How to Save Money at the Dentist

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As recently as just a few years ago it was reported that more than 40% of Americans lacked dental coverage on their insurance and it is estimated that those figures are probably quite close to those statistics today. Furthermore, those who do have dental coverage are at a loss because most plans have a ceiling, usually at $1,000 per year.

Affordable Dentist

Although the Affordable Care Act now mandates that pediatric dentistry be covered, there is no such stipulation for adult dental care. If you are among those who lack coverage or have inadequate coverage, there are ways to save money at the dentist. Keep these in mind and you should be able to get the dental care you need.

Look for Dentists Who Offer Discounts

Some dentists will fit low income patients in on a sliding scale basis and others will provide discounts similar to a family plan. If more than one person utilizes the services of that dental office, the dentist may be more amenable to charging reduced rates. Also, some dentists provide discounts for patients who are conscientious about preventative care. Routine exams and cleanings have a huge impact on your dental health so some dentists offer incentives to ensure you take adequate care to prevent tooth decay.

Preventative Care Saves Money Later

The other side of focusing on preventative care is in the fact that it can save a ton of money down the road. By preventing gum disease and tooth decay, you may not need to pay for extractions, fillings and even treatments to clean infected gums. You know the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The person who first said this could have been referring to preventative dentistry if they had had such a thing back in the day.

Compare Prices between Dentists in Your Area

Another way to save money is to shop around a bit. Call to inquire what the base rate is for such things as a standard office appointment and services such as cleanings, fillings, x-rays and extractions. Of course there is no way to know what something is going to cost prior to the dentist examination but base rates are a place to start. If you live in Phoenix, you could always look for an affordable dentist in the Greater Phoenix area which gives you greater options for even better pricing.

The bottom line is that you can learn to save money on dentistry by first working to prevent decay and disease and secondly to find a dentist who offers some kind of discount. While some may be willing to finance services in their office, that isn’t exactly a saving but could help in the immediate future to keep your expenses low initially while paying off the balance over time. Just make sure to keep your teeth and gums healthy so that you aren’t confronted with other, more serious health related problems down the line. If the reason you aren’t going to the dentist is finances, there are cost effective dental alternatives so keep that in mind and do get the care you need.

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5 thoughts on “How to Save Money at the Dentist

  • Only want to say many thanks for an awesome blog. This simply makes good sense.
    Once I talked with my dentist and he pointed out the same matter I
    can not consider this at first. I suppose that’s exactly what it is.

  • I have been suffering for years with bad teeth. I haven’t even kissed my husband in SEVERAL years . I was exposed to a pesticide that damaged my teeth upper and lower . I was able to get dentures for the top but being that it’s been since 1996 the upper dentures need to be replaced and all the bottoms need to be taken out and I need bottom. I cry constantly because I get judged right away . I’m on several medications from becoming ill from the exposure some inhalers and others meds. I have no funds to cover anything and I’m already 50 now . I am tired of being judged. I miss being able to kiss my husband. I just want to be me again and I do not have good credit because I took care of my parents which really took a toll on me financially . My only wish in life is for me to have a set of dentures and take a picture with a smile that shows my teeth . It scares me all the medical issues that can happen from the condition of my mouth but, I can’t do anything about it . I wish there was a dentist in Port Charlotte, FL that would take my case on and take a payment plan . I don’t have a credit card because we lost everything when Hurricane Charlie came rolling through our area so now I live like this and I’m always sad . Can’t chew correctly. I feel ugly and it’s just a situation I wish I wasn’t in . All these years I have always taken care of my kids and my parents but, I have no been able to take care of myself. I don’t know how many shows I’ve begged to get on for a do over but, have never gotten the chance to be blessed with dentures . I’ve never asked for anything in life just for my family to be healthy, my grandkids to grow up to be great kids basically I’ve prayed for everyone else but, me . I hope one day someone will hear my situation and would be willing to take me on and help me out . I pray one day someone reads a post that I have placed out there and says I’m going to help you . That’s the only wish I have for me . I do have a HMO insurance called StayWell because I am on SSI but, their not willing to pay for the surgery that needs to be done first and to replace the upper . Their only willing to pay for my bottom dentures so basically it’s of no use to me because I do not have the funds in one lump sum to do the surgery part of it and the funds to get updated upper dentures. I pray that no one will experience all these years of sadness that I have endured because you become feeling all alone. I would love to be able to kiss my husband for the first time

  • My husband & I lost our dental coverage when we retired so this a very timely article – thanks for the info!

  • I have been going to dentist and other dental professionals for a bit for the last few years due to TMJ and it can be quite costly.

  • I wish Dentist wasn’t so expensive.

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