Save on Huggies Little Snuggers and Natural Care Wipes at Sam’s Club

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Do you have a little one just starting out in diapers or has become a seasoned pro? Whether your little one is showing the first signs of starting to crawl or is so fast, you cannot keep up with them, one thing is for certain…they will stay fully protected and comfortable with Huggies Little Snugglers will keep them dry and moving in all stages of development.1010584_10151497610032894_1839808870_nHuggies brand products have been the only choice of diapers and wipes in my family for 3 generations now. Their GentleAbsorb Liner (in sizes newborn – 2) provides a gentle, soft and cushiony liner, protecting your little ones skin from the moisture within the diaper. Huggies also has a fabulous Wetness Indicator that changes color when my little one is wet.Huggies Wetness IndicatorSupporting a larger family can be expensive, that is why I love to take advantage of any diaper deal I can find. I do a ton of my shopping at Sam’s Club, and when they have a deal on our favorite brand of diapers and wipes, I take full advantage of it. HuggiesHuggies Sams Club DealWhen you purchase any two Huggies Little Snugglers or Natural Care wipes exclusively at Sam’s Club, you will receive a $10 e-gift card. Your purchase must be made between May 9 – June 30, 2016. Also, you can save $3.00 in instant club savings with any purchase from May 11 – June 6, 2016. This provides EVEN MORE savings to your already fabulous deal at Sam’s Club. You can find out more about this fabulous deal here and see how you can get a your $10 e-gift card to Sam’s Club. Huggies Sams ClubFrom newborn to toddler, Huggies keeps my little ones dry and protected at all times. It is like giving them a Second Hug, when I am not holding them myself. Be sure to take full advantage of this deal at Sam’s Club and keep plenty of diapers and wipes on hand for your little ones. Newborn WillowDo you have a special moment you want to share with Huggies? Leave comment below and tell us why you love Huggies as much as we do.

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69 thoughts on “Save on Huggies Little Snuggers and Natural Care Wipes at Sam’s Club

  • I like the Huggies wipes. I don’t have a Sam’s Club membership any more though. 🙁

  • I like to find a store where I can find good prices.

  • Thanks for sharing these awesome deals. My kids have kids now, so they will be happy!!

  • Really good deals thanks for sharing them.

  • Great deals! Diapers can get so expensive!

  • I like shopping at one place for everything. Not running around to different stores looking for sale items.

  • Huggies is what I used years ago . Thank you for sharing

  • I love finding deals like that and saving some money.

  • Those true blessings from above are so stinkin cute!!! This sounds like a wonderful deal. Thanks so much for the post.
    This may be a duplicate comment. My original post said I encountered an error then I tried again and it said it was a duplicate, yet I do not see it so I’m trying again.

  • Those true blessings from above are so stinkin cute!!! This sounds like a wonderful deal. Thanks so much for the post.

  • I love shopping at Sam’s Club. I can put in my order online and pick it up easy peasy.

  • I have never shopped there.With only two of us, I rarely buy in large quantities.

  • I try to save money whenever I can. Prices keep going up and wages don’t.

  • I like the natural care wipes. I think they are better for preventing diaper rash.

  • Thanks sharing this deal with my friends that have little ones!

  • This is a great deal – thanks for sharing!

  • I’ve never been to Sams club. Is it one of those stores that you have to be a member to shop?

  • Any way to possibly save on diapers is awesome! They’re so expensive these days

  • Women think that labor and delivery is the hard part. That’s only the beginning.

  • Those baby pics are so darn adorable.

  • I like to find a store where I can find good prices, without having to clip coupons.

  • Cute baby pics!

  • love Little Snuggers

  • My daughter has 5 kids,3 in diapers to be able to save money in them is awesome,s few extra bucks for milk or wipes etc is a great help

  • I wish these were around when my son was a baby.

  • I use the little snugglers for my grandkids. Like them the best.

  • No more diapers here. I do like to keep wet wipes on hand. They’re good to use in a pinch.

  • Wish these were around when my kids were little there werentbany brands back then.

  • Oh how I wish I had a Lil one small enough for huggies!!

  • I have never shopped there. I’m waiting for a free trial. There are only the two of us and I don’t really buy in bulk.

  • Huggies are awesome and to save money besides us a blessing .

  • I use Huggies when my kids were babies.

  • This article doesn’t apply to me. I have no need for baby items.

  • great deal for huggies

  • I’m not really clear on this. Can we comment on any post daily, or must it be the same one each day?

  • Thanks for the info

  • I think Huggies are great.

  • I feel confident that my little one will keep dry even when sleeping at night.

  • I feel sorry for people having children these days. Everything is so expensive.

  • Great savings.

  • Great post for Moms with babies.

  • Huggies wipes are great for so many kid friendly activities! They clean up diaper areas, finger painting hands, ice cream filled faces and even good old dirt!

  • I have a lot of baby showers coming up. Thanks for the great tips.

  • My kids are huggies babies too

  • nice

  • Shared on Facebook page about Huggies. I have used them in the past on my own kids so I can recommend them highly.

  • What a great deal.

  • Wonderful pictures! My grand daughter used Huggies and I’ll let her know. Thanks for sharing.

  • This is a great deal. I’m going to tell my sis-in-law about it for my niece.

  • The Natural Care wipes sure sound practical

  • Huggies are the best!

  • Huggies were the best! Whenever I tried other brands…they were cheap and leaked. Still use Huggie wet wipes all the time!!


  • Sam’s Club has some awesome deals. Use the Huggies Wipes often around the house & especially for my grandson

  • The artical was a good read the pictures were beautiful thanks for sharing

  • Adorable pictures, love the little one in the mermaid outfit! I will be passing this site onto all my friends who have little ones. Using coupons is an awesome way to save some extra money. Diapers, wipes and other baby products these days can be expensive. Every little bit helps!

  • I was lucky. When my kids were born, I received diaper service as a shower gift.

  • Luckily those days are long gone. My kids are adults.

  • Diapers can certainly become expensive. It’s nice to know we can score some extra savings when we buy in bulk.

  • Would have been nice to have this deal when I had three in diapers years ago

  • I don’t need to buy diapers anymore but this is sure a great deal. I love the idea of getting a $10 e-gift card when purchasing them.

  • I used Huggies on both my children and loved them.. I can imagine how improved they are now…

  • This sounds like a great deal for parents of little ones!

  • I could be a spokesperson for Huggies,I started using them when they first came out. Now my children use them with the grandchildren.Thee wipes are great too. I Keep some in my car all the time. With 9 grandchildren, someone always has something dirty or sticky.

  • Huggies is all I ever used and now tha’s all my daughter will use also , this is a great deal

  • I need to tell my niece about this deal!!

  • I recently bought a giant package of the Natural Care wipes. I am expecting my very first grandchild next month and I’m so very excited.

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