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Kids when they are in college love to get care packages from home to help them feel comfort from their families, and OCM has some great packages that you can send to surprise any student. They will love sharing with their roommates or just keeping it for themselves. Who doesn’t love surprises?  

Sending your children off to college can take some getting used to. You want to be there for them every step of the way from the first moments on campus to that big graduation day. For the moments in between, OCM strives to bridge the gap between home and campus with love and support sent by you! OCM has Care Packages for every college milestone like final exams, holidays and those times where your student needs some extra motivation.

About OCM: 

OCM serves over 900 campuses nationwide. We’ve made shopping for college essentials easier and more affordable for over six million families and counting.

OCM knows how important it is for each student to express their unique and authentic style for their room. Our products are hand selected by a team of merchants and college students to ensure we have the latest styles offered to customize their space. They hunt for unique brands, gifts and decor to create the perfect selection for all students.

The team tests every fabric, ensuring it’s quality, durability and most importantly softness to keep students cozy. They review thousands of patterns and color choices to make sure there is style to fit every look.

Ultimately, we make it simple and fun for students and parents to shop our new website for the latest styles, all college-approved bedding, dorm décor, bath sets, themed care packages, graduation frames, and so much more.

Whether you are preparing for college or staying in contact across the miles, OCM provides the right products for campus living, gifting and special campus occasions.

Is there a birthday coming up? Send a chocolate brownie birthday cake directly to campus! Are finals wearing them down? Send one of our signature exam survival kits. Are they missing home more than ever? Surprise them with a gift basket they can share with their new friends! We even have gluten-free food options and other alternatives for those with special diets. We let you keep the relationship with your student on campus as close as ever, even when you’re miles apart.

You can purchase a OCM Care Package on their Website. 

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89 thoughts on “Send Someone You Know a Care Package from OCM Care Packages

  • College kids would love this!

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  • this would make a nice gift for just about any one. they would have movie night or what ever

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