Selective Style: How to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans

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Selective Style: How to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans


Jeans shopping is a dreaded endeavor for many women, because it can seem impossible to find a good pair of jeans that fits well. Many women, however, go about the process all wrong and are setting themselves up for disappointment. By thinking about jeans shopping differently and approaching it with a different tactic, women may just be able to redeem their jeans shopping experience. Here are a few tips to start enjoying jeans shopping more and hopefully gain some well fitting jeans that help uplift your outlook and confidence while wearing them. NYDJ has some great examples of jeans wear to us shift our thinking.


Challenge the Way You Think About Your Body

Take a look at your expectations for yourself. Are you hoping your jeans will make you look 30-40 pounds thinner? The reality is that they probably won’t, but the reality is also that you can still look fabulous, confident, and put-together even if your size doesn’t match magazine sizes. The mental angst we go through when our bodies don’t look perfect is detracting from living life to its fullest. Find photos of women close to your size who look fabulous, and strive to emulate their confidence instead of deriding yourself for not meeting a blanket ideal. This is a foundational step to looking and feeling your best.


Try and Try Again

You can read many articles about the perfect jeans fit for different body types, but until you try on many different types of jeans, you won’t truly know what works for you. Take some time to grab a stack of jeans in all different shapes and sizes. If you’ve never tried a certain type of jeans, such as trouser jeans, try them out. See what they do for you. Keep an open mind. Many women were resistant to skinny jeans when they first hit the market, but they soon came to realize that skinny jeans work well on a variety of body types, and women love them.


Experiment with Length

Tall jeans for women can be difficult to come by, so once you find a jeans manufacturer who creates jeans for tall women, try out different fits, shades, and styles.  Shorter women often have the advantage, because jeans can be hemmed by a tailor in a style that matches the original hem. Shorter women need to be aware that boot cut jeans may look funny if you hem them, because their knees may hit in a different place than how the jeans were designed.

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8 thoughts on “Selective Style: How to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans

  • This is very helpful

  • When I find a pair that fits perfectly, I buy several pairs. Last time I shopped, I had to look in the kids section.

  • Will definitely keep an open mind & I will try the trouser jean. THanks!

  • Great ideas! I have a tough time trying on jeans because they all fit so differently.

  • This is nice to hnow

  • Shopping for jeans is definitely frustrating for me because I’ve never found two brands that fit me the same. Which is why I haven’t bought a pair in a reallllllly long time 🙂 Thanks for this post!

  • Man this is so accurate I have gone through so many jeans trying to find one that fit my body type. I learned real quick that just because the look awesome on someone of the same size and height does not mean it will on you! I love your tips and will be using!

  • I am guilty about trying to find jeans that make me look 30lbs lighter lol

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