Ryobi Hybrid 18V Lithium Edger/Trimmer #Review

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With summer in full swing, and with it being an exceptionally rainy season in Ohio, my lawn grows fast and tall and my current edger hasn’t been “cutting it”, so to speak, when it comes to performance.  I was considering the purchase of a cordless edger to help me avoid the hassle of the dreaded long extension cord battle each time I trim and edge my lawn.This is only a simple and short review of my experience using this. If you want a more technical and extensive approach, refer to the tool reviews by BestOfMachinery.

I was given the opportunity to receive and review the new Ryobi Hybrid 18V Lithium Edger/Trimmer.

Ryobi Edger


About the product:

Cordless. And Electric. Ryobi® introduces a revolution in String Trimmer technology. The Ryobi Hybrid™ is unlike anything you’ve ever seen- with TWO power source for versatile lawn maintenance no matter where you are. As part of the 18V ONE+ family, this string trimmer is powered by an 18V Lithium-ion battery that works with any Ryobi 18V tool, and is compatible with any Ryobi 18V battery. This gives you limitless mobility for trimming anywhere and everywhere you need to go. AND, this trimmer is also electric-powered. So when you’re trimming areas close to a power source, you can enjoy the limitless runtime of an electric trimmer. Complete with edging capability and a 3 year warranty, the Ryobi Hybrid™ string trimmer truly goes where no string trimmer has gone before.

Ryobi Edger Trimmer

Specifications Include:
Ideal For: Up to 1/3 acre
Power: 18V Battery / Electric
Function: String Trimmer/Edger
Cut Width: Adjustable 10 / 12 inches
Re-Charge: 1 hour
Weight: 7 lbs
Warranty: 3 year warranty


Lightweight and quiet, this is my favorite lawn care item. It and runs on an 18 volt electric battery, making it portable and easy to use.  The batter recharges in just an hour and lasts for up to 3 hours.  It has proven to be a great asset to my home and performs consistently. Saving on electricity and my headache of battling the extension cord, I love this trimmer.  The fact that you can flip the head and turn it into a great edger has been a blessing and added bonus.

I would recommend the Ryobi Hybrid™ One+ 18V Lithium Edger/Trimmer.  Saving time, saving gas, saving electricity and avoiding long extension cords, this is a must have for everyone.

Be sure to head over and enter for a chance to win one of your very own, thanks to the folks over at Ryobi.

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166 thoughts on “Ryobi Hybrid 18V Lithium Edger/Trimmer #Review

  • I’ve had both gas (a pain) and electric (…a pain), I really like this Lithium battery/hybrid Ryobi, but…….I’ve had two chargers (or batteries) go bad on me. One went shortly after purchase and Lowe’s replaced it, now (into my third season) the battery won’t charge again. Two different houses/power sources. I’ll go back to the store, but I doubt they’ll help me. Any suggestions/magic tricks to reset the charger or battery?

  • I love that it is cordless, quiet, and easy to use.

  • I love that it is light weight – that way I could actually use one!

  • Thank you for all of the great information. Its great it is light weight and so easy to use!!!!

  • your review covered everythin I would want to know if I we looking to buy this. good review

  • looks great I think i could even use it and im home more often then hubby

  • This edger/trimmer looks very nice. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!

  • like that it has a 3year warranty

  • I like that it is light weight and that it is NOT gas powered.

  • I like that it’s light weight. My hubby would just love this!! He’s always pulling that extension cord around with the one he has now!

  • I love that this is lightweight. I need one of these because mine broke and now I have to pay to have my stuff done.


  • my husband would love this he lovestheir stuff. I really like it being so lightweight would be perfect for are yard upkeep.

  • very good review, goes into a whole lot of detail and makes me want to win the Ryobi Hybrid 18V Lithium Edger/Trimmer really bad!

  • My husband would love this!

  • being as i have very little strength in my arms, i’ve never been able to use gas-powered trimmers… but i’ve always been afraid of slicing the power cord of an electric trimmer – this product, being a battery/elec hybrid is just the perfect idea for people like me! thanks for the review!

  • I like that it’s a trimmer and edger!

  • I love this review. Buying something different is hard when you don’t know what people that have used it already think about it. I would love to get one and not have to worry about gas and trying to start mine. I have been putting it off using the rainy weather as an excuse and my yard is looking pretty sad. I was concerned about the battery life but 3 hours running time would be longer that I would need.

  • The Ryobi Edger/Trimmer is a product that I would love very much to own! I’ve heard so much about it in the most recent past. I love that it can be used with a battery. That would be so very convenient! My husband would be so happy if I were to win this for him, since his is ready for the garbage! Thank you for the review and for the opportunity 🙂

  • If I am lucky enough to win this I would be grateful- I have been looking for another battery powered trimmer I have an older model Weedeater I cant find replacement parts for. Great review, lots of great aspects to this trimmer.

  • this is perfect for me! I have no way of getting gas and no extension cords for my lawn care. Not to mention light weight. Perfect!!

  • I love that its lightweight, it seems great

  • what a good review of this Ryobi Hybrid 18V Lithium edger and trimmer ! how I wish I could have a machine like this for my garden ……. cordless and electric too.

  • Ryobi products are quality! I have bought many power tools over the years for gifts. I need a new trimmer and this is just what I am looking for! Thank you!

  • I love the “cordless” and “electric” part. We have a conventional trimmer with a cord – and it’s such a pain to drag the cord around everywhere!

  • my husband would just die for this bad boy!! great review! i love how its a hybrid such a unique feature

  • Was wondering how a cordless trimmer would work. Thanks for the review.

  • I like that it is lightweight and runs on a battery. I’m borrowing a trimmer for now until I can buy one for myself. I’ll check this out at the store.

  • I like that is lightweight and quiet! Ryobi rocks!

  • sounds like a great product

  • Lightweight, quiet, battery-powered…and Ryobi! That’s a lot of awesomeness!

  • I have been thinking about purchasing one of these. It sounds like just the thing I need for around the yard in the hard to get places.

  • Thanks for the review – been looking at it for awhile, but afraid to take the leap into buying it.

  • very informative review love that it’s so light weight

  • This sounds like an awesome piece of equipment. I love that it is cordless!! My husband has mentioned lately that he would like one of these, so this would be an absolutely awesome win. Thanks!!!

  • I really need one of these! I love my Ryobi tool set and I’m sure this will be the same great quality!

  • My husband needs one badly!

  • I am impressed by the Ryobi and trimmers in general. I gave up mowing the grass and now use an edge trimmer. The Ryobi Hybrid 18V Lithium Edger/Trimmer sounds better than mine.

  • WOW nice battery Life. I don’t usually buy battery operated lawn care items because the battery life doesn’t hold up for my big yard but after reading your review and seeing that this has a 3 hour battery life I do believe this will do the job. Thanks for the research!!!

  • Would love to win a Ryobi Edger/Trimmer your review makes me think I can even use it at my age.

  • This so sounds like something I would enjoy using it. You don’t need to drag out the extension cords or realize that you need to go get gas and oil for the the other one. I like the main fact that it is battery operated.

  • I might actually help my hubby with the yard work if I had one of these!

  • I love this trimmer! I hate trying to start a gas trimmer,and the ones with the cords just don’t reach far enough.I love that is battery powered and lasts at least 3 hours.I get so fed up trying to start our old gas trimmer that I just start pulling the weeds and grass with my hands.

  • I love Ryobi products in general. I love the idea that they are rechargeable and you don’t have to worry about gas. Eco Friendly

  • I like the rechargeable battery and that if Im feeling inpatient I can plug it in

  • Awesome Review! I love this trimmer because you can take it with you since battery operated, to say like camping fishing if you need to clear a little area you are in 🙂

  • my husband would love this!

  • I love that the battery lasts 3 hours! That seems like it’d make it a fantastic choice for cutting the lawn.

  • My boyfriend and I were just talking about how we needed one of these today. I love the fact that you can use electric or battery pack!!! Really cool things coming out the last few years!!!

  • I sure hoe to win this for my hubby as he has been needing a new one for a while and he likes that it cordless and run by a battery and that it is light weight and easy to use!

  • I really need this!!!

  • I NEED this! This would be absolutely perfect!

  • Wow – I’ve never had a trimmer like that before, look very cool!

  • Ryobi makes quality products, I would love to add this to my collection!

  • I like that you can use batteries or electricity. And that it’s lightweight.

  • Wow!! This is a Great giveaway! Thanks so much!

  • We sooo need to win this item so we don’t have to borrow my father-in-laws’ lawn equipment to use for our weekend side jobs.

  • We are quite fond of Ryobi products. We had a trimmer for a long while, but ours recently died. It was years old, so it really had a great life!

  • I’m the one the does the weed wacking and edging. I need light weight, more so now since I’ve had shoulder surgery and this one sounds like a decent weight. I like that the battery can be used on the other Ryobi 18V Lithium tools also. This sounds like a great Edger/Trimmer.

  • love the review i wanted one of these also i want to get the mower love Ryobi

  • It looks wonderful. We just moved into a new home and its our first time in an association. Goodness we need a trimmer. I rather win one than go and buy one just yet 😉

  • Would love to win this for my husband. The one he is using is on its last days

  • Nice review. I like how you included the details of the tool. The fact that its light-weight makes me want to have one even more,

  • Nice review! I like the fact that is it light and cordless. Two necessary if I am to do this chore!

  • This would be a great trimmer for me to use since I have a neck injury. The fact that it is so light would mean that I could do the trim and take that burden off of my husband who sometimes works 60 hours a week.
    My favorite part of summer is being outside, feeling the glorious sun on my skin.

  • great review , this is just what I need, thanks for all the info. on it

  • I love your website. I would really love to win this Ryobi trimmer for my Husband.
    my Favorite thing about Summer is the hot weather, going swimming, the festivals & the fairs. I also love going for bike rides in the summer. taking my dog for walks in the Summer. And, the fact that you can go Swimming, fishing & boating in the summer. Along with the cookouts, the food on the grill having family & friends over for a bbq.

  • This makes me want one. It truly is a hybrid that will go wherever you want it to. What I have now has a cord and it is limited to where I can go.

  • Oh this is just amazing that it can recharge in just an hour! I love that its quiet and light weight too! Sounds like the perfect trimmer for me to use!

  • This is my son’s 1st summer being old enough to help w/the lawn. I love the fact that it’s lightweight.

  • I like the idea that the Ryobi is electric AND cordless! That means 0 emissions and no worries about cutting a cord. This would be a wonderful addition to our garage. I can see my hubs falling in love with it every time he uses it!

  • Makes me want to get one! 🙂

  • I love the fact that its a hybrid!! Great for the environment!! The lightweightness (is that a word??) is an added bonus!!! Love it!!

  • Battery and plug in?? I love it! How convenient!

  • Great giveaway to help with summertime chores

  • P honestly didnt know they made a hybrid. That would be great for those times when you are doing major jobs that runs the battery down, you can just plug in your cord and keep going. Very nice.

  • Your review is just the bomb! I hope you realize it. I want one of these so bad! It sounds so awsome. Thanks for the review.

  • This is so cool. My dad has been talking about buying me the Ryobi mower because it’s so light weight I’d be able to use it even with my bad back and leg. I’d love to have the trimmer too. They use the same battery as my drill, so I’d never have a problem with power. And I can quit paying the neighbor kid, who is less than reliable, my lawn is almost two weeks overdue, and no kid in sight!

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  • Light weight and doesn’t require gasoline? sign me up!

  • Like that this has a rechargeable battery. The color is fun too!

  • This would be perfect for my husband. He has cancer and wants to get outside so bad to trim around everything, but his old weed wacker broke and we cannot afford another one right now. I especially like that this is cordless and electric, that makes this even better. My fingers are crossed for this one.

  • My husband and I have a Ryobi outlet near us and we love the quality of their tools! He just built me an entire family room and laundry room using them!

  • I love the multiple power source option. I also love that it is lightweight. I have a long yard so I have lots of area that needs this trimming.

  • I love this brand and I like that this trimmer is cordless.

  • What a great product, thanks for the review. I wish we would’ve been trimming the last 3 years but it’s never to late to start. We are thinking about finally getting one. If I had this it would make the job fun!

  • Great Review! Was Just wonder about the brand of trimmer. Sounds like I have all the info I need now!

  • 3 hours of charge and lightweight are exactly what I need. My old trimmer burnt up and haven’t been able to get a new one. this one would be great.

  • two amazing details, lightweight and recharges in one hour . I would love to own this for my new home

  • This looks like it is lightweight – which really helps when you are doing a lot of edging.

  • Would have loved to have seen it in action! I love that it is also an edger, could really use on of those!

  • My Father in law is 82 years old god bless him, he still insists on mowing his own lawn.. I love the fact that this is Lightweight and would be perfect for him.. No cords to have to worry about him tripping over makes it even nicer

  • I like going to the beach.

  • We have a corded one and I see my husband dragging that 50 ft extension cord around and I feel so bad for him. This would make life so much easier to have one like this. Wonderful review thank you so much!

  • ryobi makes good products. i like that it is both battery and electric b/c the 18volt will only last abt 15 min. ryobi battery trimmers have improved since the 1st one came out. i have tried them b4. i also like that it has a trimmer as well.

  • One reason why I don’t help out with the weed eating is because the typical weed eater is so heavy. I am a weakling and just can’t hold it up and swing it for any period of time. Something lightweight is what I need and this sounds like the perfect machine for me.

  • i like that it is light weight, only 7 pounds!

  • Thanks for the great review. This sounds like the one I need.

  • I really like that you can use it while plugged in or on a battery.

  • I need one so bad. I like that it’s a weedeater and edger in one. Also, love that it’s light weight. Great review!

  • I have a relly old trimmer, but I don’t think I can get the battery section anymore so I need a new one – this looks perfect.

  • Excellent review – We had a rechargeable trimmer in the past and no way did it charge in an hour. It was plugged in overnight.

  • Now I know what trimmer to buy. Thanks for the review.

  • I need a Trimmer, since I have to pay someone to come out and Mow my Lawn which is expensive, I could cut down on my costs by getting one of these. Thanks for the excellent review, I hope to win this one but if I don’t I will check into buying one of these.

    Thanks again!

  • Ryobi seems to always be one step ahead! What a wonderful product. To be electric, light weight and cord free is so impressive and I would love to own one. Trimming is one of the few yard chores that I enjoy but our weed wacker is so heavy and huge that I cannot use it.

  • Thanks for the review. I am in need of a new edge trimmer and I like that this a two power sources and is light weight.

  • My oldest grandson started cutting lawns this year and this would be so perfect for him. I love that you can recharge it and it doesn’t weight that much.

  • Thank you for a great review on a product that would be very useful to me.

  • Love the review! I have been shopping for a new trimmer, this just may be the one for me!

  • TWO power sources! what an awesome idea! 🙂

  • I miss having a Ryobi so much! This is such a great trimmer!

  • I think you did a great job, you explained all the features and the battery life, you did a great job

  • This would be awesome with the battery life and the option to also plug it in would be very helpful. Thanks for the great and informative review.

  • An amazing little tool runs on a battery, I love not getting tangled up in cords, I live on a mountain and taking cords up my backyard is not ideal. The best part is it can run corded as well perfect for my front yard. Amazing review! Thanks.

  • Great informative review!

  • Cool appears very light weight, I like that it can be run by a battery (recharges in about 1 hour or by electricity and that would make trimming my acreage a lot easier and less cumbersome and I love the Ryobi green coloring.

  • Love the fact it has a battery and uses electricity. Great concept! If you are too far away from a power source you can use the battery. Great way to save time (and energy!)

  • I would love the “edger” feature very much as I have a multitude of places in my yard back and front and side to “edge” each year.

  • Three hours of charge sounds great for a Hybrid trimmer.

  • The Ryobi trimmer is amazing because it is runs on a long running battery! This means that I do not have to put in gas or use and electric cord. That makes this a great trimmer!

  • looks like a great product..great review very informative

  • I love that it has TWO power sources, by the time summer is over I am soooo tired of wrangling cords and hoses!

  • I hate cords on a trimmer. this would be great!!

  • I like that it has the battery and can be plugged in….very versatile.

  • I really love Ryobi products

  • Love that it is light weight and can either do electric or battery! Would make life so much easier!

  • Great review! I am going to tell my fiance’, who owns a lawn care company, about this! He is always so sorry and tired when he gets home from work, and I am sure this will take away some of the pain from carrying a heavier weed whacker/edger around all day!

  • I think this looks like an awesome, high-quality product that my family could use!! : )

  • I really like Ryobi brand and the products, since I do not have enough grass to own a lawnmower am considering buying one of these this year.

  • I love that this runs on a battery charge so it makes it so easy for me to use in my yard

  • What a great trimmer. We just got our first house so I am going to check it out. Sounds like a great deal for a great product.

  • I like that it is both cordless and electric. Hubby always complains that the battery died and has to wait to charge, this way he can plug it in if the battery dies.

  • I usually cut the lawn and its really hard and heavy to use a gas trimmer like I do. I bet this would be so much lighter and easier! I also like how you can flip the head to use it as a trimmer! Awesome I would love to try one

  • Would love to give this to my husband for his birthday at the end of this month. We are in need of a Edger/Trimmer for our house.

  • Great review!

  • I would LOVE to have this for my 83 yr old daddy! He has always had electric ones and they are so old & decrepit I worry he will be electrocuted. He also has gas ones, but he mixes oil & gas wrong. The simplicity of this Ryobi Edger/Trimmer is MARVELOUS!! I appreciate the great review you gave us. I think that it has changed my mind about being frightened of weedeater thingies. (daddy wont let me use them, I am SO accident prone)

  • I love that this is cordless with a lithium battery. I had an electric one and it was horrible dragging that cord around

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  • I would love the ease of the battery power we have such a large area to trim. I have several different “mini” gardens so I know where you are coming from with dragging the cord. This is new to me and I love this lawn care tool!

  • Not having to worry about gas would make things so much easier.

  • After reading this review I think I want to win the Ryobi Hybrid 18V Lithium Edger/Trimmer even more

  • Great review…just great & this is exactly what I need….

  • Thanks for the review….we have never tried this brand before and will when our ‘other’ finally quits on us! like that it is so lightweight!

  • this would be a great giveaway

  • Cordless is the way to go in Ohio since your grass grows fast. It rains lots here in Florida, & i could really use this for my yard.

  • I love this! I never liked gas trimmers because they never want to start and this is great that the battery will work with other Ryobi products as well. Awesome!

  • I love that it is lightweight and battery powered. This means I can use it anywhere without worrying about hurting my back.

  • Great Review, You did a good job explaining how the Ryobi Hybrid 18V Lithium Edger/Trimmer works.

  • I think it’s neat that it runs on both a battery and with a cord. I can hardly believe it’s quiet. Sounds terrific.

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  • I totally love that it is battery powered. Other lawn care items are such a pain to use when they are gas-powered.

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  • My husband loves Ryobi products and this would be useful to him, considering we have an extremely large yard.

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    • This post is also good to check reviews by the way.

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