Softsoap® Pure Foaming Hand Soap Keeps Hands Clean Without Dry Skin Worries

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While summer time is here and kids are out playing all hours of the day, school will resume before you know it. Continuous hand-washing is something that happens in my house year-round. I am enthused that my family is diligent about washing their hands, but sometimes worry about the harsh effects some soaps may have on their skin. Now that we are using Softsoap Pure Foaming Hand Soap, my worries have subsided.Softsoap PureSoftsoap Pure Foaming Hand Soap collection has a gentle, alcohol and dye free formula that purifies and protects dry skin, regardless of how many times you find yourself washing up. The formula also features 100% natural Fresh or Lemongrass fragrance, leaving hands clean and ready to tackle the next summer adventure. image001 (1) image002

The line of Softsoap Pure Foaming Hand Soaps are a great addition to a gift basket for a recent grad heading off to college, teacher classroom gift or even your own bathroom or kitchen sink . These 8oz bottles are priced perfectly at $2.50 and are available in national retailers including Walgreen’s, CVS, Walmart and many more. It is also available online at, Amazon and more.

Be sure to stay connected to Soft Soap for all of the latest news and product announcements, including savings!

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42 thoughts on “Softsoap® Pure Foaming Hand Soap Keeps Hands Clean Without Dry Skin Worries

  • We have used Softsoap for a long time. We found it was great for kids.

  • I personally love softsoap. That lemongrass scent sounds like one that I would like!

  • This is a very appreciated product. I love your great review and give thumbs up on integrity.

  • Like the alcohol and dye free aspect

  • It’s really hard to find a reliable soap to help combat dried skin especially on our hands. I haven’t seen this version of Softsoap yet either lol I’d love to try it too! I have the Milk & Honey one now in my bathroom! Love the price!

  • I am so glad that this soap is alcohol free and dye free, my skin is so sensitive, and love the fragrance these comes in.

  • Good to know about it.

  • I use Softsoap but I have yet to try the Pure foaming hand soap. I will look for it.

  • I have never used the pure kind. I love Softsoap. Great price and smells great!

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  • The price of this Softsoap is wonderful and I am glad I can find it at many stores nearby.

  • I love Softsoap- I’ve never tried their Pure line before though! I just love how gentle yet tough their products are!

  • I already use and trust softsoap products.

  • I do like that this is an alcohol and dye free formula. I have to watch what I use on my hands since I have a dryness problem with them.

  • Thanks for the review. Its good to know that soft soap wouldn’t dry out my hands which keeis me worried when I use hand soap. I would like to try it out like it seems to be a. Nice product.

  • I’d like to try the lemongrass one.

  • I have never used this before, but have used softsoap for years. Love trying new things. Good Luck.

  • I love that this formula also features 100% natural Fresh or Lemongrass fragrance, it must smell so nice!

  • Thanks for sharing. I would love to try this softsoap.

  • Softsoap is a great product ! I love the designs on the containers ,my kids love the one with the fish,i love that it makes them wash their hands

  • I have used Softsoap for many years. It’s so much neater than bar soap in the bathroom and kitchen. The bottles are nicely designed and the foam is a nice bonus.

  • Softsoap Pure Foaming Hand Soaps are wonderful to use and they look nice too!

  • We’ve used Soft Soap products for years & have been completely satisfied with them. They are also reasonably priced! I use their scented body wash all the time.

  • Soft Soap does make wonderful products. We use that brand often.

  • I would really like to use the Lemongrass fragrance and keep it in my bathroom.

  • Im big on germ killing and antibacterial practices ,I’ve used softsoap forever ,best product out there

  • I do use Softsoap and have for many years. I like this new product that makes the soap foamy 🙂

  • I do like using Softsoap. I have never tried the foaming type, but I know I would like it too.

  • I love Softsoap. Ihave read on bottles that it is made in the USA, and I am glad it is!

  • I really like Softsoap. I am so glad to see they have a pure one.

  • I love Softsoap products, the hand wash is great and I like all their body wash products!

  • We have been using Softsoap forever. Is there any other brand? I am so glad they now have alcohol free, perfume free, dye free soap. I am allergic to all 3 but have to use what’s available. Now with this new Softsoap available, I will certainly use it instead. I can’t wait to try it.

  • this is the only brand i have evey used in my house! i love all the different kinds and scents

  • I’ve been using soft soap forever ..great germ killing without drying or alcohol smell,kids love the designer bottles and gladly run to wash before meals .

  • What a great product! Thanks for sharing with your readers :]

  • I love Softsoap, I use it everyday but I have never seen this one,the pure foaming hand soap and I am so happy there is a perfume free,dye free soap available because one of my kids is allergic to so many things including dyes and perfumes or at least his skin doesn’t react well to many things so I can’t wait to use this!

  • I have never tried Softsoap Pure Foaming soap before and it sounds wonderful. I love that it contains no dye or alcohol.

  • This would be perfect for my sensitive skin. It’s hard to find the right kind of hand soap that doesn’t dry out my skin. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • I have very sensitive skin, so I’d love to give this a try. I love the Softsoap brand!

  • My skin is dry and I do a lot of hand washing, so this would probably work nicely for me.

  • I already use and trust softsoap products and am looking forward to trying this as well.

  • Softsoap is all I can use because my skin is soap sensitive. I have one in the kitchen and bathroom. I use softsoap body wash also. Im going to buy this kind since its alcohol free.

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