Read About How The Peanuts Gang & Nikki DeLoach Rock The Vote #PeanutsRockTheVote

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As a Peanuts Ambassador, I have the inside source on all things Peanuts this year. One of my favorite campaigns is sharing how Nikki DeLoach (Awkward!) and the Peanuts Gang Rock The Vote in 2016!peanuts-voteFrom an early age, Nikki DeLoach has been on TV and in movies. Nikki was a child member of The Mickey Mouse Club, along with Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, and Keri Russell! Today she is sharing how the Peanuts Rock the Vote! Nikki DeLoachWe recently had the chance to talk with Nikki in an exclusive telephone interview to discuss her part in the Peanuts Rocks The Vote Campaign.

Tell us about the Peanuts Rocks the Vote campaign.

This is a partnership between Peanuts and Rock the Vote, which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that’s been encouraging and helping young people to register to vote since 1990.

When you go to Peanuts Rocks the Vote, you’ll find a mock presidential election going on among the Peanuts characters: Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Sally, and Franklin. You can read their bios and their platforms, and then you can vote for your favorite.

Then, right there on the website, there’s a button that says “Register,” and when you click on that, Rock the Vote will help you register to vote in your location.

And why is Peanuts doing this?

Politics has been a recurring theme in the Peanuts comic strip for decades—Charles Schulz often had the characters running for president during actual presidential election years. He even had Lucy talking about wanting to be the first female president!

So Schulz believed in our democratic system, and Peanuts wanted to play their part by helping people register to vote. But of course, they do it with a unique Peanuts flair!

Are you a Peanuts fan?

Of course! Who isn’t?!

Who did or who would you vote for in the Peanuts Rocks the Vote campaign?


I know a lot of celebrities, including yourself, have taped fun PSAs promoting the Peanuts election and the Peanuts Rocks the Vote campaign. What made you want to do one?

I just feel that it’s such a privilege to be a citizen of this country, and part of the deal is that we participate in the election process. I know sometimes people, especially young people, feel that their vote doesn’t count or doesn’t matter, but of course that’s absolutely not true! It’s so important that everyone use their voice and their vote. And this was such a fun way to get that message out!

Who are some of the other celebrities who have taped PSAs?

There are so many great ones, from both the 2008 and 2016 elections, including:

My Awkward co-star, Jillian Rose Reed

John Oliver

Whoopi Goldberg and Candace Cameron Bure from The View

George Lopez

Eden Sher from The Middle

Vanessa Marano from Switched at Birth

Deborah Norville from Inside Edition

You can see all of them when you go to Peanuts Rocks the Vote and click on “Celeb Endorsements.”

In addition, there are educational materials for teachers and activities for kids grades K through 8. Can you describe in more detail?

Yes, there are materials that provide a fun way to get children involved with the issues of elections, campaign promises, polling, and candidate platforms.

The curriculum specialists at Young Minds Inspired created three lesson-planning guides for grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade; three through five, and six through eight. Copies are going out to thousands of schools nationwide. There’s also a DVD of the Peanuts television special, You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown that parents and teachers can use as a fun teaching tool about elections.

And finally, I know the Schulz Museum has two special election-themed exhibits on display right now. Can you talk about those?

Yes, and they sound so great!

One is called Snoopy Presents: Lucky Dogs and Presidential Pets, and it features photos and fun facts about presidential pets. The exhibit goes all the way back to George Washington’s hunting hounds and Thomas Jefferson’s riding horses, and it also includes presidential pets you probably never heard about, like President John Quincy Adams’ pet alligator, who lived in the White House in an unfinished East Room bathtub!

There’s a great display on John F. Kennedy’s dog, Pushinka, who was a gift from Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev. The dog’s mother, Strelka, flew aboard Sputnik 5 and landed safely back on Earth.

The other exhibition is called Mr. Schulz Goes to Washington, which focuses on the intersection of politics with Charles Schulz and Peanuts. You can see some of Schulz’s correspondence with several American presidents, including a 1980 letter from Ronald Reagan, who was then in the middle of his own presidential campaign. Reagan jokingly wrote, “Anything you can do to talk Snoopy out of running will be appreciated. How would he feel about a cabinet post?”

We sure had a great time talking with Nikki and cannot wait to share more excitement this year with you about Peanuts.

Be sure to stay connected socially for allow of the latest Peanuts News! Also, be sure to enter here for your chance to win a Peanuts Rocks The Vote Prize Package to show support of your favorite Peanuts character!

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62 thoughts on “Read About How The Peanuts Gang & Nikki DeLoach Rock The Vote #PeanutsRockTheVote

  • Rock the vote.. Hard choice… Snoopy would be one of my favs.

  • Lookin forward to voting t his year.

  • This is an awesome way to reach all the generations young and old,we all know the peanuts gang.

  • I voted for Snoopy 🙂

  • I also believe in the Democratic system, like Charles Schulz. What a great way to encourage voting for the young people (when they are old enough)

  • I love this. It’s so funny and cute.

  • Voting is very important! This election is critical. I am very grateful that Peanuts is working to get young people to vote!

  • I totally rocked my vote for Snoopy! You go girl! I love the Peanut gang.

  • I vote for Linus. Thanks for the chance!

  • I went to a wedding yesterday and after the ceremony they had someone there registering people to vote. Very good.

  • I love everything about the Peanuts. They remind me of my childhood.

  • I feel as Americans we all have a duty to vote and participate in our elections. Now, I honestly don’t think you should be voting just to be voting. I think we all should be informed on the issues. I think our country’s future depends on us being informed. So be informed and vote! God bless America! And oh, by the way, Linus received my vote!

  • I didn’t know about this but I love it! Great to help those who aren’t registered to vote! And who doesn’t like Peanuts?!

  • I love anything Peanuts. This is a great way to get everyone excited about voting. I would love to visit the musuem.

  • I would love to visit the Schultz Museum some day! But today Linus got my vote!

  • I love Snoopy, and I am always for voting for a war hero, but this time I have to go with Linus. He is a very Wise Man!

  • It is an awesome tool to get the word out about voting…It also sparks the curiosity of children and is a good tool for starting conversation about the process. Snoopy…really should be president lol…

  • This is a great way to get people out to vote and also has my kids asking questions about the electoral process.

  • I bet you will never guess who has my vote. The easy choice for me is Linus.

  • You probably can guess who I am voting for. Linus, of course!

  • What a wonderful idea! I think everyone can relate to the Peanut characters. Snoopy has always been my favorite!

  • This is great! Cool Giveaway!

  • I am registered to vote! This year I am voting for Trump, but perhaps, I should do a write in instead. Should I write in Linus? lol

  • My 20 year old daughter loves The Peanuts.

  • I love voting for the Peanuts gang, and Linus! Usually the hard part is making the decision. So many great candidates!

  • They say this country is going to the dogs!
    Well then, Snoopy has my vote & his running mate will be Woodstock!! Yeah!

  • I am staying connected socially for all of the latest Peanuts News!

  • Perhaps, the Peanuts gang could hold all the positions of the cabinet! That would be a power group!

  • Go Peanuts and the Gang, I consider them all great as far as I am concerned.

  • This is a great way to get people to vote. Linus for me!!

  • How fun, I LOVE Snoopy!

  • I am ready to rock the vote! No secret that I am voting for Linus! He is an expert on security issues! He has had his trusty blue security blanket for years!

  • I love good worthy causes.

  • It’s a great idea — gets more attention from the young adults.

  • I love this campaign! Linus edges out my beloved Snoopy! Perhaps, they could share the ticket and be the dream team!

  • This is a wonderful idea to get folks up and out on election day!

  • This is such a fun campaign but Linus has my vote.

  • I respect her picking Snoopy since he is a war hero, but Linus has my vote.

  • With this election, someone has to get out there and root & encourage people to vote! If anyone one can, it’s the Peanuts gang!!

  • Ah, I love the letter that Charles Schultz received from Ronald Reagan. Reagan was such a great president. I wonder which cabinet post he would have offered Snoopy!

  • With the candidates we have, I wish I could vote for snoopy.

  • She supports Peanuts and was on the Mickey Mouse Club.Wow! My 2 favorite things. She is great in my book.

  • I was really happy to read that so many celebrities really do take an active interest in our voting process! I remember a lot of the Mouseketeers. I wore my ears when watching the show!
    Snoopy would have my vote, especially this election!! I don’t like either candidate for president!!

  • I love snoopy

  • This is such a great way to get people to pay attention and get them to the polls!

  • So many people are voting for Snoopy! I think he’s the favorite son this time. I voted for him too. I didn’t know so many celebrities we on the Mickey Mouse Club!

  • What a great campaign. Thanks for the giveaway. Ms. DeLoach is a lovely actress and I remember her from her Mickey Mouse Mouseketeer days.

  • The peanuts are too cute! 🙂

  • I loved watching the video about Rock the Vote. I run a preschool, and I am definitely going to let my kids vote. Awkward!!!!
    I also loved the way that if adults have not registered for voting that they can apply too.

  • This is a great way to get the word out about voting.

  • i love this because not only does it remind people to vote, but it uses characters everyone loves and laughs with.i think its important to remember the things that bond us despite who we support politically

  • I love watching the peanuts, so much better then the cartoons on TV these days. Great campaign. Thank you

  • I love this campaign, not only because of the Peanuts but also because we should all definitely Rock the Vote.

  • Such a fun way to get people thinking about going out and vote!!

  • YEAH, Snoopy for Prez

  • I love the Peanuts gang and I think that helping to support the Rock The Vote campaign is as awesome way to get peoples’ attention and to get out and vote.

  • how cute and fun,,my husband loves anything peanuts related,so he would enjoy this too

  • What a great campaign. Everyone loves the Peanuts and it’s a great way to get the word out about voting.

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