Surprise Your Kids with Ice Cream Toothpaste This Holiday Season! #MegaChristmas23

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The Toothpaste by SuperMouth is the first of its kind, tailor-made for the unique oral health needs of children. It isn’t just a feast for the taste buds; it’s packed with a patent-pending ingredient that supports the natural oral ecosystem, ensuring a clean, pH-balanced environment conducive to good dental health.

About SuperMouth: 

“SuperMouth is committed to making dental care a joyous part of children’s lives,” said Dr. Kami Hoss. “We’re excited to introduce a line of products that not only promise excellent dental health but also taste like their favorite ice cream flavors. This is a game-changer in encouraging kids to brush regularly and with enthusiasm.”

In a delicious fusion of dental science and dessert-inspired delight, SuperMouth, led by oral health visionary Dr. Kami Hoss, has introduced a line of ice cream-flavored children’s toothpaste. Infused with the groundbreaking Hydroxamin™ (a patent-pending formulation of nano-hydroxyapatite, vitamin K2 and vitamin D3), these toothpastes come in “Super” flavors – Super Chocolate, Super Vanilla, Super Strawberry, and Super Mint – designed to make oral hygiene irresistibly fun for kids while promoting a robust, healthy mouth.

Key Benefits:

• Cleans and naturally whitens teeth for a dazzling smile.

• Balances the oral microbiome, thanks to the pH-optimizing formula.

• Offers various aged-based options to cater to different needs.

Whether your child is at low risk for dental issues or needs extra support due to dietary habits, Toothpaste by SuperMouth has you covered. The Hydroxamin™-infused toothpaste is formulated to meet the needs of every child.

The ice cream-flavored toothpaste lineup has been designed with both enjoyment and health in mind:

• Super Chocolate: A decadent yet dental-friendly treat.

• Super Vanilla: A classic flavor for a smooth brushing experience.

• Super Strawberry: A fruity twist that kids will love.

• Super Mint: A gentle, cool taste for a fresh, clean feeling.

The ingredients list is just as impressive, focusing on what’s best for young teeth and the overall oral environment:

• Inulin: A prebiotic to nourish beneficial mouth bacteria.

• Quillaja Extract: A natural foaming agent for a gentle clean without dryness.

• Non-Abrasive Cleaners: Provide effective cleaning without damaging enamel and deliver essential calcium.

SuperMouth Mouthpaste and their other products are available on their Website

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