THC Vape Juice Not Working: Here Are Mistakes You Might Be Doing

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When you separate THC from CBD, many benefits come into place. Typically, CBD lowers THC effects; thus, you may not be as high as when you consume THC concentrates, such as vape juice or edibles, on their own.

Nonetheless, you may also get lesser effects even if you consume THC alone. For some, this can be frustrating. However, it could be a sign that you must be doing something wrong.

What are some of the mistakes get people to say that they did not enjoy their THC vape juice? In this article, we will highlight them and give you solutions that could help you solve this problem.

  1. Avoid buying the wrong concentrates

Cannabis is a fascinating plant. It has both psychoactive and proactive elements in it. All these depend on how best the farmer nurtured it.

For both THC and CBD to be present in high amounts, the farmer has to ensure that the plant grows in the right conditions. Otherwise, it can lower the quality of the weed.

If you notice that your THC e-liquid does not produce much high, then it means that you brought low-quality THC liquid. Alternatively, the plant from where it was extracted from did not grow in the right conditions.

Besides, some vendors add some CBD in their THC juice to reduce the effects of psychoactive properties of THC. That, in itself, makes the vape juice dull.

What is the solution to this?

If you want to solve this problem, create a habit of reading the labels from the vendor. Note the amount of THC present, understand if there are CBD qualities within the e-juice, and always consult in the case you want to know more about THC.

  1. You added wrong terpene amounts

THC extraction is a long process. The dry herb has to go through the process of decarboxylation. The complex is so complicated and expensive; thus, only experts should do it. Some people who tried it have ended up burning their homes, and that is what you do not want.

Besides that, before THC becomes an e-liquid, it loses most of the terpenes in the heating process. Therefore, there are a few quantities left. Less terpene content means that your THC substrate has a bad taste and smell.

For that reason, people depend on artificial terpenes. They come in different flavors, which you can select depending on what you prefer. Additionally, these solutions act as thickeners and diluents. Terpenes will help in creating consistency for the THC vape juice.

Regardless of their effect, these oils can destroy your entire vape juice. If you add them without understanding how much you need to add, then you blow the whole thing.

What is the solution to this?

Buy the right kind of terpene thickener. If you want one that you could use to thin your e-liquid, then use a terpene diluent.

Besides, try to understand how much terpenes are present in your THC vape juice. Look at various mixing calculators available online to get a clue of the expected ratio to add.

  1. Use your vape pens accurately

The most common way of consuming THC vape juice is by using vape pens. A vape pen consists of a battery, a coil, and a cartridge.

Once you turn on the battery, it heats the coil, which in turn heats the oil in the tank. Beginners may not understand the best ways to use a vape pen. For instance, the wrong wattage burns the vape juice. You will then inhale dry smoke.

It could also mean that your cartridge is not compatible with your battery.

What is the solution?

Vape pens come from different manufacturers. Read the  manual before you start using it. You should also avoid using it while charging, and learn how to control the temperature button appropriately. Most batteries refuse to heat the coil if they do not have an adequate charge.

Also, make sure that your cartridge is compatible with your battery. If it is a 510 cartridge, then your battery should be the same model.

Keep the cartridge clean before you put in new THC. You do not want to feel the taste of previous THC juice in your fresh oil.

Other tips you could use to get the most out of your THC:

–    Buy your THC vape juice from a trusted retailer. Trustworthy suppliers will ensure that they sell concentrated THC solutions. You should also check the labels on the bottles to prevent buying CBD instead of THC.

–    Store your THC solutions appropriately. For instance, use the right containers, and keep them in environments that do not alter its quality

Final Verdict

One of the best ways to vape correctly is to learn. Keep learning from experts and join an online forum where you can discuss and ask questions concerning THC vape juice. Besides that, online forums, whether on social media or the internet, will also help you interact with other users and learn some of their DIY tricks.

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