Rejuvenator Shower Head Review

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I have been thinking about changing my shower head in my main bathroom for months now, but never got around to it.  When contacted by the makers of Rejuvenator Products, I was very excited to test out their shower head with microbubble technology.



More about the product:

Every water drop that cascades from the Rejuvenator shower head is infused with Microbubbles that clean deeper than any ordinary shower head. Each time you step into the water stream from the Rejuvenator, the sensations you feel are only rivaled by the richest of resort spas.  Water that cascades from the Rejuvenator shower head is infused with Microbubbles that clean deeper than any ordinary shower head.

Shower head pic

Each shower head includes:

  • Microbubbles for healthy skin (adjustable micro bubble size)
  • Self-cleaning jets
  • Full coverage of spray
  • 1.5 meter “Argent” shower hose (anti-corrosion)
  • Matching hand shower silver
  • Anti-tangling function
  • Brass connector for durability
  • Dual shower switch with matching metallic coating
  • Enables you to re-install the original shower head

It took me literally 10 minutes to install it and it was in full working order.  Being nearly 6′ tall, I have a lower shower head and have always had to bend a little to completely rinse my hair off.  Well I am so excited to say that I no longer have that problem with the Rejuvenator shower head.  It raised my water level up nearly 3 inches and now I can stand straight and enjoy the sensation of this spa quality shower head.


Available for a reasonable price of just $99.00, this would be the best additional to anyone’s bathroom.

Be sure to check out the giveaway for your chance to win a Rejuvenator Shower Head for yourself.


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75 thoughts on “Rejuvenator Shower Head Review

  • My wife and I have put one of these in our master shower. I love it! I usually deal with a bit of eczema every winter here in the north west. Usually it has well set in by now, but not this year! I am convinced it is due to our new Rejuvenator shower head as I have not done anything else different. I am so excited to see if I have an eczema free winter and even more so- LIFE!!! We are definitely going to get another one for the kiddies bath.

  • I actually have had one of these for a while. Since they first came out I think. Since then I have not dealt with the usual eczema I usually start having this time of year. Wow!- could it be my shower head is clearing up my skin!

  • This shower head looks very nice. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!

  • I would like to try this Rejuvenator because mine is old and outdated and this is updated and new. Plus my son is looking for a new one too right now so I could let him know if it is worth the buy!

  • thanks for the info; very informative and interesting

  • I’m looking for a new shower head as mine recently cracked. 🙁 This sounds like heaven!

  • A nice shower head would really be a treat for us. You make this sound so inviting.

  • My shower head recently broke, will have to check this one out.

  • This shower head sounds great. I love how it’s self-cleaning and has adjustable microbubbles.

  • This looks like a nice one and we could really use a new one.

  • I like the self cleaning jets.I so need a new shower head.

  • June S. says:
    October 12, 2013 at 7:57 AM
    Our upstairs shower head is always messing up some how or another, we need a new one!

  • Wow, very nice review of a very nice shower head! Love that it basically cleans itself, we’re always cleaning ours. 🙂

  • This shower head is so nice!I love that it has self cleaning jets.The mirocbubbles would be wonderful. Thanks for the chance!!!

  • Ahhhh….would love to have this in my shower. Bet it feels awesome! : )

  • I like that it is basically”self cleaning”. I know many shower heads get “gunky” and especially with hard water deposit. Plus, how nice to install in ten minutes. I can even do that! We do not have a hand held in our bath and always thought would be nice to bathe the dogs. Not easy for me to do it otherwise. Thanks for the great review!

  • WOW! Microbubbles make it sound more like a spa experience than just a plain, old shower… very nice!

  • I am really excited to try this new shower head it sounds amazing

  • the microbubbles are very interesting to me. never heard of this, but like the concept. also like that it has self cleaning jets

  • This shower head is so nice!I love that it has self cleaning jets.The mirocbubbles would be wonderful.

  • awesome

  • This sounds like the perfect shower head for me! It has a lot of the functions I have been looking for!



  • this shower head sounds wonderful. Would love to try it. There is nothing like a great hot shower to relax.

  • Wow!!! I love the microbubbles, I am on a spring and have a pump downstairs and this is the kind of shower head I need!!!! Plus I am 5′ 10″ so i have the same issue as you, bending the head,,,, I hope to win this I will enjoy all my showers to the fullest!!!!

  • This really nice shower head i like that you can take it down and hold it

  • This shower head sounds wonderful. I would love to feel the adjustable microbubbles and the full coverage of the spray. Our shower is just terrible and I never feel refreshed after taking a shower.

  • I would love to win one of these. i need a new shower head. Those microbubbles sound heavenly.

  • im interested in the no tangling function, that sounds awesome for me, great review, alot of great functions. thanks a bunch

  • Microbubble technology is something I’ve never heard of but sounds so very awesome! I love how this shower head is designed with a hose to help with rinsing hair, etc. and with self cleaning jets! The only downfall I see here is that my husband may never get out of the shower 🙂

  • I have been looking for a new shower head for some time, this one sounds like Heaven!!

  • Microbubbles sound heavenly!

  • I love the fact that the rejuvenator shower head is easy to install since I will be handling that job. I like the fact it’s adjustable and has dual switch and brass connector.

  • There is nothing more more relaxing than a warm shower or bath after a rough day,

  • This showerhead sounds like a little bit of heaven! Pampering but still gets the job done!

  • I’ve never heard of microbubbles. Sounds great! Thanks for the great review.

  • The bubble action sounds heavenly! Since I moved into my new house, I haven’t been able to replace the shower head yet. The one that is in there is from when the house was built in 1960…So I’d say I’m due for a new one, and this may be it!

  • Sounds amazing and I love anything that is easy to install 🙂 I too have trouble getting all the soap out of my hair…Im quite intrigued

  • I have always wanted a spa-like shower head. Thank you for the review!

  • I think this would be great for us to try.

  • I am a little confused about the differences in quality of bubbles and “micro” bubbles,
    other than size or weight. I suppose you get more water with micro and more means a more efficient, more powerful cleansing? Sounds good to me!

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  • The microbubbles and anti tangling feature sounds cool. BUT, Does it have a power spray? Every showerhead I’ve ever tried besides our original one has a low, non powerful spray and just doesn’t feel as good as our original shower head.Would be interested in giving this one a try though!


  • There isn’t anything in the review I didn’t love. I have never heard of micro bubbles either until I read this. I’m happy I did because my daughter and I were going to check out some new shower heads for our shower. I love that it gives you 3 inches more room to comfortably rise off without having to bend. Thanks for the thorough review.
    Carol L

  • Microbubbles? Sounds wonderful! Great review, and a really good price too!

  • From reading your review it sounds like a shower filter isn’t needed.

  • uve never heard of microbubbles. I need a new shower head. this one looks awesome. im glad I read your review.

  • Hmmm, maybe it’s time to change the showerhead in our bathroom…. Thanks for the review!

  • Sounds like something I need compared to the junk that came in my apartment. A good shower starts your whole day off on a great note.

  • Great details. Would love to try

  • I love every single feature of this shower head, especially the microbubbles! I have always loved the hand held ones. Very thorough review! Made me want one right now!

  • I’ve never heard of the microbubbles. I totally want one now!! Awesome review.

  • Wanted it before I read this. Now that I read it, we desparately need a new shower head and it will have to create microbubbles. Thnx! E

  • Great review, lots of details. I love the microbubble part – never heard of that before. Thanks for telling about it!

  • This sounds like an amazing shower head that would make me relax in the shower. Would love to try this.

  • You were very thorough with the details of this products.

  • I love the review that you gave for this showerhead and like the fact that the water is released in “microbubbles” more like a spa resort type showerhead…. I could so use this and would be extremely grateful to win this!!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed and as always….. Thank You for another fabulous giveaway!!! 🙂

  • I’ve never heard of a showerhead with mirocbubbles. It sound heavenly! I like that it has a hand held function to & is self cleaning!

  • Would love to try one of these!

  • I’ve never seen a shower head like it before. I’d love to try it.

  • i think this product looks good because the water seems like it would come out soft yet firm!

  • very nice!

  • I would absolutely love to review a shower head!! Hope I win

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  • Reminds me quite a bit of ours, but ours has two heads one detachable and one that is not. I love it!!

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