herself looking spiffy.I love to see the dogs when they’re groomed.

  • You dog is so cute! Petco did a great job of grooming!

  • We used to have cats when we lived in the country, but we moved to town and had to give them away.

  • I loved the care my doggie got at Petco grooming.

  • Wow I had no idea PetCo offered such luxurious spa like treatments! Of course I would want my pup to have a relaxing experience as possible. I am going to check out my local store soon!

  • We take our girl to our local Petco to get groomed every month.

  • My animals were not groomed at Petco. Our bet or we usually took care of this. But like I said earlier, my one daughter uses their services.

  • this is nice for your furry friends.

  • My parent’s dog once tore up all their flower beds while they were gone.

  • Messy story of my dog, he always gets in the trash and leaves a trail right to his bed!

  • I love small dogs like you have, so cute!

  • My messy pet moment was when I wanted 2 pit puppies and I was keeping them on puppy pads over a carpeted room. It seemed like they’d pee and two along the edges of the puppy pads every single time. LOL I can laugh now but when it was happening I really thought they knew what they were doing! lol

  • PetCo always does a great job!

  • Petco is a great place to pick up some toys and treats for our puppies.

  • This is awesome I can be shopping for my fur baby while they groom them head to toe.

  • I don’t have any pets myself, though with over 1,200 locations I will be sure to recommend their grooming services to all of my friends and family!

  • You have beautiful dogs. I have friends that use Petco and they always do a great job and take such good care of the animals!

  • My kitty is 16 years old and sometimes I think he is going senile. He stares at the wall, poops everywhere but the litter box, and will only drink water from the sink.

  • My daughter love Petco’s “pet salon”.

  • We have had Schnauzers before . A good grooming job makes such a difference.

  • Messy pet moment: trying pretty panties on my Pug for the first time. She thought she was to poopy in them I guess. Then she sat down and was spinning around with poopy all over, I couldn’t catch her for a bit. Thank God she was on the porch, easier to clean, and she had an early bath.

  • My Pug has too short of hair to be groomed, but she loves the baths! She loves the attention too. I have not taken her in years since the nearest one is 45 min away. The other pet store is 15 min.

  • My two little Chihuahua Brandi and Dunkin we rescued or maybe they rescued me not sure lol Love to go to Petco and get a special treat! Yours are so cute!

  • Looks like a great place to take your pets. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Your dogs are so cute! I love it when I see freshly groomed dogs. I just know that their parents care for them.

  • I love the Petco!

  • I grew up with pets. I remember hair was everywhere lol. But my daughter is allergic so no pets until she moves out.. in about 12 years

  • I love the Petco grooming section.

  • I love the job that they do here at Petco, I love that they make sure to take care of your furry family,

  • I’ll have to check out the grooming at my local Petco.

  • My daughter has brought her 2 dogs to Petco for grooming & they did a nice job! Her little dog was actually white again!!

  • Petco grooming did a great job on Bella 🙂 She looks happy too! The bandana is a nice added touch 🙂

  • fmy messiest pet moment was when my kitten jumped up on the ledge where my potted plants were, knocked one off and then used the dirt on the carpet as a litter box. what a costly mess that was

  • We don’t currently have a pet. But, if we were to win this gift card, my girls would really like to purchase a fish!

  • i love the Petco grooming section. you can get your pet shopping done while fido gets his hair done. lol

  • I don’t take my cats to a groomer

  • We have a Petco half hour away – we have purchased animals and fish. Love the service we get!

  • I had a dog that was talented at finding dead fish when we went for walks by water and loved rolling in them. No Petco by me then but glad they are near me now.

  • I’ll have to check out the grooming at my local Petco!

  • Having to give a dog a bath in your tub can sometimes be ‘ well , lets say crazy LOL.. Me giving them a bath, they jumping out, running around the house soaked with suds LOL and trying to hide under my bed blankets , too funny!!


  • My Lily looks like a silver and gold terrier mix… until she gets a grooming! Her undercoat it black and gold. First time she had a haircut I honestly didn’t recognize her for a minute!

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