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Want to treat the entire family to some delicious, sweet treats this Spring? While it does bring some occasional allergies, I really enjoy Springtime out doors with family and friends. Making sure we have plenty of PRI Manuka Honey treats and products is a sure fire way to enjoy the best moments of Spring.

As a Pacific Resources International (PRI) ambassador, I’m excited to tell you that I have a great discount that you can use to try out a few of the amazing PRI products yourself! Right now, you can get 15% off and FREE shipping! To shop, go to shoppri.com and use discount code: TREAT15 at checkout. But first, I can’t wait to tell you about all the tasty treats we received for the month of April!

What Makes PRI Manuka Honey Products Special?

Pacific Resources International is an exclusive importer of various New Zealand Manuka Honey, health and beauty care products. Their award winning products include Manuka Honey, Pacific Sea Salt, Propolis Lozenges, Proper Crisps Chips, Manuka Caramels, and Manuka Honey Health and Beauty Products!

Pacific Resources International (PRI) was the first company to introduce Manuka Honey to the U.S. and owner David Noll has dedicated his career to bringing native and natural New Zealand wellness products to U.S. soil. David works closely with a variety of New Zealand companies to ensure that products are made with pure, natural, and quality ingredient.

Spring Treats for Entire Family with PRI Manuka Honey Products!

  • Manuka Honey Chocolate Box Mint & Ginger Selection
  • Manuka Honey & Lemon Nuggets
  • Children’s Propolis & Manuka Honey Lollipops–Strawberry
  • Manuka Honey Salted Caramels
  • Manuka Honey Sticks
  • Pacific Sea Salt – Course Grinder – 4oz.
  • BONUS: Fiji Fire

Manuka Bites.

Are you ready to check out these amazing products?

Manuka Honey Chocolate Box – Mint & Ginger Selection

PRI’s award-winning chocolates are made by wrapping dark chocolate around the finest New Zealand Manuka Honey tested 5+. PRI’s Manuka Honey Dark Chocolate with Ginger or Mint contain only 3 Ingredients: Pure Manuka Honey, Dark Chocolate-99% Cocoa, and Ginger or Peppermint. They are All Natural, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Kosher with no use of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Best of all they are produced right here in the USA.

Manuka Honey & Lemon Nuggets

PRI 5+ Bio Manuka Honey Nuggets (Honey Candy) are a pure gold tasting treat. Each Manuka Honey Nugget is individually wrapped for your convenience. Ideal for all sporting pursuits, hiking, travelling, and happy family picnic times. These Manuka Honey Nuggets banish dry throats, and help you to achieve your goals for each day. Enjoy the taste of these Manuka Honey Nuggets anytime, anywhere and discover why they are famous in New Zealand and enjoyed worldwide.

Children’s Propolis & Manuka Honey Lollipops – Strawberry

PRI’s Children’s Lemon & Honey Lollipops are great tasting and have the benefits of Propolis & Manuka Honey to help fight off infections.

Manuka Honey Salted Caramels

PRI’s Manuka Honey Salted Caramels are so good it’s hard to put them down. These Manuka Honey soft chews are a taste sensation and packed full of flavorful goodness.

Manuka Honey Sticks

PRI’s Manuka Honey Sticks are the nutritional alternative to candy. Kids love them! Great for lunches or after school snacks.

Pacific Sea Salt – Course Grinder – 4 oz.

New Zealand Sea Salt is harvested from the great southern oceans. These waters are evaporated in Solar Salt Fields using the natural process of sun and wind. Once a year the salt is carefully gathered while taking measures to maintain the balance of minerals naturally present within the salt.

BONUS: Fiji Fire

Fiji Fire hot sauce pays tribute to the legendary Fijian Fire Walkers of Beqa Island by using the native Fijian Bongo Chili with a Scoville rating of 400,000! FIJI FIRE Native Bongo Chili Hot Sauce uses local ingredients grown in beautiful Fiji. We source farm to bottle, the freshest premium South Pacific ingredients: Fiji’s famous Bongo Chilies, Viti Levu Turmeric and Tasman Sea Salt. Fiji Fire supports local farmers and Fiji’s unique island way of life – BULA!

ShopPRI on Amazon.com.

Ready to try these amazing products for yourself?

Head on over to shoppri.com to shop and remember to use discount code: TREAT15 at checkout to receive 15% off your order and FREE shipping!

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  1. Shakeia Rieux says

    I haven’t tried their products, but I definitely want to try the Manuka Honey Chocolate Box Mint & Ginger Selection.

  2. Donna Porter says

    My family loves honey. I would love to try the salted caramels.

  3. The Manuka Honey & Lemon Nuggets sound quite tasty.

  4. Tamra Phelps says

    The strawberry lollipops would be a great way to let kids get Manuka honey. I bet they taste delicious.

  5. Angela Saver says

    So many products I’d love to try! I really want to try the Manuka Honey Nuggets!

  6. Holly Thomas says

    I would love to try the salted caramels.

  7. Diane sabatini says

    The caramels are devine and so are the honey sticks;yum!

  8. Tamra Phelps says

    The honey sticks would be really nice in tea. They sound tasty.

  9. gloria patterson says

    A honey stick sound really good right now……………….. sweet tooth is yelling

  10. Cindy S. says

    All of their products are wonderful. Those salted caramels are to die for.

  11. I think that the Manuka Honey Sticks would make a good on the go snack.

  12. Manuka Honey Chocolate Box Mint & Ginger Selection is something my girlfriend would enjoy eating.

  13. Tamra Phelps says

    I like that discount! A good discount is always a nice offer.

  14. gloria patterson says

    I want to try all of these great products. It just blows my mind all the different way that they are using Manuka Honey.

  15. Kim Avery says

    I love any kind of honey but the salted caramel has my attention!

  16. Fiji Fire sounds interesting.

  17. I love sweetness and tasty goodies. The salted caramels look divine.

  18. Michelle Catallo says

    I have been wanting to try out Manuka Honey for around a year now; still on the hunt. They keep on coming out with so many delectable treats; got my eye on those salted caramels.

  19. Tamra Phelps says

    I’d really like to try those mint chocolate Manuka honey concoctions! They sound great.

  20. I think the Pacific Sea Salt would be good to use when I bake.

  21. gloria patterson says

    My mouth waters every time I think about eating some Manuka Honey Salted Caramels….

  22. Derrick Johnson says

    I would love to win this and share it with my family.

  23. Those honey sticks could really come in handy for some hot tea. (: I’m liking them the most.

  24. Manuka Honey Chocolate Box Mint & Ginger Selection would make a nice gift for my neighbor who loves chocolate.

  25. Adriane says

    The products sound wonderful. I’d love to try the Honey Lemon Nuggets

  26. I find that a tsp of honey helps lessen my spring allergy symptoms..

  27. They all sound good but I would like to try the lollipops!

  28. Sarah L says

    I’d like the Manuka Honey Sticks for after swimming.

  29. susan hartman says

    I’ve never tried Manuka Honey but I really should. There products look wonderful.The Chocolate Honey box is right up my alley!

  30. Tamra Phelps says

    I didn’t realize PRI was the first company to introduce Manuka honey to the US. That’s interesting.

  31. gloria patterson says

    I have a little great niece that would love these strawberry lolly pops and they would be good for her. Also like honey sticks a lot

  32. Sarah L says

    I want to try the Manuka Honey Salted Caramels.

  33. These look so yummy and good for you too. I would love to try all of them.

  34. The Manuka Honey & Lemon Nuggets sound tasty.

  35. Tamra Phelps says

    I’m pretty impressed by all the products they have made with Manuka honey. They look tasty, too.

  36. I love the health benefits of manuka honey. The Fiji Fire sauce sounds amazing. I am a huge hot sauce fanatic!

  37. Debbie P says

    The Manuka Simply Hand Cream works like magic!

  38. This brand sounds awesome! I love honey in granola.

  39. My daughter loves the Manuka honey.

  40. Tamra Phelps says

    I’ve tried Manuka honey and liked it. I bet it tastes great with caramel, too.

  41. I like the fact that there is a discount code to use when shopping online.

  42. Manuka Honey & Lemon Nuggets is something that looks nice to try.

  43. Having these pure and natural choices of treats is such a plus. So many interesting products to try.

  44. Angela Saver says

    They have so many products that I want to try. The Manuka Honey Salted Caramels sound delicious!

  45. Tamra Phelps says

    I’ve used Manuka honey for gut problems and I got good results, so this looks really interesting. I like the idea of all these different ways of utilizing it.

  46. gloria patterson says

    All of the products sound so good but have to admit I am wondering about the Fiji Fire hot sauce. Sounds like it might make my hair stand up straight.

  47. Dana Rodriguez says

    We love honey. their products sound really good!

  48. These honey based products look tasty and healthy.

  49. monique s says

    I love honey and having it used in healthy natural products is really great

  50. i i woul love to have this i love that are sugar free

  51. Sandy Klocinski says

    I actually won a Manuka Honey prize pack previously. I still have the honey. I shared the other goodies with my sister. Right before I won it, I got a blood test result showing that my sugar was at pre-diabetic levels so I wasn’t able to enjoy it as much as I would have liked.

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